YouTuber NoBiggie's homophobic "prank" video has people angry

A straight man flirts with a gay man and then makes fun of him?

Syrian rescuer sobs as he pulls a days-old baby from the rubble of an airstrike

As Russia sends more warplanes to Syria, children are being caught in the crossfire.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott officially pulls state out of federal refugee programs

However, federal officials can continue resettling the refugees in Texas without the governor's blessing.

Egyptian lawmaker to women: Want to go to college? First, prove you're a virgin.

Elhamy Agina has also advocated for female genital mutilation in the past.

Utah Senate candidate Jason Christensen calls alleged gay teen suicide a "murder"

No, people who commit suicide are not "murderers."

Video captures moment Sacramento police decided to run over Joseph Mann

Officers Randy Lozoya and John Tennis then exited their patrol vehicle, shooting Mann 14 times.

Pennsylvania mayor Charles Wasko calls for Obama to be lynched

"Barry this rope is for you," West York Mayor Charles Wasko posted. "Wanna bring that empty chair over here!"

Drag star Shangela appears with Philadelphia gay bar owner to address racial slur scandal

She hopes the bar can be a "safe, inclusive space" for men of color.

NBC nixes 'Mail Order Family' sitcom featuring Filipina mail order bride after backlash

The show was cancelled — before it even started.

Police will release the full video of Keith Lamont Scott's fatal shooting

They'll release the footage next week after Scott's family has watched it.