During the debate, Twitter had lots of questions about Melania Trump's pussy bow blouse

Was it an attempt at shade? Was this her saying, "I'm definitely with her"?

Presidential Polls 2016: The latest poll numbers following the presidential debate

What you need to know about how voters feel about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton after the debate

Jeff Sessions, an actual US senator, says groping women's genitals is not sexual assault

Sessions was the first sitting senator to endorse Donald Trump.

Muslim Americans perfectly clapped back at Donald Trump with #MuslimsReportStuff

The Republican presidential candidate said Muslims should report suspicious activity.

Donald Trump criticizing Bill Clinton for his sexual history is mind-boggling hypocrisy

A few women have accused Donald Trump of rape.

Clinton just pushed Trump’s buttons until he erupted in a temper tantrum on live TV

An angry Trump suggested the debate moderators were taking Hillary Clinton's side.

Clinton got under Trump's skin at the debate, and that's exactly what she needed to do

Trump was angry — at Clinton, the moderators, at his flailing campaign.

Flesh-eating screwworms in Florida: What to know about symptoms, treatment and eradication

Screwworms mostly target wildlife — not humans.

'The Girl on the Train' movie soundtrack: Here's every song and artist from new thriller

The release features music from Danny Elfman, one of the most accomplished film scorers of all time, and a little Kanye West.

Donald Trump didn't win the second presidential debate. But he didn't lose it either.

Trump may have stanched the bleeding — but he did nothing to threaten Clinton's lead.

It's more than "locker room talk": Trump hit more than 20 lawsuits for mistreating women

The GOP nominee and his companies have faced dozens of suits alleging discrimination or sexual harrassment.

"Space brain" could be the latest problem for colonizing other planets

"Space brain" is a real thing, and it could prevent us from colonizing space.

Hillary Clinton didn't wear an American flag pin to the debate — And Twitter dragged her

Twitter had feelings about Clinton's lack of an American flag pin.

What were Donald Trump's comments about women, and what did he say to Howard Stern?

Trump commented on his daughter, Miss USA contestants and women over 35.

Health Care Costs By Year: Rising, stagnant or decreasing — what's the truth?

They're rising — and this trend will continue.

'The Girl on the Train' reviews: Here's what critics are saying about Emily Blunt's film

It wants to be 'Gone Girl,' but 'The Girl on the Train' doesn't come close.

Fact-checking the second Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton presidential debate

The stakes are high and the truth seems destined for a stretching.

One tweet sums up the danger in dismissing Trump's comments as "locker room talk"

Trump's comments are what rape culture is all about — and why sexual assault thrives.

When is the next presidential debate? Here's the remaining schedule for the 2016 election.

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the venue of the debate last fall.

Former US Attorney General Eric Holder burns Trump hard for threatening to jail Clinton

"In the USA we do not threaten to jail political opponents."

Chase Sapphire Reserve vs. American Express Platinum: Which is better?

Looking for the best rewards card? We compared the Chase Sapphire Reserve with top-tier peer American Express Platinum.

Cosmic rays could support alien life — here’s what that means

The search for alien life just got a lot more exciting.

Who won the debate? Viewers weigh in on the Trump vs. Clinton presidential showdown.

Here's how viewers reacted to the second presidential debate.

5 takeaways from the second presidential debate: An ugly, ugly spectacle

Donald Trump stopped his campaign's bleeding, but it's unlikely he added any voters after his performance in the second debate.

Second presidential debate full transcript: Here's where to get the full Oct. 9 remarks

Find a running transcript of the debate. And some fact checking.

For one day, this NYC pharmacy flipped the pink tax back on men

For one day, men paid 7% tax on their purchases while women shopped tax-free.

Ken Bone — and his cozy red sweater — is the unequivocal breakout style star of the debate

Expect a whole lot of Ken Bones at Halloween parties this year, folks.

Who is Kathy Shelton? The woman behind Trump's attack on Hillary Clinton's rape defense

Shelton said she was attacked by Clinton during her trial in the 1980s.

John Oliver destroys Donald Trump, Billy Bush and the GOP over leaked 2005 tape

Oliver, like many of us, wants this hellish election to be over.

Before Donald Trump appeared with Bill Clinton accuser Paula Jones, he called her a loser

He once attacked one of the women he's now using to try to plug the near-fatal leak his campaign has sprung.

Donald Trump tells Hillary Clinton she’d be "in jail" if he were president

The GOP nominee threatened Hillary Clinton with the big house.

Amber Tamblyn's story of her sexual assault is all the more powerful after Sunday's debate

Amber Tamblyn's words cast Trump's leaked 2005 audio in an even darker light.

'The Walking Dead’ clip at New York Comic Con whittles down Negan’s potential victims

We can safely assume Negan's victim list is down to three.

Twitter corrects Donald Trump: Not all black people live in inner cities

Trump's answer to an audience member's question perpetuated a racial stereotype.

'Birth of a Nation': Here's why Nate Parker's movie wasn't — and won't be — a success

Let's diagnose the film's box office disappointment.

Chelsea Manning's legal counsel and advocates are concerned about her whereabouts

Manning's lawyer says his client hasn't been able to contact friends or family for six days.

iPhone 7 vs. Google Pixel vs. iPhone 8: Is it time to buy or wait?

Is it time to pull the trigger, or should you wait for the iPhone's 10th birthday?

Who's winning the election? Here's how the second presidential debate affected the race.

Sunday's debate wasn't the crushing Clinton victory many expected.

Presidential debate liveblog: Clinton, Trump go to war over sexist remarks, taxes and more

Here's everything you missed from the second presidential debate.

There's one crucial word you didn't hear during Sunday's presidential town hall

Held just miles from Ferguson, the second debate failed to address the epidemic of police brutality against black communities.

Hurricane Matthew Monday Update: Here's the latest news on the deadly storm

Matthew is no longer a hurricane, but it's still dangerous.

Coke and Pepsi sponsored nearly 100 health organizations, so good luck America

Irony: The American Diabetes Association has received support from Big Soda.

9 Columbused foods to problematically eat on Columbus Day

Celebrate the holiday in style!

Marvel's 'Iron Fist' missed chance to recast lead white character as Asian, some say

Here's why this white character should be Asian.

Can you still support Hillary Clinton if you believe her husband's accusers?

In trying to deflect attention away from his lewd, sexist comments, Trump proved he only sees women as objects.

WikiLeaks reveals Blink-182's Tom DeLonge sent UFO messages to Clinton campaign chairman

The pop-punk legend contacted Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta about UFOs.

Viola Davis on embracing her natural hair, black girl magic and redefining beauty

Mic sat down with the Emmy-winning actress in her Rhode Island hometown.

Donald Trump doubles down on his shaming of Alicia Machado: She's "no girl scout"

Donald Trump denied shaming Alicia Machado, but in the same breath, did it again.

Billy Bush suspended from the 'Today' show following release of lewd Trump tapes

Billy Bush has been suspended from 'Today' indefinitely.

Donald Trump once fired a 'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant for... "locker room" talk

"This is my boardroom. It’s not a locker room. Maria, you're fired."

Hillary Clinton just had her own iconic 'race speech' moment during the second debate

This is the moment we've been waiting for.

Galaxy Note 7 reportedly killed: So what Android should you buy?

There are plenty of other options.

Economics Nobel Prize 2016 winner Oliver Hart showed the danger of private prisons

Oliver Hart — the 2016 winner of the Nobel Prize in economics — showed the cost of private prisons.

Warren Buffett refutes Donald Trump's debate claims about his taxes

Trump tried to call out Warren Buffett in last night's debate. It didn't go well.

Donald Trump stops pretending the GOP is united and declares war on Paul Ryan

The Republican Party rift is now ... huge.

Death Cab for Cutie declares war on Donald Trump with the blistering "Million Dollar Loan"

The song "deals with a particularly tone-deaf moment in Donald Trump's ascent to the Republican nomination."

Paul Ryan is ashamed to campaign with Donald Trump, but still supports him for president

The speaker won't campaign for Donald Trump, but he isn't pulling his endorsement.

Frank Waln releases "7," a Columbus Day diss track aimed at white colonizers

Nothing is more necessary listening this Columbus/Indigenous Peoples' Day.

Pat Robertson thinks Donald Trump bragging about sexual assault was "macho"

On his '700 Club' show on Monday, Robertson offered a crude take on the video of Trump bragging about groping women.

Guy Ritchie may remake 'Aladdin' as Disney continues its quest to reboot everything

Why does Disney want to remake everything? We really don't know!

In high-stakes debate, Donald Trump chose to "let Trump be Trump." That’s the problem.

The GOP nominee may have rallied his base, but it’s unlikely he broadened it.

Ruth Bader Gingsburg calls Colin Kaepernick's protest "really dumb"

Ginsburg said that while she thought the football star was being "arrogant" and "ridiculous," his protest is legal.

Hillary Clinton on Trump's predatory comments: "It represents exactly who he is"

"We've seen this throughout the campaign," Clinton said at Sunday's debate.

Warner Bros. announces at New York Comic Con it's exploring animated Wonder Woman movie

Gal Gadot may not be the only Wonder Woman hitting screens soon.

North Carolina flooding 2016: Hurricane Matthew has tempered, but storm isn't over

North Carolina is still facing severe flooding.

PlayStation VR games: Here are the new titles you need right now

A new era of gaming begins.

Kellyanne Conway calls Donald Trump a "gentleman" in the wake of sexual assault scandal

In 2013, Trump's campaign manager also blamed rape survivors for their assaults.

Family of Capt. Humayun Khan: "The only thing that Donald Trump sacrifices is the truth"

Donald Trump repeated the lie that he was always against the war in Iraq.

Ken Thompson, Brooklyn's first black DA, tried to make the system fairer for POC

The prosector de-emphasized low-level marijuana offenses, which disproportionately affect blacks and Latinos.

Alicia Keys, Jay Z perform "Empire State of Mind" at surprise show in Times Square

Alicia Keys was not kidding when she said her secret NYC show was going to take place in an "iconic" location.