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Why I wore a "grab my pussy, I dare you" T-shirt to a Trump rally

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Four former beauty queens claim Trump walked in on underage women changing at pageants

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Franchesca Ramsey rightfully calls out people who can't pronounce names on MTV's 'Decoded'

?If middle schoolers can pronounce "Fyodor Doestevsky" correctly, then they should pronounce "Mamoudou" correctly too.

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2015 saw more arrests for marijuana possession than for all violent crimes combined in US

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Transgender woman found dead in Cleveland, misgendered in initial reports, community says

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Tech-challenged federal prosecutors leak Steubenville hacker’s passwords, personal info.

Deric Lostutter, the Steubenville hacker, had his personal information exposed by federal prosecutors.

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Swing — Official Contest Rules

The fine print

In defense of a woman's right to wear a sexy Halloween costume

Just wear what you want.

Eric Trump blames "grab them by the pussy" comment on "alpha personalities"

Eric Trump's dismissal of his dad's comments is rape culture.

The most mystifying thing about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions

We don't know why they keep exploding.

Gabrielle Union supports sexual assault survivors boycotting 'The Birth of a Nation'

"I support you if you don’t want to see the film. I absolutely understand and respect that. I can’t sell the film."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's reign may be at an end as federal prosecutors announce charges

Federal authorities will soon prosecute "Sheriff Joe" for criminal contempt, with more charges possible.

ACLU blocks Geofeedia from using Facebook, Twitter to spy on Black Lives Matter activists

The social media companies say they will cut off or limit data access to companies selling surveillance apps to police.

Everything we know about the Derrick Rose rape trial so far

A comprehensive guide to the Derrick Rose rape trial.

Derrick Rose LAPD rape case investigator found dead in LA County home

Nadine Hernandez was investigating the rape allegations against the NBA player.

Yes, Trump’s comments were "locker room talk" — and that’s an indictment, not a defense

We've heard this argument before. #NotAllMen, anyone?

Kendrick Lamar gets that pop money, offering a verse to Maroon 5's "Don't Wanna Know"

It's like Cornel West making a cameo on the 'Big Bang Theory.'

Rep. Blake Farenthold's response to a question about Donald Trump and rape is truly absurd

It would take a whole lot for the Texas congressman to withdraw his support.

Navy Federal Credit Union is ordered to pay $28.5 million for its debt collection policies

Navy Federal Credit Union customers were intimidated and threatened, says the CFPB.

The US elections that were determined by just a few votes

The U.S. has had plenty of close-call presidential elections.

Lewis Del Mar talk their debut and bringing urgency, experimentation back to modern music

"We try to make music with a message and an undercurrent of meaning that we feel like is often lacking in modern music."

This Colorado organization is helping immigrants assimilate

And build a strong, cross-cultural community

Now you can buy the least woke beer, aptly called "Stay Woke"

File this under "very bad ideas."

Detaining immigrants is so costly Homeland Security drained two months of cash in weeks

Deporting or detaining undocumented immigrants is expensive.

Hurricane Matthew has now killed 34 people in the United States

Hundreds of thousands remain without power and flooding is expected to continue for up to a week in some areas.

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