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These are the nine states that will be voting on marijuana use on Nov. 8.

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It's Miss Hillary Clinton if you're nasty.

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Trump made his stance on 'Roe v. Wade' crystal clear.

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'Pokémon Sun and Moon' is killing HMs and adding an awesome new feature instead.

Who Negan kills on 'The Walking Dead' doesn't matter. The show's a zombie, anyway.

The show is as lifeless as the zombies that comprise it.

Who is Malik Obama and why did Donald Trump invite him to the debate?

Malik Obama, President Barack Obama's half brother, is a guest of Donald Trump at the third presidential debate.

Third presidential debate liveblog: Highlights, full recap of the Clinton v Trump showdown

Highlights and full recap of the third presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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Here's the running transcript from the Clinton vs. Trump debate.

New York polls: 2016 election projections for New York

Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by double digits in the latest New York poll.

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2016 won't be the best year to view the Orionid meteor shower.

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Here's what would happen if Donald Trump refused to concede if he lost to Hillary Clinton.

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Malala Yousafzai's father perfectly shut down patriarchy and stood up for feminism

If there was a Nobel Prize for being a great feminist dad, Ziauddin Yousafzai would be our pick.

Hillary Clinton glides to victory in the last debate while Donald Trump flails on stage

Time is running out for Donald Trump, and he did nothing in Las Vegas to change the direction of the race.

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4 takeaways from the third presidential debate

Trump squandered his chance to turn the race around at the third debate when he refused to say he'd accept the election results.

Stephen Colbert was left incredulous and furious after Donald Trump's debate performance

"Democracy's gonna end with a cliffhanger!"

Ex-teacher Jeffrey Scott Jones slits throat in court after being convicted of raping girl

The teacher started abusing the girl when she was 13.

Donald Trump promises to accept the results of the election — but only if he wins

"I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election" — on one condition.

Nintendo NX is now the Nintendo Switch: Watch the extended trailer here

Nintendo NX is now the Nintendo Switch. After months of speculation and rumors, Nintendo finally revealed its next console.

Nintendo Switch features: Multiplayer, screen-switching, possible price, games and more

Meet the Nintendo Switch. We have a lot to talk about.

Chris Wallace was the real winner of the third presidential debate

Fox News' Chris Wallace led the most substantive and revealing debate of the 2016 election.

Hundreds of species of animals are being eaten into extinction. Can it be stopped?

301 species of mammals are endangered as a result of human hunting.

Nintendo Switch controller explained: How do the Joy-Con controllers work?

Nintendo is totally reinventing the video game controller... again!

Donald Trump on the election results: "I will look at it at the time"

Trump insisted, for the umpteenth time, that the presidential election is rigged against him.

How the third presidential debate affected the candidates in the polls

Here is what the post-debate polls said about who won the debate.

'World of Final Fantasy' release date, price and review: A retro nod to the series' past

'World of Final Fantasy' is a quirky, cute nod to the series' past, but it also borrows heavily from the 'Pokémon' games.

'Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild': Nintendo releases new trailers ahead of NX reveal

Nintendo will reveal the NX Thursday morning, but it also released some new 'Legend of Zelda' footage.

First Milky Way hydrogen map reveals how stars were formed billions of years ago

Scientists just made a huge step toward understanding the formation of the Milky Way.

Battleground states: Here are the states that could decide the 2016 presidential election

These swing states are where the toughest battles will be fought for the 2016 election.

Karena Virginia comes forward as latest to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault

Kareena Virginia is at least the 12th woman to come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault.

"Bigly" or "big league"? This is what Donald Trump is actually saying.

Every debate, people wonder what Donald Trump is saying. There is only one correct answer.

'Red Dead Redemption 2' reveal trailer shows a spectacular vision of the Wild West

It looks like Rockstar Games has done it again, and crafted another amazing open world set on America's old frontier.

Everything to know about Hillary Clinton's Coke ties revealed in alleged leaked emails

Does the Clinton Campaign have a Coca-Cola problem?

The public has started to take sexual assault seriously -- but only when it's convenient

Those who care about women's rights should hold those who commit sexual assault accountable even when it's inconvenient.

Should you pay off student loans or save for retirement? The scary reason you must do both

Pay off your student loans or invest? It's a complicated question.

Donald Trump supporters on YouTube are filling debate comments with hate speech

Swastikas. Pepe memes. The repeated phrase "Lock her up." It's all expected keyboard diarrhea from the alt-right

In feat of internet genius, redirects to Clinton campaign site

Go to and see what happens.

Witches on screen: good for fashion, bad for feminism?

Your favorite fictional witches might have great style, but how are their politics?

Britain will pardon thousands of men arrested for being gay — Oscar Wilde could be one

Thousands of men were convicted for consensual sex with other men.

Hillary Clinton, WikiLeaks and the Wall Street speeches: 3 things you need to know

From speech transcripts to who's behind the leak.

Nintendo Switch Games: Every title Nintendo teased in the Switch reveal trailer

In addition to fan favorites like 'Skyrim,' Nintendo also teases a new 'Mario Kart' and a 3-D Mario platformer.

How interest rates work — and how Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton might affect your credit

Watch the Federal Reserve for any moves it makes.

Your favorite hyper-partisan Facebook pages are full of lies and bad information

A new study shows that sites like Occupy Democrats are full of misinformation.

Hillary Clinton's not-so-secret weapon in the final presidential debate: Donald Trump

Trump often seemed determined to do Clinton's work for her.

'Survivor' season 33, episode 5: Let's shake things up

Say goodbye to this season's contrived generational divide.

Donald Trump turned in a mixed-review debate performance when he badly needed a win

As one Democrat put it, "a draw won't cut it."

3 things you're more likely to experience than voter fraud

Experts say you should not fall for voter fraud scare tactics in this election.

Nintendo Switch Reveal: Nintendo snuck footage of a new 'Mario' game into the trailer

Nintendo just revealed the NX, which we now know is called the Switch. It also snuck in footage for a new 'Mario' game.

Tamir Rice's mother joins call for a look at prosecutors nationwide

Almost all of them are white and many run unopposed.

'Pokémon Go' Generation 2 updates: Here's the biggest feature Niantic needs to add

'Pokémon Go' Generation 2 needs player-to-player battles.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk just announced self-driving cars by the end of next year. That's huge.

Musk announced fully autonomous self-driving cars by the end of 2017.

Nintendo Switch release date: Newly announced console launches March 2017

We finally know when the Nintendo Switch, formerly the NX, will arrive!

Hillary Clinton made a powerful statement about women's right to choose at third debate

Hillary Clinton gave one of the most passionate defenses for abortion heard by any presidential candidate in history.

16 Handles tells customers to "Grab 'em by the fro-yo," Twitter drags brand accordingly

Sexual assault really doesn't make us crave fro-yo, TBH.

Alicia Keys raises $2 million for AIDS relief at the KCA Black Ball, jabs Trump onstage

"We are the leaders. We are the ones that lead the country, and we have to make sure we're not laying down right now."

With 'Power,' Black Lives Matter's Patrisse Cullors takes protest to the stage in Seattle

The show centers on the cast's real life experiences with state-sanctioned violence.