My first virtual reality groping

There I was, being virtually assaulted in a snowy fortress with my brother-in-law and husband watching.

Marijuana's effects on the body, brain, heart and sperm: All your weed questions answered

Everything you need to know about marijuana's effect on your body.

Let these women — not Donald Trump — tell you what "late-term" abortions are really like

Trump's gruesome description of a third-trimester abortion procedure has zero basis in fact.

Black reporter in Charlotte stands up to racist who called him a n*gger

Brian Eybers was arrested at the scene.

'Civ 6' best Civs and leaders ranked: Which Civilization will bring you to sweet victory?

The launch of 'Civilization 6' is upon us, and you're probably trying to figure out which Civ to pick first.

This fashion e-commerce site celebrates "the beauty and vibrancy of Africa"

A marketplace and community for authentic, unappropriated African style

Donald Trump polls: Latest presidential polls show Trump will not be president

Donald Trump is on track for a historic loss in the electoral college while drawing less than 40% of the vote.

'Pokémon Go' nest location updates and changes: Players tip off new migration

'Pokémon Go' trainers share migration updates as their favorite nests keep moving.

Presidential polls today: Latest 2016 election figures put Clinton ahead of Trump

Hillary Clinton is on track to thump Donald Trump in the electoral college.

Who is 'Joanne?' The meaning behind Lady Gaga's new album title.

"What I know of Joanne is what she left behind, which was a lot of loss and a lot of tragedy in my family."

'Civ 6' Mac release date & spec requirements: When will pre-orders for the port kick off?

'Civ 6' could hit Macs sooner than you think

Nintendo Switch price, specs, launch games and release date: Everything we (don't) know

When we figure all of this out, we'll know whether to buy, or not to buy.

This fan-made 'Pokémon Sun and Moon' trailer will kick you in the feels

Shed a tear for the Pokémon of old, and then hit some new ones with a Poké Ball.

'Pokémon Go' tips: Find rare Pokémon with the PokéFind/GO Tools map app

Track down rare Pokémon with the handy PokéFind/GO Tools map app.

'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Demo Events Guide: Even more secrets revealed

A handy guide to all the secret events in the 'Pokémon Sun and Moon' demo.

Eminem says new album to follow "Campaign Speech," but we have more questions than answers

Rumors are rampant and information is scarce, but here's what we know.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery: This bizarre clouds theory is gaining steam, but is it legit?

Bermuda Triangle mystery solved? Probably not.

A pint-sized pup keeps Hillary Clinton's campaign staff going in a hectic campaign season

Amid a stressful campaign, this four-legged friend keeps battle-worn campaign staffers going.

Lady Gaga 'Joanne' 2016: Download and streaming options for new album

The album's 11 tracks sprawl a variety of American genres — blues, country, disco and rock 'n' roll.

Everything we know about Friday's DDoS attack that took down Twitter, Reddit and Spotify

Twitter is down again after a second cyberattack. A security expert weighs in.

'Tekken 7' release date & characters for PS4, Xbox One & PC: 2017 can't come soon enough

Here's everything we know about 'Tekken 7' so far.

Climate change 2016: How global warming is driving down global wine production

A warming planet is bad news for booze.

ISIS "Human Shields": Terror group allegedly using families as shields in Mosul offensive

As Iraqi-led forces gain territory, ISIS militants are reportedly turning to abhorrent tactics to hold their ground.

Childish Gambino rapping over 'Stranger Things' is the mash-up you need and deserve

There's no way Gambino over 'Stranger Things' would NOT sound amazing.

'Overwatch' Patch Notes: Changes for Soldier, Ana, Mei, Zarya — but not Symmetra (yet)

Blizzard is tweaking D.Va, Ana, Torbjörn, Soldier: 76 and Mei with a huge patch on the 'Overwatch' PTR.

2016 Halloween costume do's and don'ts — but mainly don'ts

Because not every costume is created equally.

Black college students graduate with more debt than white peers — and then the gap triples

Student loan debt disproportionately hurts African-American graduates.

'Black Mirror' season 3 on Netflix: Release date, spoilers, cast and more

Bryce Dallas Howard stars in the season's first episode, directed by Joe Wright.

Lady Gaga 'Joanne' Review: 'Joanne' fixes all the wrong problems with Gaga's music

She's moved on — will her fans move with her?

Big Soda thought Bernie Sanders could help defeat soda taxes. Big Soda thought wrong.

Bernie is not interested in being a soda mouthpiece.

Who is Kendall Jenner's alleged stalker? What to know about Shavaughn McKenzie

The 25-year-old is accused of stalking Kendall Jenner.

Here’s everything we know about Deborah Danner’s police shooting death in the Bronx

There is near universal agreement among New York officials and community leaders that the shooting was wrong.

Deborah Danner lived with schizophrenia, and knew police would kill her for it

She wrote an essay in 2012 that advocated for better police training.

Kim Kardashian West Paris robbery: Video shows suspects fleeing her apartment after attack

Five men, three on bicycles and two on foot, can be seen approaching the apartment around 2:19 a.m.

Lady Gaga 'Joanne' Track List 2016: Here are all the songs off new album and our top picks

"Perfect Illusion" is hardly the strongest offering of the 14.

Donald Trump wasn't funny at the Al Smith dinner — until a joke at his own wife's expense

He went in on Hillary Clinton amid silence and boos from the crowd.

Is Twitter down right now? Signs point to yes

As of 7:45 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 21, Twitter was not accessible via desktop or mobile app.

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton: Here's where they stand on abortion

There's a stark contrast.

Clinton vs. Trump: Here's a look at their latest campaign ads

The ad wars are raging.

Xur location Oct. 21-23, 2016: What's he selling in 'Destiny' this weekend?

How to find Xur and what to buy in 'Destiny' this weekend,

The dark side of tech: 3 ways Silicon Valley has gotten more unsavory than Wall Street

Which industry spends the most on lobbying? Financial companies haven't got anything on tech.

'Star Wars' casts Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian in its 2018 Han Solo movie

Donald Glover scores a major franchise role yet again.

Republican congressman: "Sometimes a lady needs to be told when she’s being nasty"

Yes, this really came out of Brian Babin's mouth.

Taser is considering a flying, autonomous police drone armed with a stun gun

Taser met with police chiefs this week to discuss the possibility of selling them drones armed with stun guns.

Climate change never came up during the 2016 presidential debates — why?

Climate activists blame the lack of millennial moderators for the omission.

'Black Mirror': A ranking of the first 7 episodes of Netflix's dystopian series

From "The Waldo Moment" to "White Bear."

Donald Trump surrogate Peter Thiel once wrote that date rape is just "belated regret"

In 1995, the Silicon Valley billionaire tried to delegitimize sexual assault allegations.

London City Airport: "Chemical incident" prompts evacuation, breathing problems

People are being treated for breathing difficulties.

Find adventure, or you might forget your vacation

Taking a vacation isn't just about taking a break. It can be about having one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

‘Bad hombres’ and other myths about immigration in America

Mic and Spotify bring you the facts to inform your decision on Nov. 8.

Credit scams and identity theft: 3 critical ways to protect yourself from fraud

How to keep your personal and financial information safe.

The 'New York Times' guide to protection from assault on a plane is a victim-blaming mess

The 'New York Times' suggested it's women's responsibility to prevent sexual assault.

Halloween decorations on a budget: Haunt your own house for terrifyingly cheap

Haunt your own home without breaking the bank.

'Good Housekeeping' could do what FDA has failed at: Defeat food label anarchy

Food labels are incredibly misleading, but this new seal of approval signifies holistic health.

Instagram seems to be testing live video, and this rumored update makes a lot of sense

Instagram seems to be testing live video. Sure, why not. Let it happen.

'Battlefield 1': DICE refuses to say whether female avatars are coming to multiplayer

Despite the inclusion of Zara in its single-player campaign, 'Battlefield 1' multiplayer remains a boys-only zone.

PSN, some Xbox apps down after DDoS attack that caused Twitter, Netflix, Spotify outages

It seems the massive DDoS attack that brought down Twitter, CNN and Spotify are now affecting PSN and Xbox Live.

Prince unreleased music: Two albums detailed, including a new second 'Purple Rain' disc

Let's go crazy. Let's get nuts. Let's look for the purple banana until they put us in the truck.