Emma Stone shows support for Hillary Clinton by donning a "don't grab my pussy bow" blouse

She finished the look with a Hillary 2016 pin.

Former KKK grand wizard David Duke will debate on live TV at historically black college

"As a student body, we just have to rally together," a student leader said Monday.

'Jessica Jones' season 2: News, release date and more for Netflix’s Marvel series

You'll have to wait until 2018 at the earliest for 'Jessica Jones' season 2.

Pro-Trump 4chan trolls started this viral "Vote Online" hoax to screw Clinton supporters

Don't fall for it: You can't vote online.

'Pokémon Go' Halloween event brings extra candy, higher spawn rates for spooky Pokémon

'Pokémon Go' is getting its very first in-game special event just in time for Halloween. Here's everything that's changing.

A letter about Donald Trump, from a black nephew to his white aunt

"Last week, I wrote a Facebook message to my dad's sister, a Donald Trump supporter."

'Pokémon Go' Update Notes: 0.43.3/1.13.3 changes the way you hatch Pokémon eggs

With this update, it's easier to see which eggs have the best Pokémon inside.

'Civ 6' districts cheat sheet: How to plan your cities perfectly, in one chart

One of the biggest changes to 'Civ 6' is the new districts system. Here's a handy chart to sort out all the bonuses.

Presidential Polls, Monday, Oct. 24: Latest national figures put Clinton ahead of Trump

Here's what you need to know about the Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton race in the polls.

'Civ 6' beginners' guide: Tips for how to play your first game of 'Civilization VI'

Let's talk 'Civ 6' strategy. Here are four early lessons from the front lines of world conquest.

Credit vs. debit cards: Empowered shoppers know the difference — and when to use each

Debit may be safer for your spending, but credit is safer for your identity.

Election predictions 2016: Every indicator of who the next US president will be

Here's the latest election predictions of who will be the next president.

Renee Davis, pregnant mother on Muckleshoot tribal land, was fatally shot by police

Both officers have been placed on paid administrative leave.

Why you should ditch that "Indian" Halloween costume, as told by indigenous people

Think before buying a "Native American" headdress.

'Overwatch' Sombra ARG devotees are getting their hopes up for a big reveal Nov. 1

The hunt for a new 'Overwatch' character named Sombra is still underway. The latest clues point to something big on Nov. 1.

Donald Trump suggested sex workers can't be raped. He's wrong.

The candidate denied allegations he violated an adult film star, sarcastically implying porn actresses can be grabbed at will.

Woman livetweets aftermath of plane groping incident, crowdsources help from Twitter

Ariana Lenarsky put a man on blast after he allegedly groped her and tried to kiss another woman.

Swing State Polls: Florida, Ohio, Texas and the tightest contests in the presidential race

Here is how the Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton presidential race looks in swing states.

Nintendo Switch backwards compatibility news: What this means for Nintendo's future

Xbox is blurring the line between Xbox and PC Gaming, and the Switch is an indication that Nintendo is doing something similar.

Flesh-eating Bacteria Death in Maryland 2016: What to know about Vibrio vulnificus

The flesh-eating bacteria killed Michael Funk in four days.

Jay Z and Kanye West beef is nothing new. It’s politics as usual.

It's safe to say at this point, we're not getting a 'Watch the Throne 2.'

Drake mocked Kid Cudi's mental health on "Two Birds One Stone" and no one is here for it

Did Drake just make fun of someone for having depression?

Elizabeth Warren to Donald Trump: Nasty women will "get you out of our lives forever"

Elizabeth Warren said "nasty women" are going to doom Donald Trump's presidential bid.

Donald Trump polls: Latest polls put Trump behind Clinton by sizable margin

Donald Trump is trailing in the presidential polls 15 days ahead of the election.

#TheList: Alt-right Donald Trump trolls have found a new way to attack journalists

Inside the alt-right's latest anti-Semitic attack on the media.

Male cast members from ‘Law & Order: SVU’ come together for powerful sexual assault PSA

The organization that created the PSA was founded by 'SVU' star Mariska Hargitay.

Halloween 2016 safety tips: Do people really put razor blades in candy?

Trick-or-treating SHOULD be all fun and games, but...

MacBook Pro 2016, MacBook Air and iMac rumors: What Apple may reveal at the Oct. 27 event

The MacBook Pro is due for an update. Here's what's said to be released.

'The Walking Dead' season 7: 4 questions we have following the season premiere

No, seriously — when can we see the CGI tiger?

Tropical Storm Seymour to strengthen into hurricane, but will it hit Mexico?

Seymour is expected to strengthen into a hurricane.

Vic Mensa's "16 Shots" music video is a devastating nod to the shooting of Laquan McDonald

Vic Mensa's "16 Shots" is a powerful and harrowing visual battling the fatal police shooting of Laquan McDonald.

Donald Trump's rumored TV project could make Fox News look like the 'New York Times'

Trump TV seems like more than an 'SNL' punchline.

Can lab-grown meat really save the planet?

It seems like it's worth a try.

John Oliver says he'll give Donald Trump his Emmy if he accepts election results

It's a small price to pay for a peaceful transition of power.

These 10 costumes are the hottest selling Halloween costumes so far

Here are 2016's ten most popular Halloween costumes.

Ariel Winter to body-shaming trolls: "I don’t care what people are going to say about me"

'Mic' sat down with the 'Modern Family' actress to discuss her new body-positive Dove campaign.

Americans work an hour more than Europeans — every single workday

Need a reason to move to Europe? Imagine having one extra hour of free time every day.

Delaware Memorial Bridge Fire Video: What we know about the Weed World Candies truck fire

The business lost over $50,000 of merchandise in the blaze.

John Oliver lambasted Big Pharma for helping create America's opioid problem

The drug companies, says Oliver, "helped put us in this fucking mess."

Cheese makes wine taste better, science says

Shut up and order the cheese plate already.

Donald Trump's term limits proposal would make the "rigged" system even worse

Term limits sound appealing, but they only increase lobbyists' influence and do nothing to weed out corruption.

Man in Trump shirt arrested for punching attendee at Hillary Clinton North Carolina rally

Clinton called disrupters in the crowd "sore losers."

Obamacare premiums will spike by double digits next year. Here's what that means.

Smart shoppers may be able to avoid double-digit increases.

Consumers could be hurt by an AT&T takeover of Time Warner, watchdogs say

The merger would create the world's biggest entertainment company.

Hillary Clinton Halloween costumes are trendy — but Googling them reveals this mess

From pantsuit to jumpsuit — and worse.

Trump to porn actress who accused him of assault: I'm sure she's never been grabbed before

Donald Trump mocked an adult film star who came forward to accuse him of sexual assault.

Hillary Clinton Polls: Latest polls position Clinton for wide margin of victory

Here is where Hillary Clinton stands in the polls about two weeks before election day.

This is the flying car that could light the 2020 Tokyo Olympics torch

The 2020 Olympics is shaping up to be the most futuristic games yet.

Run the Jewels return with "Talk to Me," another prime mixture of punk and politics

They're back, with "bad toupee and a spray tan" politicians to drag.

Artificial intelligence predicts results of human rights trials with nearly 80% accuracy

An international team of scientists found a way to predict the outcomes of the vast majority of human rights trials.

'Watch Dogs 2' Trailer and Release Date: Check the San Francisco open-world street cred

Take a tour of San Francisco with the hero of 'Watch Dogs 2.'