Vine is dead. Here's how to download and save your Vine videos before the funeral.

Drop everything and download that puppy Vine before it's too late.

Will 'The Walking Dead' be on Hulu? Here's why you can't stream it — possibly ever.

If you exist in a Hulu-only streaming vacuum, you'll never know who Negan kills!

Former Miss Finland Ninni Laaksonen becomes 12th Donald Trump sexual misconduct accuser

Laaksonen said Trump grabbed — "really grabbed" — her behind.

The 10 most livable cities in America are walkable, fun, and full of opportunity

Looking for safe and walkable cities? These are the most livable.

'The Walking Dead' alternate take in which Maggie dies would've been horrible for the show

To be clear, if 'The Walking Dead' went this route, it would've been disastrous.

Vine is shutting down — here’s what that means for its users

Twitter will close down the popular looping video app Vine because they couldn't turn it into a profitable business.

Presidential polls Thursday, Oct. 27: Hillary Clinton maintains lead over Donald Trump

The latest 'Mic' coverage of today's presidential election polls.

This Yelp user threw a hissy fit over a bodega cat and got straight-up dragged

Meow, meow, I don't want any trouble.

Apple reveals the MacBook Pro's new Touch Bar display — here's how it works

The keyboard will never be the same.

"Affirmative action" bake sale at the University of Texas sparks backlash among students

At the protest, students said the bake sale is racist, discriminatory and an inaccurate portrayal of affirmative action.

'Survivor' season 33, episode 6 recap: Hey, world! Figgy and Taylor are a "thing"!

Could there be trouble in paradise for Fiji's self-proclaimed "power couple"?

Two Yazidi women and former ISIS sex slaves just won the EU human rights prize

"I cannot put into words the courage and the dignity they represent."

Donald Trump's new ad will make you cringe while he speaks Hindi to Indian-Americans

The Republican presidential candidate claims he will be "a true friend in the White House."

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton: Election polls maintain Clinton lead over Trump

Here is the latest on the polls between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Two-thirds of our animals will likely be gone in 3 years' time, WWF report says

"Lose biodiversity and the natural world and the life support systems, as we know them today, will collapse."

'Borderlands: The Handsome Collection' free on Xbox One through the weekend

'Borderlands: The Handsome Collection' is free on Xbox One right now, but it might be a mistake.

'Overwatch' update: Patch 1.5 promises much-needed improvements to abuse reporting

The reporting tools in 'Overwatch' need work. Blizzard says changes are on the way.

Clinton campaign manager John Podesta apparently thinks Eric Garner’s death was justified

The former Clinton White House chief of staff shared controversial opinions with a campaign fundraiser in 2014.

Airstrikes hit Syrian school, killing 35 people, including 11 children

A human rights organization expects the death toll to rise.

Unusual Halloween Traditions: Harvest celebrations across the globe

Skip the trick-or-treating and take a trip for one of these autumn observances.

Vine was a place for black teenagers to seize mainstream culture. And now it's gone.

Twitter failed to sustain a business that exploited the unpaid labor of black teens.

Betsy McCaughey said Donald Trump is being "man-shamed" for his assault allegations

Betsy McCaughey thinks the media is being unfair to Donald Trump.

New 'Pokémon Go' update 0.43.4/1.13.4 fixes bugs and paves the way for Halloween fun

Patch notes and what you'll find on update 0.43.4 (Android)/1.13.4 (iOS).

A Donald Trump endorsement just ruined Yuengling forever

Beer enthusiasts are boycotting the brew because #LoveTrumpsYuengling.

'Before the Flood' Online Livestream: Where to watch Leonardo DiCaprio's new doc for free

Everything you need to know about streaming the new Leonardo DiCaprio documentary on climate change.

Pussy Riot's "Make America Great Again" imagines the horrors of a Donald Trump presidency

A dystopian view of the first days of a Trump presidency and the nightmares that would come with it.

Apple's new MacBook Pro 2016 has an emoji keyboard — and your friends are gonna be jealous

Apple revealed the next-generation MacBook Pro — a thinner, lighter laptop with a breakout feature called the Touch Bar.

Texas polls: Here's how Hillary Clinton could upend Donald Trump in the red state

Two new polls out of Texas show Republican candidate Donald Trump holding a narrow lead in the Lone Star State.

Dozens of women have accused Alec Cook of rape: The snowball effect, explained

Rape is isolating and terrifying. Victims find safety in numbers.

Stephen Colbert gives Newt Gingrich ’the talk’ after disastrous Megyn Kelly interview

"Newt, sweetheart, you’re growing up so fast. In fact, you're 73."

A Cleveland Indians fan wore a really offensive costume to Game 2 of the World Series

Dressing up as indigenous peoples, for Halloween or a sporting event, is never OK.

Donald Trump just watched as father slurred black rental applicants, says employee

A former leasing agent says the Republican nominee was present as his father used the N-word to reject black applicants.

This deodorant ad highlights one of the intimate struggles of gender-fluid individuals

Androgynous artist Karis Wilde stars in this moving commercial.

Hiring trained homeless people as cooks can be a major payoff for the food industry

Training programs could be a boon for restaurants.

Survey: A Majority of medical marijuana users in California support Hillary Clinton

In a survey shared exclusively with 'Mic,' a California company found broad support among marijuana users for Hillary Clinton.

Wednesday's presidential polls: Cherry pick your news

Hillary Clinton is still the prohibitive favorite, but Donald Trump supporters can find polls to comfort them in the final days.

Apple launches TV, a new Apple TV app that combines your whole TV experience

Apple design lead Jen Folse revealed the latest development in Apple TV: just TV.

Officers in riot gear remove Dakota Access Pipeline protesters from site

Protesters have been occupying the Standing Rock Sioux reservation since Sunday.

Transgender teen Gavin Grimm's case: Here's what you need to know

If the Supreme Court decides to hear his case, he may have a much longer road ahead of him.

Roy Wood Jr. talks 'The Daily Show,' Trump on 'Fallon' and balancing comedy and issues

"I feel like Jimmy Fallon got a raw deal."

Donald Trump polls: Trump trails Clinton by 5.7 percentage points

Here's where Donald Trump stands in the latest presidential polls.

Black Lives Matter activists weigh the cost of a Hillary Clinton endorsement

Two prominent members of the movement offered their support this week.

The MacBook Pro 2016 is here — it’s lighter, thinner and "extreme"

The MacBook Pro line has been revamped for the first time in four years.

Halloween music 2016: 5 haunting classical music pieces that channel horror vibes

The perfect music for a Halloween night in with a book of Poe or Lovecraft stories.

7 last minute Halloween costume ideas for marijuana lovers

Happy Halloweed, my dudes.

In Florida, Hillary Clinton fights complacency even as Trump’s presidential hopes fade

"We can’t take our foot off the gas even for a short time."

Yes, your boss really could be a psychopath

One in five corporate executives are psychopaths, a new study finds. Learn the skills to deal with this type of boss, for the sake

Apple's October keynote was dominated by white dudes — again

Women spoke for approximately 16 minutes.

Ashley Graham issues a call to high-end designers: Extend your sizes

There's been progress, but Graham wants more.

John Legend shares message on addiction, mass incarceration to explain why he's voting

"All those decisions to lock people are up are being made in our name, because we're voters and we decide who's in charge."

For Día de los Muertos, a beautiful Guatemalan kite festival honors the dead

Families gather to fly kites holding messages to those who have passed away.

Nintendo Switch updates: Nintendo will release new details about upcoming console Jan. 12

Nintendo reveals when we'll find out more about the Nintendo Switch portable console.

'Civ 6' guide: New video lists all 19 civs for military victories in 'Civilization VI'

YouTuber GamerZakh has put together a ranking of all 19 playable civilizations.

The newest 'Final Fantasy 15' trailer, "Omen," is dreamy and absolutely gorgeous

Plus: 'Final Fantasy 15' info, release date and platform availability.

'Titanfall 2': Gameplay, trailer and what to expect from the new game out Friday

'Titanfall 2' is out Oct. 28. Here's everything you need to know about one of the year's best first-person shooters.

'Black-ish' Season 3, Episode 5 Recap: It's a neighborhood purge

"Hey. Janine. Can I touch your hair?"

Pentagon suspends effort to take back Iraq, Afghanistan veterans' re-enlistment bonuses

Thousands of soldiers who went to war during the George W. Bush administration will no longer have to pay the Pentagon back.

Diplo: "Everybody I know has debt"

Student loan debt is crushing a generation.