Inside the secret meeting that changed the fate of Vine forever

Last fall, nearly 20 of Vine's top 50 creators gathered at 1600 Vine Street in Los Angeles to stage an intervention.

Ohio cheerleaders display "trail of tears" banner before game with Native American mascot

OK, someone turn these Friday night lights out.

A police officer's wife vandalized her own home and blamed it on Black Lives Matter

"This is what we have to deal with these days and it makes me sick," she wrote on Facebook after the "robbery".

Latina journalist Maria Hinojosa shuts down Trump adviser on "illegals"

"What you cannot do is to label the person illegal," Hinojosa told Trump adviser Steve Cortes on MSNBC's 'AM Joy.'

Oregon City High School students protested after a week of several racist incidents

Like school on Saturday, some people have no class.

One of the first voter fraud suspects of the 2016 election is a white, Republican woman

Surprise! Voter fraud is not actually corrupting the election in any meaningful way.

Hillary Clinton's campaign declares war on FBI Director James Comey amid new email review

"He owes the public the full story — or else he shouldn't have cracked open this door in the first place."

Erica Garner blasts Clinton campaign for way they talked about Garners in private

"It was clear that he was just a dead body for them to manipulate for their use," Garner told the Huffington Post.

'Drag Race' judge Lucian Piane tweeted about showing love to ISIS and empathy to Nazis

Piane is back to making controversial statements on Twitter.

Bill Cosby's lawyers say he is too blind to defend himself in court

Prosecutors, however, have said Cosby is just trying to conceal his "true nature."

Michigan State frat's alleged scavenger hunt list includes photos of an "Asian baby"

Other tasks on the alleged Sigma Nu list included stealing items to "improve the house" and learning door codes for sororoties.

Gossip site Bossip just showed how not to talk about Amber Rose's attraction to trans men

Here's how not to write about trans men and people who date them.

Hillary Clinton turns up the heat on James Comey and FBI: "It is deeply troubling"

The Democratic nominee says the race's final days can't be consumed by "the noise and the distractions."