Facebook Marketplace just opened to total and potentially illegal anarchy

Anyone want to buy a gun? Drugs? Just check Facebook.

These 30 highest-paying jobs offer the best salaries in the United States

Math and science jobs are here to stay.

When is 'Luke Cage' season 2 coming? Fans will see Cage again sooner than they think.

You'll see the hero on-screen next year.

Kim Kardashian reportedly held at gunpoint in hotel room in Paris

The business mogul and reality star was not harmed during the incident, according to CNN.

How LA’s underground beat culture spawned a new breed of hip-hop emcee

At Low End Theory, beatmakers reign.

Here, let this wise 8-year-old tell you why gendered clothing is the worst

Daisy Edmonds has had it with your gendered clothing, Tesco.

Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint and people are (wrongly) blaming her for it

Kim Kardashian West is not at fault for being violently robbed.

Vice presidential debate 2016: What to expect from Mike Pence and Tim Kaine

Mike Pence and Tim Kaine will face off in Farmville, Va., Tuesday night.

John Oliver explains why US police brutality problem is more than a few "bad apples"

The "bad apples" analogy couldn't be more wrong with police accountability.

'Westworld' can be HBO's next 'Game of Thrones' — but must avoid the pitfalls

'Westworld' has a lot of potential — but it shouldn't be like 'Game of Thrones.'

Donald Trump Jr.’s Skittles meme isn’t about candy — it’s about bigotry against refugees

"The still-life image of a bowl of Skittles candy that Trump used as the basis for his xenophobic campaign ad is mine."

Mike Pence's homophobia casts a dark shadow over Tuesday's vice presidential debate

Pence: comic book villain, and perhaps the most powerful vice president ever.

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors: Next flagship phone might not have a headphone jack

Apple might be leading the way.

Donald Trump is right. The system is "rigged" — for people like him.

And despite promises to the contrary, he seems to have little interest in fixing it.

The new Nintendo Classic Mini/NES Classic Edition is almost too much nostalgia to handle

A look at the console's new features.

What's the MacBook Pro 2016 release date? New reports suggest we're getting closer

When does the 2016 MacBook Pro come out?

What time is the VP debate? What to know about Monday's Tim Kaine-Mike Pence showdown

Tune in at 9 p.m. Eastern to watch the VP candidates engage in a probably unremarkable debate.

Donald Trump was terrible to women behind the scenes of 'The Apprentice,' new report says

"He just stopped in the middle and pointed to someone and said, 'You'd f... her, wouldn't you?"

Renting hasn't been this hard in years. Can you afford to buy a home?

The number of apartments for rent is inching toward an all-time low.

Will Hillary Clinton be at the VP debate?

Where will Hillary be when Tim Kaine takes the stage?

Trump Foundation issued cease and desist by New York attorney general

Eric T. Schneiderman ordered the Trump Foundation to shut down its solicitation efforts immediately.

Poll shows many Americans don’t know Donald Trump was born into wealth

Donald Trump hardly pulled himself up by his bootstraps.

Kanye West walks offstage mid-show at the Meadows due to "family emergency"

"I'm sorry. I have a family emergency. I have to stop the show."

Mike Pence's wife, voting record, age and other facts about Donald Trump's running mate

What to know about GOP vice presidential candidate and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence

Wesleyan dean fired after Boston Globe uncovers years-old sexual misconduct allegations

The university says they had no knowledge of the allegations against Backer when they hired him in 2007.

A 7-year-old Syrian girl and her mother are posting haunting Tweets about living in Aleppo

"[It's] very bad and fearful — there's bombing everyday for the last two weeks."

This tiny nightclub for bees — yes, bees! — is a sweet oasis for the endangered species

Think of it as a safe place to make some sweet, sweet honey.

Hurricane Matthew path update 2016: Storm could deliver "devastating blow" to Caribbean

Hurricane Matthew is going to pound the Caribbean — and the U.S. might be next.

Luke Cage's bullet-ridden hoodie shows how important Marvel's Netflix series is in 2016

It's not a perfect show, but 'Luke Cage' matters in 2016.

Donald Trump suggests military veterans who develop PTSD are weaker than those who don't

"Some people can't handle it," the GOP nominee said in Virginia.

iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode has another glitch: It'll totally ruin your hair

This isn't the first portrait mode glitch we've found.

Millennials would be willing to take a pay cut for the promise of a secure retirement

Six in 10 millennials would rather get retirement benefits than a raise.

Pixel, Google's new phone, just got leaked — and this company is to blame

Everything we know about the Pixel, Google's new device, which looks set to compete with the iPhone 7.

Salmon fisheries need a break, so here are 15 fish recipes you should cook instead

There are plenty of fish in the sea!

The NRA just made Kim Kardashian's horrific Paris gunpoint nightmare all about the NRA

The NRA is feeling mighty bold right about now.

The double standard on Donald Trump's infidelity reveals something deeper about the right

The GOP nominee is hardly an exemplar of marital fidelity. That doesn't matter to many conservatives.

Sorry, ‘BuzzFeed,’ but pickles are actually the best thing to ever happen to cucumbers

And the best thing to ever happen to pretty much any sandwich.

Will Donald Trump be at the VP debate? Here's what we know.

Gov. Mike Pence will be there, but where will The Donald be?

Does eating vegetables really "count" if they're deep fried?

Don't be fry-tend, but...

Who is the vice presidential debate moderator? What to know about CBS' Elaine Quijano

Here's everything to know about vice presidential debate moderator Elaine Quijano.

iPhone 7 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 7: Here's how the cameras compare

An iOS vs. Android shootout.

Solange brings the stunning black beauty of 'A Seat at the Table' to life in 2 new visuals

Solange continues to build out the intimate, ethereal world of 'A Seat at the Table.'

Oregon politician Bud Pierce says successful women aren't "susceptible" to sexual abuse

Pierce was debating with Oregon Gov. Kate Brown when he made the absurd statement about victims of domestic abuse.

What is the Colombian peace deal and what does it mean that it failed?

The "no" campaign squeaked by with a 50.2% majority against the 49.8% of voters in favor of the deal.

In North Carolina, body camera footage is no longer public information

Who are body cams supposed to work for? Police, or the people?

So, how old are the gumballs in a gumball machine, anyway?

If you chip your tooth on one, it's probably very old.

Beard jewelry now exists, because everyone has a right to sparkle

The latest beard trend is here.

Elena Ferrante's work is more important than her identity — so leave her alone

An Italian journalist revealed Ferrante's identity on Sunday against her will — and the will of most of Ferrante's readers.

Here's how it would have been possible for Donald Trump to not pay taxes for 18 years

Real estate professionals enjoy big perks in the U.S. tax code.

Mike Pence and the Indiana religious freedom law: Here’s what you need to know

The firestorm engulfed the Indiana governor in 2015.

SCOTUS deals another setback to Obama's effort to shield immigrants from deportation

The court won't reconsider Obama's immigration actions, even with a full bench.

Donald Trump has avoided Spanish-language TV interviews since June 2015, report shows

Trump has missed the Spanish-language boat.

Gorillaz tease new album with 'The Book of Noodle,' a cryptic, bloody visual short story

If this is the band's way of teasing a new album, it would be its first release in five years.