The real reason why poorer children go to richer neighborhoods for trick-or-treating

Income inequality has grown larger between rich and poor neighborhoods in the last two decades.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton poll Sunday, Oct. 30: Trump within 1 point of Clinton

Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton's emails have fused into a super scandal, because this election.

Uber driver arrested for kidnapping and assaulting blacked out female passenger in DC

He carried her, passed out, into a hotel room.

New Hampshire police officer reportedly had "rapability" scale for female drivers

Lt. Michael Masella allegedly prefers rape to traffic tickets.

Clinton Emails: FBI obtains warrant to search Huma Abedin's emails

The warrant comes as tensions over FBI Director James Comey's handling of the investigation come to a head.

Kansas Republican Party warns voters ISIS could be their "new neighbors"

While ISIS is not operating in Kansas, the FBI did recently bust a white nationalist plot to bomb mosques there.