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The 8 best celebrity costumes of Halloween 2016 so far — and 3 of the worst

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The latest news on the 'Overwatch' Sombra ARG: Weekend updates point to something big happening Nov. 1.

Trump speaker makes violent joke about Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin dying in car crash

Wayne Allyn Root wished Hillary Clinton would die in a car crash before the election.

Is James Comey Republican or Democrat? What to know about FBI director amid Clinton probe.

Comey is no longer a registered Republican — but do his political allegiances speak for themselves?

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Pumpkin carving isn't rocket science — but sometimes it is.

At the Standing Rock reservation, young activists have been at the forefront of protests

For one 14-year-old protester, it's helped her imagine a future where she could be a hero.

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4chan's beginnings, and where it's headed in the future.

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'The Walking Dead' introduces Shiva, a literal tiger and your new favorite character

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Bill Cosby blackface Halloween costume gets white Arkansas college student expelled

The student's fraternity was suspended by its national leaders, after a photograph surfaced online Friday.

This functioning 'Pokémon Go' Halloween costume absolutely wins 'Pokémon Go' Halloween

Matt Borgelt's 'Pokémon Go' costume is half inventive cosplay, half ultra fandom.

Uber and Lyft drivers exhibit racial bias against passengers, study finds

Cancelled rides and longer wait times.

John Oliver explains why racism and school segregation is very much alive in 2016

"The benefits of truly diverse schools are obvious."

2016 Nevada early voting: Hillary Clinton looking good in early voting in key state

Republicans face a difficult-to-surmount deficit in early voting tallies.

How to browse privately on your iPhone all the time

There's a simple solution.

Donald Trump presidential polls: The race is tightening, but Trump is still behind

Donald Trump is still behind with eight days to go until Election Day.

Native Americans still face racism across the US as Standing Rock protests continue

The continued popularity of Native American mascots and Halloween costumes is ironic in light of the #NoDAPL protests.

A white man assaulted a black teen running a 5K because he was certain he was a mugger

Chase Coleman of Syracuse, New York, was assaulted when he lost his way.

Election Predictions 2016: Who's leading, and who's expected to win?

Who's going to win the presidential election? We'll find out soon enough.

'The Walking Dead' Season 7: What the comic books reveal about Ezekiel's Kingdom

They have a tiger, which automatically makes the Kingdom the best community in 'The Walking Dead.'

WikiLeaks spurs new concerns about Donna Brazile feeding Hillary Clinton debate questions

WikiLeaks emails suggest Brazile might've given Clinton some pre-debate tips.

Trump says women who don't identify as feminists are the "smart ones" in 1998 interview

Trump says smart women don't wave "the banner of women's liberation."

Hillary Clinton presidential polls: How has the email investigation affected the race?

The polls still point to a victory for Clinton.

The BBC perpetuates the stereotype "all black people like fried chicken" in racist video

The video was allegedly in honor of Black History Month in the United Kingdom.

Michael Slager murder trial: Does the officer who shot Walter Scott have a solid defense?

There is evidence not captured on bystander video that explains the officer's actions, his attorney's will argue.

Colin Kaepernick hosts "I Know My Rights" camp for young people of color in Oakland

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback is not playing games when it comes to social justice.

Beyoncé, Blue Ivy and Tina Knowles as Salt-N-Pepa are winning Halloween 2016

Chillin, chillin, mindin' my business/ I checked out Instagram and I couldn't believe this.

Should GMO labeling be required of all foods? Here's a look at both sides of the story.

GMOs have not been proven to be harmful to human health, but there's more we need to talk about.

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Here's what critics are saying about 'Titanfall 2.'

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Keep low-fee, age-appropriate investments in your 401(k) in 2017.

Joe Walsh, who is famously anti-Clinton, calls James Comey "unfair"

Is Joe Walsh actually defending Hillary Clinton? What a time to be alive.

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton: Where the candidates stand one week before the election

Did the latest news about Clinton's emails hurt her campaign?

Kid Cudi's "Surfin'" video is a who's who in alt hip-hop — a scene he redefined entirely

"I ain't ridin' no waves/ Too busy makin' my own waves, baby."

Archived ‘Stranger Things’ newscast shows how the town reacted to Barb’s disappearance

Wait, did the town actually give a shit about Barb?

Vic Mensa: "There's no possible way that every one of these shooters was innocent"

'Clarify,' from 'Mic' and Spotify, explores the issue of policing and civil rights.

Is ISIS losing? Mosul is under siege as coalition forces move in for the kill

Iraq's counter-terrorism chief Gen. Talib Shegati says coalition ground forces are preparing to invade downtown Mosul.

Study: Americans say student debt hasn't gotten enough attention during the 2016 election

Millennials differ from other age groups about whether the government should prioritize the student debt crisis.

"There is no case here": How Clinton is trying to turn the FBI email case into a positive

Thrown for a loop, the Clinton campaign goes all in on an aggressive approach.

Empire of the Sun 'Two Vines' Review: The band trades urgency for weak synths and cheese

Empire of the Sun's new album 'Two Vines' is a droning ode to the beach.

iPhone 8 rumors: Tech CEO reportedly says Apple's next smartphone will have OLED display

Apple is reportedly collaborating with a big-time tech manufacturer.

Charli XCX, Lil Yachty's "After the Afterparty" bubblegum zombie fest is A+ Halloween fare

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