Georgia teacher Jane Wood Allen fired over racist Facebook posts about Michelle Obama

This is on a whole another level of racism.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' judge Lucian Piane supports Trump; claims LGBTQ issues unimportant

Piane went on a pro-Trump Twitter tirade claiming LGBTQ issues don't matter.

Who robbed Kim Kardashian West? Swirling rumors suggest jewel heist was an inside job

"Sources" are saying that someone close to the family "tipped off" the thieves.

Earth is surrounded by X-rays from a mysterious source

Scientists are totally stumped.

WikiLeaks promised a Hillary Clinton bombshell. Instead, they trolled us all.

Julian Assange lets down Donald Trump supporters by not dropping an October Surprise on Hillary Clinton.

Hurricane Matthew 2016 photos: Images from Haiti, Cuba hit social media during storm

Photos and videos from social media show the devastation of Hurricane Matthew

Sweet Cakes by Melissa — Oregon bakery that refused lesbian wedding cake — shuts down

After formally closing its doors in 2013, the bakery has now shut down all operations.

Gigi Hadid fights beauty standards as the new face of Reebok's #PerfectNever campaign

Ronda Rousey was the face of the campaign in July.

VP debate livestream 2016: Here's how to watch Tim Kaine vs. Mike Pence live online

Here's how to stream the Oct. 4 vice presidential debate.

Disney announces 'Mulan' live-action remake release date, promises to cast Chinese actress

The news is coming with all the force of a great typhoon.

Here's how much money older vs. younger millennials have saved — it's not pretty

More than 1 in 3 Americans have $0 in their savings accounts...

Trump supporter's float in Indiana parade depicts Hillary Clinton in an electric chair

Local officials condemned the violent imagery.

Damian Marley is turning a former state prison into a weed farm

It's only right that the Rastafarian rapper should be one of the first to profit from California's expected legalization.

Joe Biden excoriates Trump for comments on veterans and PTSD: "This is an ignorant man"

"Where in the hell is he from?" the vice president asks.

VP debate 2016 start time, channel, moderator and everything you need to know

How to watch the vice presidential debate and more.

RNC declares Mike Pence the VP debate winner — before the debate even begins

An apparent glitch led to the publication of numerous premature posts.

Will Hurricane Matthew hit the US? Florida, North Carolina, other states on high alert

Prepare for Hurricane Matthew, East Coasters.

Demi Lovato drags Taylor Swift for using feminism as a "brand" play

Is Lovato messy and living for drama?

Donald Trump taxes: Polls suggest this could be his "47%" moment

Unlike other Donald Trump scandals that have come and gone, his taxes may mortally wound his campaign. Here's why.

Naked's "green" juice has a shit-ton of sugar, and now the company's getting sued

The Kale Blazer has more sugar than a Snickers bar.

LGBTQ veteran group rejects money from Twinks4Trump art show featuring Milo Yiannopoulos

The pro-Trump "DaddyWillSaveUs" art show got a hard pass from the LGBT group it wanted to support.

University of Oxford makes consent classes mandatory for incoming freshman

But students at other U.K. schools have called consent class condescending and useless.

How does Apple Pay work? A guide to paying for things with your iPhone.

Expedite your payment process.

This Arkansas legislator was arrested for observing police — a right he already fought for

John Walker was arrested for the same thing more than a decade years ago.

Vice presidential debates don't decide elections — but tonight's will still tell us a lot

Mike Pence and Tim Kaine's face-off in Virginia will give a clear picture of how the campaigns are sizing each other up.

Stop fighting over money: Here's how couples can avoid conflict and sync budgets

Hint: Financial fights are rarely actually about money.

Gorillaz "Phase Four" 2017: What we know about the animated group's mysterious release

De La Soul, Vic Mensa, Snoop Dogg and French electronic pioneer Jean Michel Jarre rumored for the release.

Black Lives Matter's Patrisse Cullors lists demands for LA after Carnell Snell, Jr. death

Activists plan to mount resistance across the country, in response to recent fatal police shootings of black people.

Here’s where Mike Pence and Tim Kaine stand on immigration

There's a stark divide on the issue.

Hurricane Matthew 2016 path update: Haiti hit with "life-threatening" conditions

The storm could bring up to 40 inches of rain.

Google event 2016 livestream: Here's how to watch the Made By Google event online

A new smartphone, Chromecast and more are expected to be unveiled.

Here's where Mike Pence and Tim Kaine stand on abortion

The two candidates have controversial histories on the issue.

Venezuela’s economic crisis is now a life-or-death situation

Here's how Venezuela's economic woes spiraled into a nightmarish health crisis.

'WWE 2K17': the definitive preview — trailer, roster and gameplay features

What to expect from the popular new wrestling game 'WWE 2K17' — release date Oct. 11.

Xbox Scorpio price: The head of Xbox says you shouldn’t worry about it

Microsoft claims premium does not necessarily mean expensive.

Mike Pence's stance on gun control: The NRA gives him an "A" rating, if that's any clue

Here's what you need to know about Donald Trump's running mate on guns.

Survivors say, "F*ck domestic violence" in provocative educational video campaign

"Fuck DV because love isn't jealous, controlling, manipulative or life-threatening."

Woman reports being raped in dorm room on Stanford University campus

A female student reported on Friday that a male student raped her in his dorm.

Vladimir Putin pulls Russia out of nuclear pact amid total failure of Syria talks

Putin cited a "radically changed environment," with some saying U.S.-Russia relations are now the worst since the Cold War.

Tim Kaine's stance on gun control: Why the candidate's firearms position may surprise you

Here's what you need to know about Tim Kaine's position on gun control

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and other big tech companies top list of tax-avoiders

Think Wall Street has the most money stashed overseas? Think again.

Is there early voting in my state? This one map will show you

You might not have to wait until Election Day to cast your ballot.

'Transparent' costume designer opens up about the importance of Maura's style evolution

She went from looking like a woman at the helm of her own community garden to looking like Joan Didion.

Regina Spektor's dazzling new 'Remember Us to Life' deftly balances quirk and pop

On 'Remember Us to Life' Spektor edges closer to full-fledged pop, but her songwriting is as sharp as ever.

After Trump’s tax leak, here's why conservative arguments against welfare are hypocritical

Trump once said half the population "carries" the other half. After potentially avoiding taxes for 18 years, which half is he?

Voters who seek expert opinion, not gut feeling, more likely to support same-sex marriage

And the findings aren't tied to political leanings.

Yahoo built a system that allowed the government to spy on all its email users

Initial reports indicated Yahoo let the FBI or NSA search all users' emails, not just those of non-U.S. citizens.

Marvel's 'Iron Fist' series finally has a release date — here's when it hits Netflix

Keep March 17 marked on your calendar next year, Marvel fans.

Winter is coming: You're at the lowest weight you'll be all year

Holiday weight gain is real, but there are worse things.

Donald Trump is doubling down on "brilliantly" avoiding paying taxes

"I reached deep within myself," Trump told a crowd in Colorado. "... I did a great job."

Teen asks Hillary Clinton how she'll reverse the effects of Donald Trump's body shaming

"You are more than the way you look," Clinton assured the teen.

Google promises its new Pixel phone has the best smartphone camera ever made

Meet the Pixel and the Pixel XL.

Kanye West pushes tour dates after Kardashian robbery — what to do if you have tickets

For Kanye West, the show is second to the health and safety of his family.

How many days are there until the 2016 presidential election?

There's still time to register to vote.

Everything you need to know about CBS News reporter Elaine Quijano

Quijano is set to moderate the first — and only — 2016 vice presidential debate.

Is Mike Pence's economic record good? Here are 3 data-driven signs Donald Trump is wrong.

Indiana's anti-LGBTQ law alone cost the state $256 million.

Hillary Clinton taunts Donald Trump over 'New York Times' tax expose

"What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year?" Clinton told an audience in Toledo, Ohio on Monday.

Longwood U., home of VP face-off, addresses painful civil rights history ahead of debate

History should take center stage during the 2016 vice presidential debate.