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Hurricane Matthew: Airport closures and flight cancellations ahead of Florida landfall

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Baltimore Orioles Adam Jones and Hyun Soo Kim attacked with racial slurs and a can of beer

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The wonderfully strange secrets of a food stylist

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Kid Cudi enters rehab for depression, shares note with fans: "I've been living a lie."

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The VP debate is in Farmville, VA — and Twitter won't shut up about that Facebook game

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Here's how much it would cost to build the Death Star in real life. It's a lot.

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There may be a maximum limit to just how long humans can live

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Karl Lagerfeld is the latest to victim blame Kim Kardashian West after she was robbed

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"Tabby's star" KIC 8462852 just got even more mysterious

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Grimes' 'The Ac!d Reign Chronicles' offers an empowering, fresh take on the visual album

Train a camera on it, and any moment in one's life can be "art."

Mike Pence denies existence of institutional racism during vice presidential debate

The GOP vice presidential nominee blasted the notion that there's "implicit bias" against African-Americans.

Young people worldwide have suffered the most from the financial crisis — here's how much

One in 10 jobs for people younger than 30 disappeared. Some may never come back.

Jeff Bezos' New Shepard rocket just had an important test flight. Here’s what happened

Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos just successfully tested the in-flight escape system for his reusable New Shepard rocket.

Hurricane Matthew Miami 2016: the latest forecast and what residents need to know

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Mike Pence says he defends the "sanctity of life" — but his actions say otherwise

Gov. Mike Pence talks about the "sanctity of life" a lot. But whose?

Belgian police officer stabbing a possible terror attack — here's what we know

Two officers were stabbed in Brussels on Wednesday.

Ava DuVernay's '13th' documentary is a scorching indictment of American racism

The film shows how the American political establishment and corporations have exploited blacks through a constitutional loophole.

Donald Trump retweets account calling for "HUNTIN" of Black Lives Matter activists

Trump directed his followers to an account decrying white genocide and calling for hunting of Black Lives Matter members.

Vice presidential debate liveblog: Kaine and Pence spar on abortion, taxes and more

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Hurricane Matthew 2016 path update: landfall in Cuba as Florida prepares for the worst

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Once upon a time, Donald Trump sold weight loss snacks and vitamins

The sordid tale of Trump's "Snazzle Snaxxs."

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police release extended Keith L. Scott shooting videos

The new footage shows officers attempting to administer first aid to Scott, but does not resolve whether he was holding a gun.

Which meal kit service does the vegetarian option best? We tried them all to find out.

Contrary to popular belief, vegetarians don't just eat pasta for dinner.

After Mike Pence's "that Mexican thing" comment, Latinos on Twitter spoke out against him

#ThatMexicanThing immediately started trending on Twitter Tuesday night.

Beneath Mike Pence's smooth debate performance, there's a deeper problem for Trump

He won on style points, but Pence struggled to make the case for the man atop the ticket.

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Tim Kaine made an essential, if hypocritical, point about women and choice at VP debate

"Why doesn't Donald Trump trust women to make this choice for the themselves?" ?

The highs and lows from Mike Pence's VP debate performance against Tim Kaine

Early in the debate, Pence was praised on Twitter while conservatives said they thought Kaine came off as too aggressive.

The highs and lows from Tim Kaine's VP debate performance against Mike Pence

Kaine's interruptions undoubtedly resonated poorly with pundits — and voters.

'The Flash' season 3 premiere recap: seeing the world that could have been in "Flashpoint"

Be careful what you wish for, Barry Allen.

Lonely releases stunning unretouched visuals for their latest ad campaign

Lonely cased nine women of all different sizes, ages and races for its autumn/winter 2016 campaign.

CNN unearths two more 'Playboy' videos featuring Donald Trump

Donald Trump has now appeared in at least three softcore pornography videos that were unearthed from the 1990s and 2000s.

'WWE 2K17' roster: Complete list of wrestlers available for gameplay

It's the largest in series history.

Military regulations on abortion put pregnant women with Zika at risk

The virus raises a longstanding issue: Women in the military and military spouses can't always access their reproductive rights.

Startup disk full? MacOS Sierra's Storage Management and optimization can save you

MacBook out of space? MacOS Sierra 10.12 is here, and with it comes a crucial new feature.

ATM fees just hit a record high: Here's why that's a social justice problem

ATM fees are like a regressive tax on the poor.

These tiny machines just won their inventors the Nobel Prize in chemistry

"We'll have plastic pipes that can repair themselves."

Join Mic, 92nd Street Y and PRI for a week of events leading up to the election

UnConvention is a 21st-century public square aimed at illuminating the issues important to young people.

Fact-checking Tim Kaine's comments from Tuesday's VP debate

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Despite Mike Pence's record, LGBTQ rights were completely ignored at the VP debate

Pence's anti-LGBTQ record is well-documented. So why didn't it come up at the vice presidential debate?

Here’s what you need to know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or the TPP

The TPP is a hot topic in this year's presidential election.

Rod Temperton, songwriter behind Michael Jackson's "Thriller," dead at 66

The world has been listening to Rod Temperton's hits all their lives, whether people knew it or not.

Here's how Mike Pence tried to keep Syrian refugees out of Indiana, and why it didn't work

A federal court said Mike Pence cannot stop Indiana from resettling Syrian refugees. That may come up in Tuesday's debate.