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Seattle shooting: Multiple people shot near anti-Trump protest

Five people were shot, and at least two of them sustained life-threatening injuries.

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Bernie Sanders for president in 2020? He's not ruling it out.

Bernie Sanders could run for president again in 2020.

Protesters swarm Trump buildings across the US the night of his presidential win

Chicago, New York, DC, Seattle and Boston all saw massive crowds of protesters Wednesday night.

'Pokémon Go' Update Notes: Battery drain gets way worse, even with a battery pack

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Latino students report racist incidents within hours of Donald Trump's win

A student posted on Twitter that her roommate built a wall in her dorm room.

Will my visa be revoked? Here's what Donald Trump's deportation plan looks like

At this point, it's hard to predict.

New Balance faces backlash after throwing its support behind President-elect Donald Trump

They issued what many believe is a pro-Trump statement, and people are not happy about it.

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Samantha Bee has an empowering message for "nasty women" after Donald Trump's win

"We still have millions of nasty women who aren't going away."

A Democratic staffer just summed up what’s wrong with establishment politics

"You and your friends will die of old age and I'm going to die from climate change."

Aaron Sorkin's letter to his daughter nails how to move forward after Trump's victory

"Our darkest days have always — always — been followed by our finest hours."

Who controls the Senate? Here's where Congress stands after the election

The next election for senators and representatives will be in 2018.

My white guilt isn't going to help America. Here's what might.

Now that Trump's been elected, apologizing to marginalized people isn't going to get any of us anywhere.

No injuries reported after Barack Obama and Donald Trump hold their first meeting

An unusual meeting after an unusual election.

Russia says it was in contact with Donald Trump's campaign — exposing a big Trump lie

The president-elect claimed all along that he and his campaign had no ties to Russia.

Does a Donald Trump presidency mean an end to same-sex marriage?

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Who is David Clarke? Milwaukee sheriff could be Homeland Security chief

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What will the first 100 days of a Trump presidency look like?

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Childish Gambino debuts "Me and Your Mama," a desperate gospel off 'Awaken, My Love!'

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Why were polls so wrong in the election? How analysts explain their failures

The polls were very wrong headed into Election Day. Here are how top election analysts explained what happened.

"Star-Spangled Banner" rewritten for a Trump America: Listen here

It's a more somber, wistful version of our anthem to suit the times, called the "Hate-Strangled Banner."

Can Muslims still enter the US? Fear abounds after Trump victory.

Will Donald Trump follow through with his dangerous promise?

Who voted for Donald Trump? Old, white men, according to exit polls. Lots of them.

Trump also mobilized Evangelical voters at unprecedented rates.

'Civ 6' Mods: New military units to improve your world domination strategy

The Moar Units mod for 'Civ 6' will be literally game-changing.

Trump's Muslim ban statement reappears on campaign site after temporary removal

The Trump campaign seems unsure what to do with one of the president-elect's most controversial statements.

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'American Horror Story' season 6 finale makes 'Roanoke' and 'Asylum' connection in trailer

Lana, Lana bo bana banana fana fo fana fee fy mo mana, Lana!

'Mr. Robot' season 2 was the only series prepared for President Donald Trump

'Mr. Robot' called Trump a "cocksucker" in season two. What will season three offer?

Here are 5 crucial ways Donald Trump can defy worried economists' expectations

Economists have always had harsh words for Trump. Here's how he can turn them around.

Watch thousands of San Francisco high school students walk out over Donald Trump

The teens are outraged — and in four years, they'll be voting.

Snowball vs. Avalanche: Here's the best strategy to get out of debt

Slow and steady debt destruction or slay them the hard way — which saves you money?

Trump's promise to fulfill "every dream you've ever dreamed" could doom the GOP

Americans expect immediacy. If Donald Trump can't deliver that on his key proposals, backlash could be swift.

Here's why stocks shot up — even though Donald Trump won the presidential election

Infrastructure, corporate taxes and re-shoring have the markets grinning.

2016 election forecasters — how did they do?

One theory is that potential voters were not truthful when surveyed.

Here's everything we know about Kylie Jenner's makeup store

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