West Virginia nonprofit director fired after calling Michelle Obama an "ape in heels"

No word yet on the consequences for Clay Mayor Beverly Whaling, who endorsed her message.

'Pokémon Go' update: Spawn times increase, giving you more time to catch Pokémon

'Pokémon Go' update: You may not have to run as quickly to catch that Pokémon before it's gone.

'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Team Planner: Pokédex tool lets you create the ultimate lineup

'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Team Planner: Want to be the very best?

Here are the 11 highest-paying jobs you can get without a college degree

These professions command above-average salaries and don't require a bachelor's.

Exclusive: Black Lives Matter issues a statement on Trump's election

"Our commitment remains the same: protect ourselves and our communities," the statement reads.

Who are the Inhumans? 4 things to know about the new Marvel TV show

Is one of the Inhumans an alien bulldog? YES.

Here's how to talk to your Trump-supporting relatives this Thanksgiving

We're all dreading it — but it's crucial.

Steve Bannon's net worth, wives, 'Breitbart News' legacy and other facts to know

Who is Steve Bannon, President-elect Donald Trump's top adviser?

Bernie Sanders talks fixing the Democratic party and handling Trump with Stephen Colbert

"We’re going to stand together and fight for a government and an economy that works for all of us."

Trump supporter punches woman in face for expressing political views to friend over dinner

A woman was assaulted at Bar Tabac in Brooklyn for criticizing the election.

'Pokémon Go' player at Ohio's Capital University allegedly assaulted by Trump supporters

Police are still investigating Brittany Daughenbaugh's case.

Best Buy Black Friday Deals 2016: Roundup of video game, phone, laptop and TV discounts

Best Buy is ringing in Black Friday with a whole lotta deals.

Black Friday 2016: The best Amazon deals for Tuesday, Nov. 15 — PCs, VR headsets, chargers

Here are the best Black Friday 2016 deals you'll find on Amazon today. Tech, gaming and more.

'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Leaks and Spoilers: Juicy new details revealed on Reddit

'Pokémon Sun and Moon' leaks and spoilers are flooding the internet.

David Blaine 2016 Special: When and where to watch 'Beyond Magic'

OK, it does look pretty cool.

Grammys 2017 predictions: Who will nab album of the year nominations and who will win?

Our predictions for the album of the year nominees and the 2017 Grammys' likely winner.

Android vs. iPhone: These smartphones could crush Apple — but nobody’s talking about them

Meet the LG G5 Modular Phone, Ulefone Power, Samsung Galaxy S8, Silent Circle Blackphone 2 and YotaPhone.

How to order Thanksgiving dinner 2016: 7 last-minute food delivery services for turkey

Whether you completely forgot to order the turkey or ruined your first one, here's where to order a bird last-minute online.

What is a sanctuary city? And why Trump's presidential plan includes getting rid of them

Trump has promised to end sanctuary cities.

Tinder just announced a major update that will make the app way, way more trans-friendly

Tinder just became a lot safer for trans and gender nonconforming users.

Snapchat filters: Now you can put filters on the world around you

A fun way to spice up an everyday scene.

White House Security Clearance: Why Trump's request for family access is unprecedented

Trump's team has denied reports he is seeking security clearance for his children.

Congressional Term Limits: Is Trump's proposal to limit time in Congress realistic?

What are the chances Trump will actually limit Congressional term limits?

After reports Donald Trump requested security clearances for his children, denial

Trump's children could end up unofficial advisers to Trump at the same time they manage his business interests.

Nicki Minaj remixes mannequin challenge anthem "Black Beatles" into "Black Barbies"

"Island girl, Donald Trump want me go home/ Still pull up with my wrist lookin' like a snow cone."

Oscars 2017 predictions: Which movies are the early favorites to take home best picture?

Can 'La La Land' break 57 years of precedent?

Hate Crimes Since the Election: 3 numbers that have Trump critics concerned

Hate crimes have risen throughout the 2016 election campaign — with a reported spike after Election Day.

'Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection': Tips and tricks for the trilogy on PS4, Xbox One

'Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection': Tips and tricks to get you started.

Police departments decline to help Trump administration execute deportation plans

The Los Angeles and Denver police departments will not enforce federal immigration law.

Lin-Manuel Miranda says his high school bully was rapper Immortal Technique

"I got thrown in the garbage by him."

Understanding Clinton's loss through the eyes of the millennials who won Ohio for Trump

At OSU, there were beers, cheers and tears as Trump took the election — and then the hate speech came out.

Transgender models Benjamin Melzer and Loiza Lamers front Diesel's latest collaboration

Benjamin Melzer and Loiza Lamers want to draw more attention to transgender people in modeling.

Will Donald Trump be the next Ronald Reagan? What the history of tax cuts shows us

President-elect Donald Trump wants to usher in the next Reagan era, but he'll have a tough time.

"Post-truth" is Oxford Dictionaries' official word of 2016

Well, that pretty much nails it.

Columbia University suspends wrestling team over bigoted text messages

In text messages dating back to 2014, team members referred to women as "bitches" and used racial slurs to describe women of color

'The Bachelor': Get a first look at the season 21 contestants vying for Nick Viall's heart

Will the fourth time be the charm for Nick?

Stephen Bannon, Donald Trump's new chief strategist, endorsed by KKK, neo-Nazis

"Perhaps The Donald IS for 'REAL,'" American Nazi Party head Rocky Suhayda wrote in an email to CNN.

As Trump softens on key positions, Steve Bannon becomes alt-right's great white hope

Bannon's fans are sure he'll keep Trump on the (alt) right track.

Most anti-Donald Trump protesters arrested in Portland didn't vote in Oregon: Report

They're booing — but they didn't vote.

Ashley Graham gets her very own Barbie doll — thick thighs and all

She wanted the doll to her measurements, and for its thighs to touch.

Black Friday is a lie: Here's why you should skip America's biggest shopping day

Time to outsmart those so-called "mega bargains."

Oklahoma Airport Shooting: Airline employee killed at Will Rogers Airport

Inbound and outbound flights were suspended after reports of a shooting emerged.

Samantha Bee explains how hard it is for ISIS to pose as refugees, who need our help

It's a lot harder than Republicans make it out to be.

#BlackMenSpeak — but will we listen?

This video series chronicles black male artists and influencers who view art as a tool for social change.

Please stop making our purses smaller

Micro bags are now a thing, and we'd love them to stop.

Adidas' new sneaker is made from ocean waste — take that, Marjory the Trash Heap

In 2017, Adidas plans to produce 1 million pairs of shoes with recycled ocean plastic.

'Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' rumor: Release date delayed past Switch launch

It looks like the gorgeous, open-world Zelda game got delayed — again.

Are the new US-Cuba relations in jeopardy under Donald Trump?

It's possible for Trump to reverse some of the concessions the Obama administration made to Cuba.

'Super Mario Run' release date and price revealed for iOS — Android launch still a mystery

'Super Mario Run' release date and price revealed. Unfortunately, Android fans still don't know when they'll be able to play.

Conan O'Brien, the "Clueless Gamer," and Elijah Wood review 'Final Fantasy 15'

Conan has trouble with the weird mix of science and fantasy in 'FF 15.'

Finally, Greece is out of recession: Here's why that's good for you

A rebounding Greek economy is good for Europe and even the United States.

How does the new 'Beauty and the Beast' compare to the 1991 original?

It's basically the same, but with Emma Watson.

'Dishonored 2' review: A well-crafted improvement over everything we loved in 'Dishonored'

'Dishonored 2' review for Xbox One, PC, PS4: Be the next supernatural assassin to haunt the Empire of the Isles.

SEC Chair Mary Jo White is leaving, clearing path for Donald Trump to dismantle reforms

Mary Jo White was one of Wall Street's toughest watchdogs. She will leave the SEC in January.

Paul Ryan renominated House Speaker in a unanimous vote

Paul Ryan will be House Speaker of the 115th Congress.

Trump's Presidential Plan: The most important pieces of the president-elect's future

?President-elect Donald Trump has an ambitious plan for his first 100 days in office.