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Ted Cruz may be under consideration for Donald Trump's attorney general

Attorney General Ted Cruz would control the federal law enforcement apparatus — and maybe use it to advance far-right politics.

Tennessee official resigns after posting "KKK is more American" than "illegal" Obama

David Barber wrote several racist posts about the first family and praised the Ku Klux Klan in one of them.

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Facebook News Feed algorithm: How it works and why employees want to change it

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Bernie Sanders says Steve Bannon is a "racist individual," calls for his ouster

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NSA chief Mike Rogers suggests Russia tried to get Donald Trump elected

"This was a conscious effort by a nation-state to attempt to achieve a specific effect," Rogers said.

101 reasons why white women might have voted for Donald Trump

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West Virginia mayor resigns after response to racist "ape in heels" Michelle Obama comment

Mayor Beverly Whaling only apologized that the comment got "out of hand."

Nail polish that could detect date-rape drugs is coming soon

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Donald Trump's administration mulls bringing back Muslim registry, per report

This is not the first time America would have forced immigrants from countries with large Muslim populations to register.

Reddit is "disappointed" that alt-right page was chosen as Subreddit of the Day

A page full of racism and hate was given a trophy.

Rose McGowan sounds off on the coming war against women

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Starbucks, Nike, and hundreds of other companies beg Donald Trump to fight climate change

Top global companies are urging Congress and President-elect Donald Trump to acknowledge global warming.

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Britney Spears and Tinashe give the people true glory with a "Slumber Party" remix

The accompanying video is set to drop on Nov. 18.

Anti-Muslim hate crimes are on the rise. Here's what Donald Trump can do about it.

The president-elect has a lot to do if he truly wants to bring this country "together."

Swedish union launches mansplaining hotline for women to report every "Well, actually..."

Hundreds of women have already called the hotline to share their experiences.

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Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren named to Senate Democratic leadership team

Sen. Chuck Schumer becomes minority leader as Senate Democrats try to rebuild.

Twitter just suspended a bunch of alt-right users for violating its policies

A move immediately following updates to its abuse policy.

Could Mars' "ice cauldrons" signal early life on the Red Planet?

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin find a new place to search for signs of Martian life.

Veterans Affairs abandons plans to pay for trans veterans' gender-affirming surgeries

VA officials said they simply could not find the funds to pay for the surgery.

Donald Trump spokesman: Steve Bannon has "embraced diversity at every step"

A Trump spokesman says Bannon is no hatemonger.

After election, thousands in NYC offer to commute with those targeted by Trump's campaign

Here's how the movement could become so much more.

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Team Trump says it will cooperate with the press ... within limits.

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Can Trump dismantle the Iran Nuclear Deal? Here’s how the plan could fare

Trump will have the opportunity to renegotiate the deal — or enact measures to cripple it.

Mayor Bill de Blasio discusses New York's post-election "fears" with Donald Trump

Gotham's liberal leader says his meeting with Trump was a talk, not a lecture.

Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Hanks and Michael Jordan among 21 Medal of Freedom recipients

President Barack Obama will give out the Medal of Freedom to 21 famous faces on Nov. 22.

4 Purdue football players have been accused of sexual assault

The law firm representing the accusers is calling for the university to "move quickly."