Starbucks' green holiday cups may hold a hidden political message, and people are pissed

The red cup controversy of 2015 has nothing on this...

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West take Alton Sterling's oldest son out for his 16th birthday

It's her first appearance on social media since the October's paris robbery.

Who is leading in the polls, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Here are the latest figures.

Polls show the candidates have knotted it up. But that might not mean as much as you think.

Panicking Democrats should calm the hell down about Hillary Clinton's chances. Here's why.

A Trump win looks more plausible than it did a few days ago — but just about everything has to break his way.

KKK paper the 'Crusader' endorses Donald Trump for president

The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan want to Make America Great Again.

Presidential polls today: Nov. 2 polls show Hillary Clinton with edge over Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton still leads Donald Trump, but the race is getting closer.

How many emails did Hillary Clinton delete? And other common election questions, answered

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Hillary Clinton would have been better off without Louis CK's so-called endorsement

Clinton definitely wasn't waiting around for C.K. for call her a "tough bitch mother."

Deleted 'Overwatch' Discord chats seem to reveal Blizzard's second, failed Sombra ARG

The Sombra reveal just took an unexpected turn.

Xbox Project Scorpio news: Microsoft's new console will feature backwards compatibility

Don't put your Xbox 360 games away if you're planning to upgrade to Project Scorpio.

'The Flash' season 3, episode 5 recap: The new Harrison Wells reveals his monster secret

"Monster" is another small step in a greater arc.

Victoria's Secret released images of a model with stretch marks. That's hardly progress.

It's a step forward, but Victoria's Secret still has a ton of work to do towards true body positivity.

2 Des Moines, Iowa, police officers shot and killed in "ambush-style" attacks

Both officers were shot while sitting in their patrol cars.

Is the FBI investigating Donald Trump? What we know about the government probe.

Cases involving Trump and Hillary Clinton are both under review by the FBI.

Election Map 2016: Here are all the ways voting day could pan out

Here are Clinton and Trump's possible paths to victory.

2 Des Moines police officers were killed — so people naturally blamed Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is not an anti-police terrorist group, despite wild claims to the contrary.

A black church in Mississippi was set on fire and vandalized with the words "Vote Trump"

The Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church was set on fire on Tuesday night.

Hulu live TV streaming: Here's how it works and what it costs

Big news for cord-cutters everywhere.

White supremacists want to rig the election for their preferred candidate: Donald Trump

White nationalists have flocked to Trump's candidacy, and some say they plan to intimidate or suppress minority voters.

What's next for 'Pokémon Go'? Niantic designer discusses the future of AR games

It sounds like Niantic is looking to expand beyond the world of Pokémon for future games.

With #SwipeItForward, NYC activists call out unnecessary policing of poor people of color

The vast majority of those arrested for fare evasion in New York City are people of color, criminal justice data shows.

Barack and Michelle's last Halloween party in the White House is also their most adorable

Boo! This video is the perfect antidote to this year's scary election season.

How to get the new emojis on your iPhone

Finally, a Harambe emoji.

"Jane Doe" lawyer Lisa Bloom calls off press conference on Donald Trump rape allegations

According to Bloom, "Jane Doe" received numerous death threats and did not want to appear in public on Wednesday.

Donald Trump got the world saying "pussy." Should these ads get to say it too?

THINX uses provocative ads to promote a feminist mission. But have they gone too far for the San Francisco metro?

The scary truth about saving for retirement: Women may need to save twice as much as men

Retirement savings advice is very different for men and women.

'The Crown' Netflix Release Date: What time will the Queen Elizabeth II drama premiere?

Pour some tea and watch this super British show.

The teen who received Anthony Weiner's alleged sexts has harsh words for James Comey

The 16-year-old accused the FBI director of using her as a political prop.

Major 'Pokémon Go' update: Daily quests and bonuses feature coming soon

A new 'Pokémon Go' feature was just officially announced: daily quests!

World Series Livestream 2016: How to watch live on mobile and online

Who will have sweaty palms, knees weak and arms that are heavy in Game 7?

Open Enrollment Survival Guide: Everything to know about choosing benefits for 2016-2017

How to make the best health care, 401(k) and spending account picks for you.

3 key ways FX's 'Atlanta' showed it was unlike anything else on television

Donald Glover's comedy is one of the best shows on television.

Scott Michael Greene, suspect in Des Moines killing of 2 officers, taken into custody

Greene has been charged with first degree murder.

How many seats do the Democrats need to win the House of Representatives?

Democrats have a heavy lift to take control of the House.

Nintendo Switch rumors: Will the new console's release bring the end of the Wii U?

Nintendo denied the rumor — but there may be more to the story.

Donald Trump Predictions: How could Trump win the election?

Donald Trump could be president of the U.S.

Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokno on how her Russian prison stay shaped her views on Donald Trump

"It's not that much fun to be under the rule of misogynist pigs."

Lindsay Lohan's strange new accent, "Lilohan," is confounding the world at large

Move over, Madonna. "Lilohan" is the hot new affected speech pattern.

Before he dismissed Anthony Weiner as a "perv," Donald Trump was his political patron

Campaign finance records show Trump started donating to Weiner nearly 20 years ago.

CMA Awards 2016 Livestream: performers, channel, time and more

All you wanted to know, and more.

Please. Someone, anyone, give Joe Biden a Ray-Ban campaign.

Give Joe Biden a chance.

Rapper Young Thug wants us to "stop believing in genders"

The rapper continues to shun masculine norms.

How many seats do the Democrats need to win the Senate?

Democrats are within striking distance of winning control of the Senate.

Health Insurance Open Enrollment 2017: How to choose insurance coverage through work

Get health care at work? Here's how to handle open enrollment.

Prophets of Rage on the opportunity cost of economic inequality

'Clarify,' from 'Mic' and Spotify, explores income inequality.

'Pokémon Go' Halloween event and increased candy drop rates still active — so catch away

The 'Pokémon Go' Halloween candy rush is almost over, so cash in while you can.