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Neo-Nazis like Richard Spencer dress up their racism, and the media is taking the bait

This is what "normalization" actually looks like.

500 DAPL protestors will eat a Thanksgiving meal at Standing Rock — served by Jane Fonda

Fonda and other volunteers will serve spit-roasted turkeys to roughly 500 activists on Thursday.

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Kanye West Hospitalized: Fans send messages of support following rapper's hospitalization

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Mayor Bill de Blasio said NYC will sue if Donald Trump goes forward with Muslim registry

"We will protect you," the mayor told Muslim Americans. "This is your home."

Terry Crews 'Overwatch' update: Crews wants to play rumored new character Doomfist

"I would LOVE TO PLAY DOOMFIST," Crews' Reddit comment says.

Kylie Jenner is being accused of copying a makeup artist's original work yet again

This isn't even the same time Jenner has copied this particular makeup artist.

Donald Trump's administration is going to be so bad for women — especially women of color

The cabinet picks have made racist and Islamophobic comments, but their histories with women's issues aren't any better.

What's the emoluments clause? The Constitution says it's illegal if Donald Trump does this

What is the emoluments clause? It could become Donald Trump's biggest headache.

Hillary Clinton's popular vote total could reach Obama's from 2012

Hillary Clinton's popular vote total is still growing.

Kanye West "I Feel Like That" video may have been a warning about his mental health

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What happened to Kanye West? Hospitalization reported as Saint Pablo Tour cancelled

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No locks, yes lox: The story behind the brilliant new sign on the Brooklyn Bridge

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Android Nougat 7.0 Update: Best features, release date and how to download

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Brexit has already cost the UK $1.5 trillion in wealth, says new Credit Suisse report

The falling value of British currency is hurting Britons' wallets.

'SNL' mocked Tinder's update offering more gender options to trans users

"Weekend Update" co-anchor Colin Jost joked the Tinder update was "why Democrats lost the election."

Who is Richard Spencer? Here's what you need to know about the founder of the alt-right.

Spencer is the head of white nationalist think tank the National Policy Institute.

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White "identity politics" is still identity politics

Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump because she focused on "identity politics," argues a 'New York Times' op-ed.

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Here's how to run for office if you want to fight back against Trump

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Donald Trump says in new video he'll withdraw from TPP and investigate visa abuses

Trump teases more of his plan to "Make America Great Again."

What will Obama do next? Here's what we know about the president's next move.

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HIV needs to be a part of the conversation when we talk about Mike Pence and 'Hamilton'

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'Lion' Review: Dev Patel movie tackles questions of home with heart, if not expert craft

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Vegan Thanksgiving recipes 2016: Main dishes, dressings, stuffings, desserts and more

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Sexist people are more likely to have mental health issues, new study suggests

Another reason to not be sexist — besides, you know, common sense.

Donald Trump is baiting the press with his tweets — and the media is falling for it

Donald Trump's plan to distract and divert press attention from his own scandals is working.

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'Blackhair' magazine apologizes after putting a non-black model on its cover

The model was the one who first pointed it out.

U.S. Holocaust Museum calls on public to denounce Richard Spencer, white nationalism

"The Museum calls on all American citizens ... to confront racist thinking and divisive hateful speech."

'Overwatch' Symmetra redesign: Buff and other updates on PTR now

'Overwatch': Symmetra's changes sound amazing.

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory refuses to concede election

McCrory, the governor behind the transgender bathroom bill, is claiming voter fraud led to his opponent's win.

Barack Obama's overtime pay rule faces uncertain future under Donald Trump administration

The overtime law would protect more than 4 million workers.

OnePlus 3T Reviews: 4 ways 3T is better than iPhones and other Androids

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Donald Trump won't appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump has broken another campaign pledge.

MacBook Pro: Here’s what you should know before buying the newest release

Here are some aspects to consider before making a purchase.

North Carolina police shoot man in response to "uptick" in crime in black neighborhood

There is no body camera or dashboard camera footage of the incident, a police official said.

FIT's Black Fashion Designers exhibit is a celebration of fashion's unsung heroes

The exhibition is set to kick off on Dec. 6.

Anderson .Paak kept soul alive in a year when we lost so many of its icons

Under his tutelage and guidance, soul will prevail.

Navigating Trump's America: Trump's first 100 days and conflicts of interest dominate

This is day one of Navigating Trump's America, Mic's daily guide to how Trump's election affects you and an America divided.

US Visa Program: How Trump's plan could change who can get work visas in the US

Highly skilled labor might take the hit.

'Watch Dogs 2' genitalia removed, and seamless online multiplayer gameplay is finally live

'Watch Dogs 2' genitalia pictures: Explicit avatar model is gone, and multiplayer is finally here!

USA Gymnastics physician arrested, charged with sexual assault of minor

Dr. Larry Nassar allegedly abused patients throughout his decades as a doctor for various sports teams.

Donald Trump can’t fathom why racist white nationalists in the alt-right support him

Donald Trump says he doesn't know why he's energized the alt-right.

Watch 'Twin Peaks' on Showtime this December

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Donald Trump cancels meeting with 'New York Times' — then reschedules it

The president-elect tweeted out his frustrations about a change in "terms and conditions."

Donald Trump returns to Twitter taunts after laying out his presidential agenda

Can't teach an old horse new tricks, apparently.

Donald Trump brushes off conflicts of interest in meeting with 'New York Times'

"The president can't have a conflict of interest."

Thanksgiving checklist: The inexpensive tools and kitchen gadgets you'll need for cooking

Load up on this Thanksgiving kitchen gear before you get cooking.

Ohio prosecutor to retry Ray Tensing in Sam DuBose shooting death case

The prosecutor said a venue change could benefit the case against former University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing.

Seth Meyers explains why we shouldn’t focus on Donald Trump’s beef with ‘Hamilton’

We can't wait for the Trump musical, 'Scamilton.'

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Where your Thanksgiving turkey comes from really matters — here's why

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