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Unarmed black teenager fatally shot by white man who called him "another piece of trash"

The shooting, which took place in West Virginia, is being investigated as a hate crime.

Planned Parenthood has now received 50,000 donations in Mike Pence’s "honor"

Mike Pence is going to get thousands and thousands of thank you notes!

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'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Pokédex: So many new Pokémon!

6 Native American girls explain the tragic story behind Thanksgiving

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Gay bar in Denver allegedly mounts display of Mexican climbing a wall

X Bar is at the center of a border wall controversy.

13% of Muslim Americans in this CAIR exit poll voted for Donald Trump. Here's why.

You might be surprised by their reasons.

Donald Trump taps Nikki Haley as UN ambassador

Nikki Haley is the first woman Donald Trump will nominate to be in his administration.

People are criticizing Hillary Clinton's DGAF look — while Trump obsesses over his own

Think the focus on the female candidate's appearance wasn't sexist? Guess again.

Freeform's Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas premieres on Thanksgiving Day

The programming event runs until Nov. 30.

Thanksgiving 2016 TV Schedule: 9 Christmas movies and holiday specials to watch on Nov. 24

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The United States is the best place in the world to start a business, according to a recent study.

A look back at Obama’s incredible presidential turkey pardoning throughout the years

With Malia and Sasha by his side every year, President Obama has gotten pretty good at this whole pardoning thing.

Obama Turkey Pardoning Livestream 2016: How to watch the president give a bird a free pass

Watch the lame duck president give a bird another shot.

Stores closed on Thanksgiving Day 2016: 35 stores with limited hours on Nov. 24

For these stores, Thanksgiving Day isn't a time to get started on holiday shopping.

The truth behind the food at Thanksgiving, one of the most mythical meals in America

The first Thanksgiving wasn't all about turkey.

What does the 'Dancing With the Stars' season 23 winner get? More than just a trophy.

Plus the lifelong bragging rights of winning a show about dancing with other people who are, in fact, stars.

Clinton's popular vote lead is growing, increasing calls to abolish the Electoral College

Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump by more than 2 million popular votes.

Michael Flynn, Trump's national security adviser pick, spread lies about Sharia law in US

Flynn isn't the only one circulating blatant lies about Sharia law — but he is the one who will be advising Trump.

Researchers allege suspicious Election Day numbers in 3 swing states

Researchers are urging a recount over allegedly shady results in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania on Nov. 8. But be skeptical.

Here's why the stock market has kept hitting record-breaking highs — and a word of caution

One analyst thinks the Dow could hit 20,000 in the first half of 2017.

Cooking a whole turkey at once is a mistake. Here's what to do instead this Thanksgiving.

Take a tip from Andrew Zimmern for the most delicious turkey yet.

Ben Carson accepts Donald Trump's offer to serve as HUD secretary, according to report

The pediatric neurosurgeon will be responsible for overseeing the nation's public and affordable housing programs.

'Pokémon Go' Nearby feature: Update expands the tracker beyond San Francisco

'Pokémon Go' Nearby Feature: The western half of the United States can finally track Pokémon.

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A running list of Donald Trump's many conflicts of interest, and why some are actually dangerous.

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'Pokémon Sun and Moon' save glitch: What is it and how to avoid it.

Donald Trump's Thanksgiving address calls for national healing after brutal election

The president-elect says we should all just get along.

Navigating Trump's America: Trump's cabinet picks bring diversity, supporters show anger

This is day two of Navigating Trump's America, Mic's guide to an America divided and how Trump's election affects you.

Betsy DeVos, charter school advocate, is Donald Trump's pick for secretary of education

Betsy DeVos, a charter school advocate, is Donald Trump's pick for Education Secretary.

Dan Rather issues a call to action on Facebook: "These are not normal times."

"I feel the rip tide of regression once again swelling under my feet," wrote the award-winning journalist. "But I intend to remain

India's minister for women downplays country's rape problem

It's scaring away tourists, she suggested to a roomful of female journalists.

Will Elton John play at Trump's inauguration? Singer responds to rumors

Those surprising rumors don't seem to have any merit.

5 things to know about Nikki Haley, Trump's nominee for U.N. ambassador

Here's what to know about Nikki Haley, Donald Trump's nominee for U.N. ambassador.

'Love Is All You Need?' portrays homosexuality as societal norm as a dystopian nightmare

It's an interesting idea that doesn't quite work.

59% of voters have a message for Donald Trump: Delete your Twitter account

Trump will get a shot at a fresh start when he claims the @POTUS account in January — but what's the fate of @realDonaldTrump?

How the Trump administration is forcing fashion to get political — and fast

Fashion has to pick a side: For or against Trump?

Here’s what Abe, 2015’s pardoned turkey, is up to now

Catching up with TOTUS, who's now living on a farm in Virginia, and is quite sassy.

When and where to watch 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving'

If you want toast, popcorn and candy as part of your Thanksgiving tradition.

Here's why Thanksgiving is a perfect time to argue with relatives

Many people say Thanksgiving is no time for politics. This year, prove them wrong.

Right-wing TV network runs Daniel Holtzclaw billboard saying "What if he didn't do it?"

The billboard is intended to promote a CRTV special examining whether the convicted rapist is innocent.

Target Black Friday Deals 2016: 12 best sale items from Target this year

The best deals to shop for at Target on Black Friday 2016.

Thanksgiving playlist 2016: The best songs to play during your turkey dinner

Why don't we have a Thanksgiving music tradition? It's an intriguing question, until you start to think about it.

Gigi Hadid is sorry about that questionable Melania Trump impression at the AMAs

"I apologize to anyone that I offended and have only the best wishes for our country."

Donald Trump plans to cut NASA's "politicized" climate research division

According to a senior adviser, Trump intends to cut the division to further fund space exploration.

Quran and Islam-themed books defaced at library in Evanston, Illinois

Several books had anti-Muslim rhetoric written in them.

Kids in Washington state are suing the government over climate change

They might be our last line of defense against a warming planet.

Black Friday guide for ethical shoppers: These companies give back

There's a way to get deals and be a responsible consumer at the same time.

Donald Trump offers Ben Carson the position of HUD secretary

Carson, a neurosurgeon and motivational speaker, may head the Trump presidency's housing and urban development efforts.

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In a new interview, she sheds light on some of society's misconceptions about makeup.

What is the true story that inspired 'Bleed For This'?

Vinny Paz's life story is a real miracle.

Data shows race and sex bias is costly for gig economy workers at startups like TaskRabbit

The algorithms behind apps like TaskRabbit may have a racial bias.

The Best Amazon Black Friday 2016 Daily Deals: Disney, speakers, games and more

The best Amazon deals for Nov. 23, 2016.

White supremacist Thomas Mair found guilty of killing anti-Brexit lawmaker Jo Cox

Mair was reportedly sentenced to life for the fatal stabbing and shooting of Cox.

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Free Thanksgiving ecards to send this holiday season

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Apple teases secret Black Friday sale one year after dropping retail holiday

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Lessons learned making a pumpkin pie from scratch

I'm not the black sheep that I previously thought I was, nor am I Julia Child reincarnated in the body of a skinny-fat man.