Is it ethical to punch a neo-Nazi? We asked the experts.

During Donald Trump's inauguration, neo-Nazi Richard spencer got punched in the face. Is that okay?

Fidel Castro dies at 90, Cuban state television reports

Cuban state television reports that Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary, is dead.

Miami residents celebrate Fidel Castro's death as Cuba mourns

The city's Cuban expats paraded through the streets after Castro's death was announced.

Amber Heard is the star of an emotional new domestic violence PSA

"How is this happening to me?" she asks. "I'm strong, I'm smart... I'm not a victim."

The Secret Service might rent a 24/7 command post in Trump Tower

The facility would span an entire floor at $1.5 million a year in rent, and require 100 Secret Service agents and up to 300 NYPD.

'Wall Street Journal' movie critic mistakes Dev Patel with Kal Penn

Dev Patel and Kal Penn are the subject of the latest person-of-color mix-up.

12 'Gilmore Girls' gifts for every Stars Hollow fan on your holiday list

From Luke's Diner mugs to 'Gilmore Girls' makeup, there's a gift for all fans on this list.

The Hillary Clinton campaign will participate in Jill Stein's election recounts

Clinton's team will participate with an eye toward monitoring "outside interference," campaign lawyer Marc Elias wrote.

Letters sent to California mosques threaten Donald Trump will "cleanse America"

According to the 'L.A. Times', the letters also said Trump is "going to do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the jews [sic]."

Cyber Monday Scams 2016: How to avoid these holiday shopping pitfalls

Online shoppers: Beware of virtual fraud this year.