Election Polls Nov. 3, 2016: Hillary Clinton stays strong in crucial states

Hillary Clinton maintains a lead in key swing states, nationwide.

'Survivor' season 33, episode 7 recap: Bret LaBelle lies about being a police sergeant

And another woman is eliminated for being too smart. Sigh.

This 'Pokémon Sun and Moon' fan theory about Red and Blue is exploding on Tumblr

Look, just admit Red and Blue are totally gay for each other.

Melania Trump lamented the rise of bullying in a speech. Has she met her husband?

Melania Trump said bullying is on the rise in a tone-deaf speech that made it seem like she doesn't know her own husband.

'Pokémon Go' nest location changes and updates: The sixth nest migration has arrived

Having trouble catching the Pokémon you're looking for in 'Pokémon Go'? The newest nest location update might give you a hand up.

Elijah Ocean and the lonesome cowboys of Los Angeles

Long-haired dreamers usher in a new era of L.A. country music.

'Pokémon Go' tips and cheats: How to change teams and change your name

You can change your name only once in Pokémon Go, and it's not easy to change your team.

'Empathy' for Donald Trump voters isn't just misguided, it's wrong

Donald Trump coasted to the Republican nomination on a wave of bigotry, not economic anxiety.

'Atlanta' soundtrack: Here's every song from the show, broken down by episode

What would a show called 'Atlanta' be without a fire soundtrack?

Michelle Shirley, black woman killed by police in California, was open about bipolarism

A video profile from years before Shirley's death detailed her mental health issues.

What will Bill Clinton's first gentleman style look like in the White House?

To see what could be in store, we looked through Bill Clinton's style past.

Cage free, pasture raised, vegetarian: What are the most humane kind of eggs to buy?

If "cage-free" is meaningless, what should consumers look for?

The CMAs may have scrubbed all evidence of Beyoncé's performance after racist backlash

Are the CMAs trying to bury the fact they had a black pop artist onstage?

Appalling new PETA ad compares rape victims to animals

PETA wanted to make a point about animal rights — but exploited women to make it.

How to send drawings on the iPhone Messages app

Get the most out of iOS 10.

Netflix November 2016 releases: 4 new Netflix Originals to binge this month

If we survive the Trumpocalypse, these Netflix Originals are worth checking out!

A new 'Wonder Woman' trailer is here to save DC Comics movies from bad reviews

Please, Warner Bros., don't screw this up.

Do Lactaid pills really work? The truth about having milk when you're lactose intolerant.

There's some good news and some not-so-good news ...

New Hampshire, Ohio and Florida Polls: Where the candidates stand in key states

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are neck-in-neck in these battleground states.

Police pepper spray, shoot Dakota Access Pipeline protesters with rubber bullets

Police fired rubber bullets and unleashed pepper spray.

Beyoncé deserved to be on the 2016 CMAs stage as much as anybody

Like pretty much all American genres, country has black roots — and they run deep.

Is 'Breaking Bad' a prequel to 'The Walking Dead'? Netflix has a theory that it is

Netflix also called 'The Walking Dead' an "all-time great show," which is more ridiculous than this theory.

"Dear Child" is a heartbreaking video that shows black parents giving "the talk"

This is a reality of being black in the United States.

San Francisco BART janitor made $270,000 last year by working superhuman overtime hours

This BART janitor made big bucks, but he worked for it.

Clinton, Trump Polls: Here's what the latest presidential polls reveal

Five days to the election!

7 places in Peru you need to visit (that aren't Machu Picchu)

Expand your experience of authentic Peru.

NES Classic Edition review: May the Nintendo Entertainment System ever reign

Celebrate the original console that changed everything.

Mila Kunis pens op-ed on gender bias and wage gap in Hollywood: "I'm done compromising"

"Even more so, I'm done with being compromised."

Why is Election Day always on a Tuesday?

Why don't we vote on a weekend?

Megyn Kelly's new book alleges former Fox News head Roger Ailes serially harassed her

The anchor added a portion to her memoir alleging Ailes offered to advance her career "in exchange for sexual favors."

Boynton Beach, Florida, mosque was defaced with racist and Islamophobic graffiti

2016 is on track to be one of the worst years for anti-mosque incidents.

These billion-dollar companies still have zero women on their boards

Airbnb, Slack, Palantir, Evernote and 18 others lack diversity where it counts most.

The 5 most important House races to watch in election 2016

These bellwether House seats will show whether Democrats could see a wave in the House come Election Day.

Hillary Clinton Polls: What the latest figures say about the Democrat's chances on Nov. 8

Clinton's lead has narrowed but she's still forecasted to win the election.

Here's the trick Airbnb and other companies use to beat racial discrimination lawsuits

Companies are using terms of service agreements to avoid getting sued.

Lin-Manuel Miranda unveils 'Hamilton Mixtape' track list, featuring Nas, Sia, Alicia Keys

Prepare for the revolution when the tape drops on Dec. 2.

Bronx man holding glass bottle dies after being Tasered by NYPD

The incident marks the second time in recent weeks that NYC police have killed someone reported as emotionally disturbed.

School administrators dress as Trump and Clinton in a prison uniform for Halloween

This school principal dressed at Trump and a secretary dressed as Clinton — in an orange jumpsuit.

Chicago Cubs World Series victory parade: Route, start time and more

It's the revelry the Windy City has waited over a century for.

British 'Vogue' asks: "Is cleavage over?" Women, resoundingly: "No."

Here's a quick reminder that women's bodies aren't trends.

This young woman with cystic hygroma is shutting down her bullies once and for all

"We're just like you, it doesn't matter if we look different or if we sound different."

Dillard students face pepper spray, arrest at protest against David Duke

"KKK talk s***, but they don't want start s***!!! Us niggas gone FIGHT BACK!" one sign read.

'Falsettos,' a new Broadway revival, helped me cope with my dad's death

Art isn't just a distraction from coping — it's a mechanism for it.

Donald Trump polls: What the latest figures say about the Republican's chances on Nov. 8

Trump's odds of winning aren't great — but he still has possible paths to victory.

Voting by text for Hillary meme real or fake? How trolls are attempting to sabotage voters

You absolutely cannot vote via text or online.

'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare' has a "YOLO mode" that's goofy but ridiculously difficult

In the new YOLO mode in 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,' you only live once — get it?

The audacity of risk: Will Clinton’s gambit to win Arizona prove folly on Election Day?

Clinton makes a play for the traditionally GOP state — even as her firewall in key states looks less secure.

Amid Philadelphia's mass transit strike, concerns over the city's ability to vote arise

Philadelphia holds the key to winning the battleground state of Pennsylvania. But what if the city's citizens can't vote?

Anthem CEO says the health insurer may drop out of Obamacare exchanges in 2018

Big insurers are dropping from the Obamacare exchanges like flies.

Madame Gandhi on her 'Voices' EP and using music to realize a future that's female

"I want to live in a world that's collaborative, a world that is emotionally intelligent, a world in which we are linked"

The 'Special Relationship' podcast: Is Election 2016 really so strange?

Is this really the screwiest presidential election of all time, or does it just feel that way?