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'Pokémon Go' Thanksgiving event: What's the release date, and what should we expect?

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An official on Donald Trump's campaign used a sexist metaphor to describe Hispanic turnout in Florida.

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Twitter is still filled with illegal vote manipulation — and it seems to be powerless to stop it.

Here’s what happens if there’s a tie in the electoral college on Election Day 2016

In the event of a tie, the 12th amendment kicks in.

Terrible new attack ad suggests that trans rights will lead to little girls being raped

This ad isn't just transphobic — it's flat out wrong.

Milo Yiannopoulos says he'll dress as Emma Sulkowicz for Columbia University appearance

The alt-right poster boy plans to carry a mattress and bully a rape victim.

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Sikh scholar Simran Jeet Singh speaks out against Islamophobic remarks at NYC marathon

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Janet Reno, first woman U.S. attorney general, dies at 78

Janet Reno died at her home in Florida after a two-decade-long battle with Parkinson's disease.

Forget 'Game of Thrones.' 'Vanderpump Rules' is the best drama on TV.

Seriously, 'Vanderpump Rules' is unparalleled.

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Federal prosecutors are required to prove that Dylann Roof was motivated by hate when he gunned down black worshippers in 2015.

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What's in a mazel tov cocktail anyway?

'The Walking Dead' season 7, episode 4 plot details and promo video

Fingers crossed we don't have to listen to "Easy Street" again.

Elon Musk: There's a "pretty good chance" we're going to have universal basic income

"I am not sure what else one would do," Elon Musk said. "I think that is what would happen."

John Oliver blames himself for Trump’s candidacy, urges people to go out and vote

John Oliver jokingly supported Trump’s candidacy and thought the Cubs would never win, so clearly he’s an idiot.

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Here's how to watch the results live on election night.

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It seems the men's soccer team's "scouting reports" are part of a larger trend in Harvard athletics.

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Attacks of this nature could become more common in the future.

Esperanza Spalding gets real on the environment

"You have to take care of your body if you want to live well. It's the same with our planet."