Prince Harry is dating a black woman and perfectly calling out racist attacks against her

In an unprecedented statement, the prince says several news organizations have gone too far in their coverage.

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Michigan Election 2016 Results Live: Latest exit polls and voting projections

This post will be updated as results file in.

Before you put an "I Voted" sticker on Susan B. Anthony's grave, remember she was a racist

Susan B. Anthony worked tirelessly for women's voting rights — at the expense of racial equality.

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A New York welcome for the GOP nominee.

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Why isn't 'This Is Us' on tonight? Election coverage bumps episode 7.

'This Is Us'? Not this week, it isn't.

What time will the Florida election results be called? When to expect the big verdict.

When can we expect poll results for the Sunshine State?

Transgender woman Noony Norwood shot to death in Virginia

Norwood was shot just a few days after her 30th birthday.

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'Pokémon Sun and Moon' spoilers reveal even more stats for the new starters.

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A month ago, Clinton led Trump by 10 percentage points in Pennsylvania.

Virginia Election Results Live: Hillary Clinton wins Virginia

The battle intensifies with Clinton nabbing 13 electoral votes from the Old Dominion State.

The internet is convinced this is a photo of Donald Trump peeking at Melania’s ballot

Why is Donald Trump looking at Melania's ballot, hm?

At surprise concert, Madonna called herself a "minority," and everyone laughed in her face

Madonna is just a marginalized girl in a material world.

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Martha and Snoop's 'Potluck Dinner Party' is a little bit racist

'Potluck Dinner Party' relies on outdated comedy and just seems to be missing something.

Jon Stewart joins ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ for one final voting plea

The bit involves Stewart, a street urchin who doesn't want to vote and a 'Hamilton' star. It's nuts.

'Pokémon Go' Update: Spawn nest rates get a boost until Nov. 11

Developer Niantic released a new update for 'Pokémon Go' on Monday.

Vermont Governor Election Results 2016: Republican Phil Scott clinches win

Phil Scott has taken the governor's race in Vermont.

On #ObamaDay, the internet is reminiscing on all the best moments of the Obama years

Although we've come ... to the end of the rooooadddd.

A look back at Hillary Clinton's triumphant year in fashion

In the past year, her style has become increasingly bold and modern.

Ohio election results live: Donald Trump sweeps state in presidential race

Republican Donald Trump took Ohio.

Utah Election Results: Donald Trump beats out McMullin, Clinton

Donald Trump took on — and beat — two candidates at once.

Chance the Rapper leads thousands to the polls in downtown Chicago for early voting

Chance the Rapper doesn't just sing to the people; he leads them.

'Overwatch' Sombra ARG: Gameplay emote directly references one of the wildest fan theories

In one of Sombra's emotes, she literally laughs at one of the 'Overwatch' community's most wild theories about her.

The powerful reason why women are wearing white as they vote for Hillary Clinton

Here's why women across the country are making sure to #WearWhiteToVote.

Arizona students are staging a walkout in protest of Joe Arpaio and Donald Trump

Arizona high schoolers walked out of class on Tuesday to campaign against Arpaio and Trump.

75% of voting machines in Washington County, Utah, are broken

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer Cox reassured voters officials were taking care of the problem.

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Hillary Clinton added 12 electoral votes with the victory.

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Where and when Hillary Clinton will celebrate the end of her historic campaign.

2 women were arrested for protesting topless at Donald Trump's polling site

The two women may have been associated with women's organization, Femen.

Texas Election Results Live: Donald Trump tops Hillary Clinton in the Lone Star State

Donald Trump may not be deep in the heart of Texans, but he's won the state.

PS4 Pro vs. PS4: Review roundup, specs, price and everything else to consider

The PlayStation 4 Pro will be out Nov. 10 — but should you buy it? Let's discuss!

Kendrick Lamar: Best guest verses from rap's most sought-after feature

Need to liven up a deadbeat track? Call King Kendrick.

Donald Trump campaign files lawsuit against Nevada early voting, gets shut down by judge

Trump's campaign is already crying foul about voting in Nevada, thanks to record Hispanic turnout.

Missouri Governor's Race Results 2016 Live: Navy SEAL takes on state attorney general

Democrat Chris Koster has been elected governor of Missouri, early election results show.

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Here's how to track election returns live.

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The Granite State tightened in the last days of the race.

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People are voting in honor of the strong women who've come before them.

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Projections for who will win — before Election Day is over

An Orthodox Jewish immigrant voted in honor of fallen Muslim U.S. Capt. Humayun Khan

Yosef Rapaport is standing up for religious liberty in the best way.

You should turn off your read receipts for good. Here's how.

Turn off this scourge of modern communication.

Smith & Wesson, the largest gunmaker in the US, plans to change its 164-year-old name

Smith & Wesson may ditch its 164-year-old name.

Senate Election Night Live Results: Here are the winners and losers across the US

Get live results as Republicans and Democrats fight for Congressional control in 34 Senate races.

In Pennsylvania, election observers are guarding against voter suppression tactics

Voter ID, voter roll purges and voter intimidation are a concern in several states on Election Day.

Ohio Senate Election Results 2016: Republican Rob Portman is re-elected

Republican Sen. Rob Portman has led in the polls for most of the campaign.

3 signs Donald Trump is a threat to democracy

Donald Trump's misrepresentations of fact, disrespect for rules and choice of role models speaks volumes.

Colorado experienced a voting outage in some parts of the state

Voting in Colorado got a little difficult today.

North Carolina election results live: Donald Trump wins the key state

The Tar Heel State was fiercely contested.

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What to expect from Donald Trump's final election night event.

The Obamas pass the torch back to the Clintons at electric Election Eve rally

The campaign comes to a close in Philadelphia, where the country's story began.

Voters at a Brooklyn polling site were delayed because they were issued the wrong ballots

When P.S. 91 opened its doors to voters at 6 a.m. on Election Day, volunteers told voters, "We have a problem."

Google's pistol emoji will not be getting a makeover any time soon

Google doesn't want anything to get lost in translation.

Samsung doesn't know why Galaxy Note 7 exploded but the S8 is still on the horizon

Samsung turns to print to apologize for discontinuing the Galaxy Note 7.

Is a new Childish Gambino album coming in December? Release date reportedly leaks

So we know about new Childish Gambino music... because the internet? Wow.