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Trump’s newest pick is a defender of puppy mills — "An industry of torture"

He has an almost cartoonishly-villainous history protecting puppy mills from regulation that would make them more humane.

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Secret neo-Nazi documents disguised as fake book reportedly found at Columbia University

Is there a secret neo-Nazi club at Columbia? Or are these hidden documents just part of an elaborate troll?

'Celebrity Apprentice' 2017: Cast, spoilers, preview and Trump controversy explained

Why Donald Trump's involvement with 'Celebrity Apprentice' is a conflict of interest.

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Watch video of Rick Perry forgetting the name of the agency Trump just picked him to lead

The former Texas governor will lead the agency he wanted to dismantle in 2011.

'Overwatch' Update 2.01 Patch Notes: Winter Wonderland, Symmetra rework and more

The Winter Wonderland event is the biggest update, but today's patch ushered in some other important changes.

People are sending heartbreaking goodbye messages as Assad-backed forces seize Aleppo

Pro-government forces have taken 99% of Aleppo as of Tuesday morning.

Here's why gossiping about Kim Kardashian West's affair with Marquette King is wrong

Everybody needs to leave Kim and Kanye alone.

'Fences' review: Viola Davis gives the single greatest performance of 2016

There is no greater monologist working in film today than Viola Davis.

Rick Perry, who forgot Department of Energy's name, is Trump pick for energy secretary

Perry is the latest in a line of Trump appointees skeptical of the agencies the president-elect has picked them to run.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich signs 20-week abortion ban into law; vetoes "heartbeat bill"

Abortion is now illegal in Ohio after 20 weeks.

18 things you can do right now to protect LGBTQ rights under Donald Trump

The nation's leading activists weigh in.

Syrian White Helmets report atrocities, massacres in Aleppo as Assad forces take control

"Bombing + shelling relentless," the White Helmets tweeted. "Casualties unimaginable. Bodies lie where they fell."

'Overwatch' Winter Wonderland Update Released: Christmas event with new skins goes live

'Overwatch' Christmas event: For once, Mei is appropriately dressed.

2016 was the year of coddling white people

Black anxiety was rewarded with smear campaigns and Blue Lives Matter bills. White anxiety was rewarded with the White House.

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On Dec. 16, Netflix will be releasing all episodes of its new mystery-drama series, 'The OA.' What do we know?

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This is Mic's daily read on Donald Trump's America — and how it affects you. Rex Tillerson, Rick Perry and more today.

Rex Tillerson and Russia: 3 things to know about his perceived conflicts of interest

Rex Tillerson stands to earn millions if the U.S. lifts sanctions against Russia for its intervention in Ukraine.

When will 'This Is Us' return? Find out when to catch the Big Three in 2017

Find out where 'This Is Us' left off and when it returns in January.

Aleppo ceasefire agreement has been reached, according to Syrian rebels

Syrian rebels announced a ceasefire agreement in embattled Aleppo on Tuesday.

Donald Trump defies promise to resolve conflicts of interest before electors vote

Trump will no longer be holding a promised press conference on Dec. 15 on his plan to address potential conflicts of interest.

Barack Obama opens up to Trevor Noah on Russia’s campaign hacks for Donald Trump

Obama straight up ignored a risotto joke about Hillary Clinton's emails.

Google's acceptance of Nazi search results is normalizing hate

Google "is the Holocaust real" — you might be shocked by the results.

When will the 'Rogue One' review embargo be lifted?

Looking for 'Rogue One' reviews? Here is when the review embargo will be lifted for the first 'Star Wars' anthology film.

Rebecca Traister nails why Hillary Clinton lost white women voters to Donald Trump

The 'All the Single Ladies' author gives her election 2016 debrief.

'Yooka-Laylee' release date and price announced for PS4, Nintendo Switch launch confirmed

Yooka-Laylee release date revealed: April can't come soon enough.

Google "Did the Holocaust happen" and a neo-Nazi website is the first result

This shouldn't happen, but Google doesn't plan on stopping it.

Rex Tillerson is Donald Trump's pick for secretary of state

Rex Tillerson's ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin could thwart his confirmation.

Netflix tweeted an autoplaying video of a staged suicide and people are furious

A tweet promoting the Netflix Original series 'The OA' outraged many of its 2.5 million followers.

Tiffany Pollard's time on 'Celebrity Big Brother' gave us the most iconic TV scene in 2016

Tiffany Pollard's misunderstanding served as a warning of what was to come this year.

Donald Trump will move US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, says Kellyanne Conway

The move would enrage Palestinians and their Arab allies, and potentially reignite the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

'Destiny' The Dawning Update 2.5.0 Patch Notes: Sparrow Racing League returns and more

'Destiny' The Dawning update: Strap on your racing outfits, and get ready for some holiday fun.

Amherst suspends men's cross-country team over misogynist, racist, homophobic emails

Amherst President Biddy Martin called the emails "appalling," "vulgar" and "hateful and cruel."

16 reasons 2016 was music's greatest year in recent memory

Without music, we may not have made it through 2016.

Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017: Release date, games and price reveal coming next month?

The Nintendo Switch presentation will finally reveal all the details we've been waiting for.

UK university advises female graduates against dressing like Kim Kardashian West

"Think Grace Kelly, not Kim Kardashian."

The ultimate vegan gift guide for your animal-loving, food-obsessed friends

A fruit keg-tapping kit, vegan wine and other cruelty-free gifts for your cruelty-free friend.

25 years after fall of USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev issues warning about US "provoking" Russia

In two interviews, the former Soviet leader calls for cooperation between the U.S. and Russia.

Why was 'Marco Polo' canceled? Netflix budget may have played a role

Netflix axed 'Marco Polo' after just two seasons.

'ANTM' Cycle 23, Episode 1 Recap: Who can get into a VIP party?

Meet the new 'ANTM': No more Tyra Banks, and a focus on branding and entrepreneurship.

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Help your friends save money on salon treatments with these high-tech gifts.

Rick Perry and the Dakota Access Pipeline: What you need to know

The new energy secretary has ties to Energy Transfer Partners

Kanye West reveals why he met with Donald Trump in reserved Twitter rant

Kanye West tweets about why he met with Donald Trump.

2017 Golden Globes nominations: Meet 20 nominees of color who deserve a "yaaass!"

Nearly a quarter of the nods for acting and directing are for people of color.

LeBron James wore a safety pin on the cover of 'Sports Illustrated'

LeBron wore a pointed accessory on the magazine's cover.

Kimberlé Crenshaw reveals what Donald Trump and Clarence Thomas have in common

America didn't listen to Anita Hill. Now we're paying the price.

Christmas cookie recipes 2016: Sugar, peppermint and other treats for the best holiday yet

Make Christmas the sweetest holiday of the year.

Model Barbie Ferreira is calling out the plus-size industry's lack of inclusivity

"This industry is not cute, never has been."

4 things 'The Walking Dead’ season 7 needs to do to get the show back on track

No 1: We want to listen to "Easy Street" at least five times per episode.

8 million Cuisinart food processors recalled after reports of blades breaking off

The recall includes 22 different styles of the appliance sold between 1996 and 2015.

SEC's ongoing Exxon Mobil probe a thorn for CEO and secretary of state pick Rex Tillerson

Donald Trump's secretary of state pick, Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson, has more to worry about than Russia.

Santa and Mrs. Claus are using LinkedIn to find work

The key question: How much does that Santa Claus job pay?

Drug use is falling among teens, new study says

Teen use of heroin, cocaine, meth and other illegal substances is at an all-time low.

Venezuela's soaring prices now officially count as hyperinflation: Here's what that means

Venezuela is the only nation in the world currently experiencing hyperinflation.

Russian election hacks: Latest updates on CIA investigation

Here's what we know about the CIA's claims about Russian influence on the 2016 election.

The internet re-writes Kanye West's catalog following his meeting with Donald Trump

Welcome to Kanye West's 'Beautiful White Nationalist Fantasy.'