The important things you missed while Kanye West and Donald Trump dominated the news

This is Mic's daily read on Donald Trump's America — and how it affects you. Why you need to pay attention and more today.

Marijuana Stocks: How to invest in weed — and pros and cons of putting your green in green

Want to invest in marijuana stocks? Here's what you need to know.

Why do Jews eat Chinese food on Christmas? How the tradition has evolved over 100 years.

The eleventh commandment: Eat Chinese food on December 25.

'GTA Online' Update: Import/Export DLC brings new vehicles at high prices

'GTA Online' update lets you become the best car thief in the state of San Andreas.

Future Energy Secretary Rick Perry got a D in a college class called "Meats"

Rick Perry didn't have the best grades as an undergrad veterinary student at Texas A&M.

Michigan firefighter fired for calling black woman "nigger," saying go "back to the field"

Ryan Hudson was fired from the Belding Fire Department after Facebook tirade.

Fox's 'Star' TV Show Premiere: 6 things to know about the new drama

'Star' premieres at 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Alan Thicke cause of death: 'Growing Pains' actor dead at 69 from heart attack

Thicke starred in 80s sitcom 'Growing Pains' as well as recent Netflix reboot series 'Fuller House.'

Kid Cudi New Album 2016: Release date, cover, known track list and what to expect

Kid Cudi's new album, 'Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin,' is out Friday.

New iOS 10.2 Jailbreak: You probably shouldn't try it

It's not worth the risk.

How are millennials coping with a Trump presidency? They're running for public office.

Will more millennials take the plunge into electoral politics post-Trump?

Women's March on Washington: Everything you need to know about the date, times and more

How to attend and show your support for the Jan. 21 event.

‘Overwatch’ Christmas Emotes, Sprays and Skins: 11 secrets in the Winter Wonderland update

'Overwatch' Christmas skins: Apparently, Yeti Winston sometimes quotes 'Monsters, Inc.'

Obama just took an important stand for reproductive rights

But before you break out the victory dance, read this.

Donald Trump Electoral College: Harvard professor says 20 electors may switch their vote

Larry Lessig has been providing pro bono legal advice to electors who are considering flipping their votes.

Here’s all the Marvel movies and TV shows coming in 2017

Marvel fans rejoice: 2017 is another busy year.

'Collateral Beauty' is the worst movie of the year — and you have to see it

'Collateral Beauty' is a train wreck that must be seen to be believed.

New 'Pokémon Go' Characters: One more Gen 2 baby Pokémon might still get added

'Pokémon Go' update leaves one Gen 2 baby Pokémon behind.

These are the next 10 states where weed could become legal

The sign of the (high) times.

What's next for 'Star Wars' after 'Rogue One' hits theaters?

'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' hits theaters on Dec. 16, but there is more 'Star Wars' to follow.

Tech workers vow not to build Muslim registry, but so far two companies have joined them

"Today we stand together to say: not on our watch, and never again."

Inauguration Day 2017: Jackie Evancho to sing national anthem

Jackie Evancho will sing the National Anthem at President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017.

Lady Gaga's "Million Reasons" video is a religious experience — really though

Gaga's second "Joanne"-era video is finally here.

Who is Jackie Evancho? The singer announced for Donald Trump's inauguration

From 'America's Got Talent' runner-up to Trump's shining inauguration angel.

'Stardew Valley' PS4 and Xbox One Review Roundup: Critics weigh in on the console versions

Here's what critics from 'Destructoid,' 'IGN' and 'Kotaku' have to say about the Xbox One and PS4 versions of 'Stardew Valley.'

Millennial Guide to Interest Rates: How the Fed affects credit, student loans and more

Interest rates are going up. Here's what you need to do.

100% of profits from this new line will help women get to the Women's March on Washington

The Outrage wants to make sure that as many women get to Washington on Jan. 21 as possible.

'Overwatch' Zenyatta Christmas Skin: Nutcracker costume update catches fans by surprise

The 'Overwatch' fandom usually knows what to expect from new updates, but Zenyatta's Nutcracker skin came out of nowhere.

Who wins 'Survivor' 2016? Final 3 Season 33 cast members ranked before finale

What time is the 'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X' finale tonight, and who wins?

New study: Voting barriers "suppressed" nonwhite and young voters in the 2016 election

New voting restrictions and technological obstacles created barriers to voting.

Trevor Noah blasts Kanye West’s meeting with Trump, along with its media coverage

"It really makes you wonder how America ended up selecting a celebrity president when the media is so focused on the issues."

Horror Movies 2017: Watch trailers for 10 new scary movies releases

The most anticipated horror movies that will be released in 2017.

Faithless electors won’t be able to stop Donald Trump anyway

Even if faithless electors reject Donald Trump — a big if — he'll probably still end up in the White House.

Russia just prevented the UN from thanking Ban Ki-moon for his work on LGBTQ rights

Russia wants to Ban the recognition of LGBTQ rights.

8 of the biggest Broadway shows playing in 2017 that look too good to miss

A preview of the must-see Broadway shows of 2017.

Congress wants to defund Planned Parenthood ASAP. In Trump's America, that's very scary.

Defunding Planned Parenthood will hurt poor people and people of color the most.

4 TV show theme songs you didn't realize were written by Alan Thicke

Alan Thicke, 69, had an extensive TV career and crafted iconic theme songs, including 'Facts of Life' and 'Diff'rent Strokes'.

AMC Christmas Movies 2016 schedule: Holiday lineup for The Nights Before Christmas

Have a very merry Christmas with AMC's holiday movie lineup.

'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Cheats, Tips and Tricks: How to max out money and happiness

Check out these 'Pokémon Sun and Moon' cheats that don't require hacking the game.

Aleppo Ceasefire: Evacuations delayed as rebels say regime forces launch new attack

The ceasefire, intended to shuttle rebels and civilians away from rebel-held areas, ended early Wednesday.

2016 magazine covers were more diverse than ever, according to new report

Racial diversity is way up, but size diversity remains stagnant.

President Barack Obama marks Sandy Hook anniversary in heartfelt Facebook post

President Barack Obama said he will never forget the 26 lives lost in the Sandy Hook massacre.

Samantha Bee was the best entertainer of 2016, not Ryan Reynolds

Sorry, 'Entertainment Weekly,' but there's a far better winner here.

The Energy Department is standing up to Trump's request for names of climate workers

Spokesman Eben Burnham-Snyder says the agency is "unsettled" and "will not be providing any individual names" to Trump.

The President of the Philippines just bragged about "personally" killing people

"I was really looking for an encounter so I could kill."

Last Minute Gifts: The procrastinator's guide to not looking like one

These gift shopping hacks will save you time and money this holiday season.

Mike Flynn "inappropriately shared" classified info, exposing himself as major hypocrite

Mike Flynn, who said Hillary Clinton should be jailed for her email server, shared U.S. secrets without permission, records show.

NASA scientist: Earth is in no way prepared for an asteroid collision

Earth wouldn't be prepared for an asteroid strike — but don't worry just yet.

New Jersey State Trooper pulled over women to get their numbers

Marquice Prather was allegedly targeting young women he deemed dateable.

Bruno Mars' Carpool Karaoke with James Corden is as perfect and precious as he is

Bruno Mars hops in the car with James Corden and the two sings all of hits.

Donald Trump's new Cabinet members could save millions of dollars from this tax benefit

A big capital gains tax deferral is one perk new Cabinet picks will enjoy.

A child in Yemen dies of malnutrition every 10 minutes, according to UNICEF

New report says nearly 2.2 million children in the country are in need of immediate care.

Who are the Gotham City Sirens? Theories for the 'Suicide Squad' spin-off movie

Who could join Harley Quinn in the recently announced 'Gotham City Sirens' DC film?

'Dunkirk' trailer: Breakdown of Christopher Nolan's WWII epic

The first official trailer for Christopher Nolan's WWII film 'Dunkirk' just dropped and it looks great.

'Overwatch' Christmas Update: Mei's Snowball Offensive brawl tips, tricks and guide

'Overwatch' Christmas event: Not doing so a-Mei-zing in Mei's Snowball Offensive? We're here to help.

The 2017 SAG Awards nominations continue the award show's anti-#OscarsSoWhite trend

Also, shoutout to Millie Bobby Brown for her 'Stranger Things' nomination!

Google's Year in Search video is further confirmation that 2016 was bleak AF

Google invites you to have a good, cathartic cry with its 2016 Year in Search.

2016 marks the most devastating year for Arctic melt, NASA scientists say

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's report shows "unprecedented warming" in the Arctic in 2016.

Top Albums 2016: From Beyoncé to Kaytranada, music that inspired, healed and destroyed us

Music that cut through the noise during this trash fire of a year.

'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' season 7, episode 2 recap: Lisa vs. Lisa saga continues

Vanderpump vs. Rinna may have finally come to an end — for now.

Survivor's testimony, 911 call cap Dylann Roof trial as feds and defense rest their cases

The jury could begin deliberating Dylann Roof's guilt or innocence on Thursday.

Mourning 'Rectify': TV's best drama nobody watched

'Rectify' comes to a close on the Sundance Channel on Wednesday, Dec. 14.

Most Americans — even Republicans — think the US should invest in renewable energy

Most Americans want more renewable energy and restrictions on carbon emissions.

The EPA reverses course, admits fracking might pollute groundwater

Agency scientists have determined the notion that fracking doesn't pollute groundwater can "not be quantitatively supported."

No, having an abortion isn't linked to anxiety and depression

Women denied access to abortion are much more likely to experience anxiety and depression than women who undergo the procedure.

48 states have clear laws against groping, while 2 states barely have any at all

There still a ways to go on sexual harassment laws.

The 'Full House' theme song: Artist, lyrics and more

Carly Rae Jepsen covers the 'Full House' theme song.

Manhattan Fire: FDNY reports 2-alarm blaze at NYU Medical Center

FDNY reports a fire at an NYU Medical Center building.

New Instagram update: Saved Posts lets you collect people's butts in a secret folder

Here's how the latest update from Instagram works. It's kiiiiinda creepy.

NYPD reportedly has a three strikes policy for arresting gropers

According to 'DNAinfo', this is because intent is otherwise hard to prove.

10 charitable gifts that give back this holiday season

Pay it forward with these charitable holiday gifts.

Self-driving Ubers now available in San Francisco — here's how they work

The move comes three months after the company's first experiment in Pittsburgh.

What will happen in 'RHOBH' season 7, episode 3? Here's a sneak peek.

Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards don't get dating apps.