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'Survivor' season 34 premiere date, theme, location and cast announced for 2017

'Survivor: Game Changers' will begin March 8, 2017.

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Free Shipping Day 2016: Participating retailers, hours and more

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Sweden is so damn good at recycling, it ran out of trash

Sweden is turning trash into energy, though not everyone agrees that's recycling.

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Everything you need to know about the recent Gen 2 'Pokémon Go' including the new Pokémon, egg charts and hacks.

'GTA 5' cheats and codes for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

Free guns, ammo and vehicles are just a phone call away in 'GTA 5' with these cheat codes.

20 women in Aleppo committed suicide to avoid rape. Here's one of their suicide notes.

"I am one of the woman in Aleppo who will soon be raped in just moments," her letter begins.

I fell for a right-wing hoax. Then I called the guy who pranked me.

In the current media environment, journalists must be even more vigilant in upholding the truth.

Trump inauguration 2017: Latest news, rumors, performers and more

As the 2017 inauguration looms closer, jokes, bullying and critics become more prominent.

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There are spoilers galore here, we'll warn you a lot!

Here are all the DC Comics movies and TV shows coming in 2017

DC Comics already has a huge presence in film and television, but they are only just getting started. Here's what's coming in 2017

'Pokémon Go' Update Rumors: Players report Pokémon spawning in rural and suburban areas

'Pokémon Go' update? Players who previously could not play outside major cities may have something to be excited about.

Hillary Clinton has a secret plan to kill 32,000 seniors — if you believe this viral hoax

This "Clinton Cartel" is needlessly killing elderly Americans — all so that Big Pharma CEOs can reap billions in sales.

Terry Crews 'Overwatch:' Doomfist rumors sparked by Blizzard visit and photo

The 'Overwatch' fandom is trying so hard to will a Terry Crews-voiced Doomfist into existence.

What is dabbing weed? The latest trend in marijuana, explained

Dedicated stoners may enjoy the effects of dabbing.

Kid Cudi 'Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' review: The artist sounds revolutionary again

Kid Cudi's return to form shows how he paved the way for the Kanyes of the world.

Employers nationwide gave raises to avoid paying overtime. Now they're taking them back.

A federal judge blocked the Obama administration’s new labor rule — and workers are losing their raises.

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Here's what to do if 'Super Mario Run' is crashing or not working.

Here are the 9 best iPhone apps of 2016

These apps changed the game in 2016.

Kid Cudi 'Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' is here: Download, streaming options for new album

King Cudi's new album 'Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' has finally dropped. Kid Cudi's new album has finally arrived

What will Obama discuss at 2:15 p.m. press conference? Here's what to expect.

At 2:15, Obama will speak to the press for perhaps the last time in 2016.

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The best jobs for the future? 12 industries where hiring is growing

These 12 U.S. industries will see hiring grow fastest through 2024.

3 ways the Electoral College vote on Dec. 19 could pan out, from most to least likely

Monday's Electoral College vote will be the obscure body's most closely watched in decades.

The reason why 'Big Bang Theory' will not feature Bernadette and Howard's baby

Bernadette and Howard's newborn means a couple special things for the show.

Margaret Cho felt like a "house Asian" when Tilda Swinton called her about 'Dr. Strange'

Margaret Cho dishes on a phone call Tilda Swinton didn't want people to know about.

CNN commentator Angela Rye shares "humiliating" TSA experience on Twitter

"There's a balance between security and civil liberties and we can't forget that."

On Russian election hack accusation, Trump tweet suggests ends justify means

Donald Trump is still denying that the cyberattacks against Democrats in the 2016 election were problematic.

Here are the holiday shipping deadlines for 22 major online retailers

Here is our list of the shipping deadlines for 22 major online retailers.

Netflix's 'The OA' Reviews: Does the series live up to the 'Stranger Things' hype?

Netflix's 'The OA' was being positioned as a 'Stranger Things' like mystery; is it up to the task?

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The first 'Star Wars' anthology film, 'Rogue One', finally hit theaters, what do fans think?

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A year later, Flint's water is still undrinkable

The Flint water crisis continues.

Kid Cudi's 'Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' Best Lyrics: The 8 boldest lines from the album

Kid Cudi has saved more lives in hip-hop than just about anyone else by doing one thing — being terrifyingly, disturbingly honest.

'Paris Is Burning' is now officially on National Film Registry where it belongs

'Paris Is Burning' is still relevant.

Kid Cudi 'Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' Track List: Top 5 songs from the new album

5 standout tracks from Kid Cudi's 'Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin''

Christmas-themed party ideas 2016: Get into the holiday spirit with these 13 festive ideas

A reindeer-shaped piñata = you won the holidays.

Donald Trump thanks black voters who didn't turn out on Election Day

In front of a largely white crowd, Trump applauded "smart" black voters for staying home.

#BlackTwitterVerificationQuestions is Black Twitter's response to alt-right trolling

"Beans, _______, Potatoes, Tomatoes"?

61 Christmas movies to watch for free on TV Saturday, Dec. 17 and Sunday, Dec. 18

Why go outside when you have a couch.

20 of the best movie soundtrack songs of all time

Because soundtracks are just as important as the visuals.

Here's why you should leave work and go on vacation — right now

In a new survey, more than half of workers say their focus switches or "clicks" off on Dec. 16.

Texas abortion providers get temporary reprieve from fetal burial rule

A federal district court judge temporarily blocked the anti-abortion measure from taking effect.

Everything you need to know about jackfruit, one of Pinterest's trendiest foods of 2016

This vegetarian alternative is great for nachos, pulled "pork" and so much more.

Clinton supporters now ask themselves a tough question: What to do with all that merch?

"It's like band merch. Your band may break up, but you don't throw away the T-shirt."

'Super Mario Run' Android release date: Download this hilarious knockoff while you wait

Play this knockoff until 'Super Mario Run' comes out on Android.

The 7 best iOS puzzle games you can play without Wi-Fi or data

These will pass the time in the subway.

'Patriots Day' review: A touching tearjerker verging on propaganda

'Patriots Day' has its likable Boston heroes, but feels too soon — and even a little manipulative.

Here’s how the Electoral College, the process that selects the next US president, works.

The founding fathers established the Electoral College in the Constitution.

13 gifts every coffee lover wants and needs

Skip or supplement the Starbucks gift card with these coffee-themed gifts.

11 stupid laws you will not believe are still in effect today in the United States

You won't even believe some of the ridiculous laws across the United States that are still in effect today.

"Carpool Karaoke" with Mariah Carey and other celebs will get you in the Christmas spirit

Watch Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Adele and surprise guests in this holiday edition of "Carpool Karaoke."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio revives Obama birther conspiracy, reveals results of "investigation"

Arpaio says he was trying to "clear" the president of birther rumors: "It didn't work out that way."

7 times curvy women stood up for their damn selves in 2016

These women had something on their minds — and they said it.

'Rogue One' Cosplay: What should 'Star Wars' fans wear to the theater?

Seeing 'Rogue One' in street clothes? 'Star Wars' fans, it is time to dress to impress — here is some cosplay inspiration.

Will a Russian reality TV show really allow murder, rape of contestants?

Televised crimes in the Siberian wilderness? Now that's cold.

Silicon Valley Top 5: The most important tech stories of the week

Everything from fake news to the Yahoo hack.

Best Indie Video Games 2016: 'Firewatch,' 'The Witness,' 'Inside' and other labors of love

The best games of 2016 weren't all big-budget mainstream releases.

Aleppo Update: Donald Trump promises "safe zones" for Syrians as evacuations halt again

Donald Trump wants to build "safe zones" for Syrian refugees fleeing Aleppo.

Listen to Gucci Mane and Drake's new song "Both"

The song appears on Gucci's new album, 'The Return of East Atlanta Santa.'

Best Video Games of 2016: The 7 best performances in gaming

From the indie game world to the multimillion-dollar budget of 'Uncharted 4,' 2016 was a particularly good year in gaming.

Donald Trump, Barack Obama plan action on alleged Russia hack — showing stark differences

This is Mic's daily read on Donald Trump's America — and how it affects you. Putin, Trump, Obama, geopolitical strategy and more.

'La La Land' just hit theaters and Twitter is already calling it the year's best picture

Best picture Oscar hopeful 'La La Land' is now available in wide release; here's what Twitter thinks of the musical.

Apple AirPods Reviews: Should you get them?

Here's what the critics think.

The $72K auction to win a coffee date with Ivanka Trump is now listed as "closed"

Ivanka Trump's charity date auction was not quite like other celebrities' — like those featuring Mariah Carey or Britney Spears.

A new Ticket Bots law means you might finally get those 'Hamilton' Broadway tickets

Sen. Chuck Schumer and 'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda launched a campaign to stop ticket bots — and just won.

Chinese navy seizes US naval drone in South China Sea

Weeks after Trump's call to Taiwan's president, the Chinese navy took action against a U.S. navy drone.

Stylish boots for the holidays — from Dr. Marten, Timberland and more

We guarantee no one will walk out of your life if you gift these stylish boots.

Hillary Clinton tells donors Russia hacks, James Comey letter had hand in election defeat

Clinton's comments about Russia's role in her loss were "particularly pointed," the 'New York Times' reported.

'Rogue One' Review: A dark, gritty film that adds to the 'Star Wars' mythos

'Rogue One' finds a good balance between nostalgia and an original story.

What we learned about President Obama from 'Barry,' the new Netflix biopic

The Toronto International Film Festival selection will give you new insight into the president's youth.

President Obama pledges to take action on Russian hacking

The president has vowed to do something about the Russian cyberattacks.

The best cookbooks to give as gifts this holiday season 2016

If all else fails, they make for beautiful coffee table art.

Best new video game characters of 2016: From D. Va to Professor Willow

Teenage mech pilots, skateboarding Grim Reapers and more highlighted a great year for video game characters.

Obama says he told Vladimir Putin to "cut it out" with the election hacks

Obama blamed the media for its coverage of the information Russian hackers stole as much as he blamed Russia.

'La La Land' Oscar Chances: Which awards is the Emma Stone musical likely to win?

Will Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling win their Oscar races?

11 of the best gifts for your bearded beloved

Beards, especially the luscious, shiny, thick kinds of beards that turn heads, require constant maintenance.