Lena Dunham said she "wishes" she'd had an abortion because there's no rest for the wicked

Dunham tried to destigmatize abortion on her 'Women of the House' podcast — but instead she made it worse.

Here’s why mobile wallets are super convenient — and more than just a payment app

Innovations on the theme of the wallet in your pocket

Whole Foods’ $8 chopped cheese sandwich is peak “Columbusing"

The irony of said sandwich being sold in "Columbus Circle" has not been lost on Twitter.

Andrea Bocelli backs out of Trump inauguration gig amid backlash

Italian tenor drops out of inauguration ceremony amid #boycottBocelli backlash.

Amazon Echo Privacy: Is Alexa listening to everything you say?

Is your Amazon Echo constantly spying on you?

'Pokémon Go' Update 0.51.0/1.21.0 Patch Notes: A night-and-day improvement

'Pokémon Go' update: Small changes can still matter a lot.

Emmy-nominated journalist refused Uber service for being Arab

"You could be an attacker," the Uber driver told him.

Facebook forced users to call Berlin truck crash an "attack" — before the facts came in

After the Berlin truck crash, Facebook didn't just spread unverified rumors — it created them.

'Super Mario Run' Cheats and Hacks: How to get unlimited lives, money and more

Looking for 'Super Mario Run' cheats? You've come to the right place.

Best Apps for Apple Watch: we did the research so you don't have to

These are the apps that legitimately make sense for the Apple Watch.

Is acting busy the new Rolex? Science explains why everyone won't shut up about work.

Here's the science behind humble-bragging about your TPS reports.

'Super Mario Run' World 2 walkthrough and coin locations: How to beat 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4

'Super Mario Run' walkthrough part 2: Pink coins and everything you need to know to master the second world.

This woman just proved, once and for all, that clothing sizes don't mean a damn thing

"Let me explain why I'm not happy, America."

Facebook Update: Now you can make your statuses more colorful

Will a gradient make your boring life sound more exciting?

Where is the president inaugurated?

The west lawn of the Capitol building is where the president of the United States is sworn into office.

Hanukkah brisket recipes that might just rival your bubbe's

Move over latkes, it's brisket time.

Here are the 10 best Christmas movies of all time

Celebrate the holiday season with some of the best Christmas movies ever made.

Gunman tries to shoot way into US Embassy in Ankara in second attack of day

The incident is the second time in less than 24 hours a gunman has attacked an embassy in Turkey.

What you missed while the Electoral College did exactly what we expected

This is Mic's daily read on Donald Trump's America — and how it affects you. What you missed during Monday voting and more today.

The hidden meaning of these 8 most popular Christmas songs

These classic Christmas songs have some unexpected history.

The only group with permits to protest Trump’s inauguration so far is explicitly pro-Trump

Protest groups are waiting for permission. Their opposition is waiting for them.

9 of Obama's blackest moments, from fist bumps to "folks wanna pop off"

These are the moments that drove conservatives crazy.

'Super Mario Run' Android Release Date: What about 'Fire Emblem' and 'Animal Crossing'?

What the 'Super Mario Run' android release date tells use about Nintendo's upcoming mobile games.

'GTA 5 Online' Festive Surprise 2016: Is Rockstar still planning a Christmas DLC update?

What time will the 'GTA 5 Online' Festive Surprise start this year?

Ranking all 8 'Star Wars' films after 'Rogue One' — and yes, this'll be controversial

I calmly await your hate mail and barbarous Twitter mentions.

Toronto police seek "clean-cut" bank robber, suggest he may just be "down on his luck"

Toronto's "Lunchtime Bandit" case reeks of white privilege.

Planet revelation in ‘Rogue One’ makes Darth Vader’s backstory even more messed up

Mustafar doesn't have sand, so Darth Vader can call it home.

Who swears in the president of the United States?

The Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court will swear in Donald Trump on Jan. 20.

The 9 best Android apps of 2016 — from 'Pokémon Go' to Prisma

The 9 best smartphone apps of 2016 that every Android user should download.

These were the best stoner movies of 2016

6 movies from 2016 that will give you the ultimate stoner experience.

The best drones with cameras you should get for holiday 2016 — discounts, deals and more

Fly high with these commercial camera drones, like the DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter.

'Breaking Bad' cast: Where are they now? Movies and TV shows starring your favorite actors

For five seasons AMC's 'Breaking Bad' was one of the best shows on television. What has the cast been up to since the show ended?

The Best iPhone Games of 2016: From 'FIFA' to 'The Trail' and 'Final Fantasy'

This year introduced a slew of terrific new games to play on the iPhone.

Nintendo Switch Games: Exclusive release 'Seasons of Heaven' gets a beautiful full trailer

One of the most intriguing Nintendo Switch games has a new trailer, and it's gorgeous.

Tom Arnold says he has 'Apprentice' tapes of Trump saying "n*gger" and "retard"

Tom Arnold says the 'Celebrity Apprentice' footage was funny at the time.

Berlin Christmas Market Attack Update: Police may have had wrong suspect in custody

Leaders from around the world condemn the actions, which appear to be terrorist-related.

The government is yanking Americans' retirement checks because of unpaid student debt

Foreshadowing for millennials? Student loan debt is eating into elderly Americans' Social Security checks.

How to order Christmas dinner 2016: Last-minute food delivery services for the holidays

Procrastinated on your holiday ham? There's an app for that.

'Stardew Valley' Xbox One Patch Release Date: Update confirmed following PS4 fix

Some serious problems are being fixed for the Xbox One version of 'Stardew Valley.'

Survey suggests millennials aren't lazy and entitled. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

Millennials are eschewing vacation days for success.

It’s not just you — we're all pessimistic about the future, says new study

In a divided America, pessimism seems to be the one thing we can all agree on.

From Amandla Stenberg to the Victoria's Secret runway, natural hair slayed in 2016

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was just one of the major moments this year.

British Oscars took a bold step toward ensuring diversity in film — take note, Hollywood

#OscarsSoWhite creator April Reign is "very encouraged" by the move.

'Terry Crews Saves Christmas': When and where to watch the CW holiday special

Crews and his "elves" will help real American families win Christmas.

Pregnancy causes changes in the brain that could last for years, study finds

The changes lasted years after birth.

14 movies, TV episodes, songs and more that mattered in 2016

What will remind us of 2016 in a decade's time?

Student accused of coat hanger rape of disabled teammate will avoid prison in plea deal

Special terms of the deal could allow the player to maintain innocence.

Oklahoma legislator gives up plan to require anti-abortion signs in public bathrooms

She wants to do a social media campaign instead.

Game Boy iPhone Emulator: Delta hands-on review showcases non-jailbreak GBA and SNES app

Delta is a new iPhone app that lets you play Game Boy games without jailbreaking your device.

Here's why Uber is on track to lose $3 billion in 2016

Not helping: New reports of self-driving Uber cars abruptly crossing bike lanes and running red lights.

3-year-old Acen King shot dead by '"road rage" driver in Arkansas

Acen King, 3, is the second toddler to be shot and killed in Little Rock in a month. Neither gunman has been found.

What is synthetic weed and why is it bad for you?

K2 and Spice are gaining popularity in the United States.

Trump's first tweet as official president-elect says "civilized world" must fight terror

You get three guesses as to which parts of the world Trump thinks are uncivilized, and the first two don't count.

Is 'True Detective' season 3 happening? Everything we know so far.

Mattew McConaughey recently noted that he would be game to return for a third season of 'True Detective'. Will it happen?

Why was the Russian ambassador to Turkey assassinated?

Mevlut Mert Altintas railed against Russia's involvement in Syria after he shot Ambassador Andrei Karlov.

Professor says Stanford punished her for sexual harassment complaint

Stanford has a dubious record in its handling of sexual harassment and assault accusations.

The most fire pop songs of 2016: From Drake and Rihanna to Kelly Clarkson

2016 gave us so many great pop songs.

'Scream' turns 20: How Wes Craven's masterpiece changed the horror genre

The effect of 'Scream' is still being felt on the horror genre 20 years later.

Michelle Obama's last interview as first lady offers the hope we all need

In an hourlong talk with Oprah, FLOTUS urged Americans to be their better selves.

Michelle Obama Oprah Interview: The 2016 election "was painful"

Michelle Obama told Oprah Winfrey the 2016 election was "challenging" but said a peaceful transition is important.

President Obama commutes 231 nonviolent drug offenders' sentences

According to the White House, Obama has now commuted more sentences than the past 11 presidents combined.

What the murder of the Russian ambassador in Turkey says about the world

The world reacts to the assassination of Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov.

The Best Rap Albums of 2016: Chance the Rapper, A Tribe Called Quest, Kanye West and more

Seven albums that served as inspirations in the dark.

How to play dreidel: Rules, letter meanings, Hanukkah symbolism and more

Here's everything you wanted to know about the traditional Hanukkah game of chance: the dreidel.

'Why Him?' reviews: The good and bad from James Franco and Bryan Cranston's new movie

The James Franco and Bryan Cranston comedy 'Why Him?' opens in theaters Dec. 23; here's what the critics are saying.

Abolish the Electoral College? This ex-congressional candidate has a plan and a PAC

Jim Mowrer is putting PAC money where his mouth is.

New Mountain Valley pipeline threatens stretch of the Appalachian Trail

Opponents argue that construction of the pipeline would harm wildlife and pollute the groundwater.

How to get the NES Classic one last time before it sells out — again

This may be your last chance to get a hold of the NES Classic before the holidays.

10 hair products for every texture that double as perfect holiday gifts

From tight curls to super straight hair, this gift guide has options for all textures.

How will 'Homeland' season 6 address domestic terrorism?

Season six of 'Homeland' will see Carrie return stateside.

PlayStation Holiday Deals 2016: Discounts on PS4, PS4 Pro, video games, add-ons and more

PlayStation is offering up new deals every week throughout December. Here's a look at the best of week two.

Tultepec fireworks festival explosion kills, injures dozens

The explosion took place in Tultepec, a town outside of Mexico City with a large pyrotechnics industry.

What the new Netflix Obama biopic gets right about struggling with biracial identity

This movie is a reminder that we do not live in a "post-racial" America.

Country Christmas Songs 2016: A playlist featuring Kellie Pickler, Dan + Shay and more

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas with this festive country playlist.

German officials release suspect detained in Berlin Christmas market truck attack

The man, arrested Monday, was released because of insufficient evidence.

'Rogue One' star Diego Luna has one wish: To touch (and maybe kiss) Jabba the Hutt

Star-crossed lovers in a galaxy far, far away: Cassian Andor and Jabba the Hutt.

'Lip Sync Battle' preview: Cassadee Pope and Dustin Lynch pit rap vs. rock in sneak peek

Watch this sneak peek of the latest guests vying for the 'Lip Sync Battle' title.

The hottest tech accessories of 2017: Spectacles, AirPods, Pokémon Go Plus and more

The hottest tech accessories of 2016 — and what you'll be seeing everywhere in 2017.

Volkswagen recalls 83,000 more cars in emissions scandal, must pay $250 million

The auto giant will also pay an additional $250 million in penalties.

Colin Kaepernick, the Cubs and all the biggest sports moments of 2016

Here are the stories that dominated the sports world in 2016.

More mothers than ever are the breadwinners in their households, report says

In 2015, roughly 42% of mothers were the sole or primary earners in their families.

'A Monster Calls' review: JA Bayona’s new film is an emotional reminder of how art heals

Don't forget to bring tissues to the theater when you see 'A Monster Calls.'

Instagram Update: Use stickers, a hands-free mode and more

More Snapchat-like features are available.