Texas officially defunds Planned Parenthood

The state's fight against abortion rights threatens to leave thousands in Texas without access to routine healthcare.

Kentucky woman berates Latina shopper: "Go back wherever the fuck you come from"

She also accused the woman of being on welfare.

'Tis the season for fraud — how to keep your credit card secure for the holidays

Five ways mobile wallets can help you safeguard your data and accounts

Android Nougat 7.0 update: When will it be available for your device?

When will the new Android operating system come to your phone?

When was Jesus' real birthday? Why scholars disagree with Christmas birth date.

Jesus may not have been born on Dec. 25.

Bill O'Reilly's "white establishment" comments ignite firestorm

Bill O'Reilly's white supremacist rant about the "white establishment" is actually worse when taken in context.

Las Vegas just became the largest US city to run solely on renewable energy

A greener future is possible — and Las Vegas just proved it.

'Pokémon Go': Best 20 Pokémon for attacking and defending gyms

The best Pokémon in 'Pokémon Go', and how to use them in your squads.

'Pokémon Go' Christmas Holiday Event: Gift boxes found in patch notes spark update rumors

'Pokémon Go' gift boxes may be hidden up Niantic's Christmas season sleeve.

10 ways to get richer in 2017: Raise your credit, invest your cash and save more money

Add these crucial financial moves and money hacks to your New Year's resolutions.

The ultimate guide to making marijuana tea: Bags, recipes, effects, highs and where to buy

This simple marijuana tea recipe will keep you warm (and happy) during the winter.

'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Mega Evolution guide: How to get the Mega Ring and find Mega Stones

Mega Evolution guide: How to get the Mega Ring and Mega Stones in 'Pokémon Sun and Moon.'

'Overwatch' update: Tracer's girlfriend draws mixed reactions online

"My waifu Tracer is dead": The internet reacts to Tracer's girlfriend in 'Overwatch.'

'Super Mario Run' World 3 walkthrough and coin locations: How to beat 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4

'Super Mario Run' walkthrough part 3: Pink coins and everything you need to know to master the third world.

26 ways to get kicked off a plane if you're flying while Muslim

Most people can do these things on planes. Not Muslims.

'Overwatch' Christmas Comic: How Tracer transformed from sex object to LGBTQ icon

Why Tracer's coming out of the closet is such a big deal for 'Overwatch.'

'The Mummy' trailer with no sound effects: Watch the hilarious broken trailer video here

While 'The Mummy' will be released in IMAX, this trailer would have you believe the theater's audio quality may not be necessary.

'Civ 6' Winter Update Patch Notes: Poland, Jadwiga, Vikings, new features and more

'Civ 6' winter update lets you play as Poland's leader Jadwiga and engage in Viking conquests.

Last minute gifts under $50 for Christmas 2016: These classy presents won't seem cheap

Presents that cost less than $50 — that you can buy online or at the last minute.

The Legacy of Prince: Music, fashion, shade and more

Music will never forget Prince Rodgers Nelson.

Newport Marijuana Cigarettes: Are they real or a hoax?

Are "Newport Nirvanas" legit?

Lisa Marie Naegle death: What we know about 'Bridalplasty' contestant's alleged murder

Naegle's body was found buried in the home of an acquaintance.

Jeff Sessions and Marijuana: What has Trump's attorney general said about legal pot?

Our next attorney general believes "good people don't smoke marijuana."

Republicans in Congress fear Donald Trump's 'Breitbart'-fueled internet mob

Not many Republican politicians speak out against Donald Trump — because of what happens to those who do.

Gifts under $50 that will bring instant joy to whoever receives them

These under-$50 gifts probably seem more expensive than they actually are.

PlayStation Holiday Sale Week 3 2016: Deals on PS4, 'Star Wars' games, DLC and more

Here's a look at the best deals from week three of Sony's PlayStation holiday sale.

The Trump Inaugural: What to expect at the meeting of Washington and Trump's America

This is Mic's daily read on Donald Trump's America — and how it affects you. The inauguration looms, as does corruption and more.

Best Android Games of 2016: These are the top 6

These are six of the most popular mobile games for Android devices.

YouTuber Adam Saleh allegedly removed from Delta flight for speaking Arabic

Delta Airlines said it is conducting a full investigation of the incident.

What Christmas traditions are actually winter solstice traditions?

These well-known customs closely associated with the Christian holiday are actually steeped in solstice celebration.

Yasiin Bey's 'December 99th' is here: Download and streaming options for the new album

The mighty Mos Def is back with his first album in seven years. It may be one of his last.

Hulu Christmas movies 2016: Your guide to the streaming service's best holiday movies

A look at some of the holiday films ready to stream now.

'Overwatch' Reflections Comic: Blizzard blocks comic in Russia over Tracer's same-sex kiss

Russian 'Overwatch' fans who want to see Tracer's girlfriend are out of luck.

Fireworks Explosion in Mexico City: Video, apparent cause and latest news and updates

Mexican authorities say the death toll is up to 31.

Netflix's Twitter hacked by OurMine — here's everything we know so far

OurMine said that Netflix "should upgrade their security."

When is the next ‘Star Wars’ coming out and what’s the title?

You'd probably know by now if they'd announced it.

Can you see who looked at your Snapchats? Here's everything you need to know.

Snapchat Stories provide a full list of viewers.

Here's what the Sahara desert town of Ain Sefra looks like after its first snow since 1979

Amateur photographer Karim Bouchetata captured incredible photographs of snowfall in the small Saharan town of Ain Sefra, Algeria.

NORAD Santa Tracker 2016: Follow the livestream and find out where Santa is right now

NORAD gears up for one of their most important jobs of the year: tracking Santa's location throughout Christmas.

'Harry Potter' author JK Rowling will not write a 'Fantastic Beasts' sequel novel

J.K. Rowling is currently working on two new novels. Will either of them be set in the wizarding world?

'Fences' movie: Trailer, cast and more for the 2017 Oscar hopeful

'Fences' hits theaters Christmas Day.

This retailer’s sexist email about meeting the parents receives massive backlash online

The retailer Joy has apologized, but still. Really?

Drake and Jennifer Lopez are reportedly dating and Twitter is freaking out.

Could these two be music's next great power couple?

What happens on the day of the inauguration?

This will be a full day for Donald Trump.

The 10 best rock albums of 2016: From Bon Iver to Leonard Cohen and more

From Radiohead to David Bowie, this year was filled with several instant-classic rock albums to enjoy.

The 10 most damning allegations from the new Google lawsuit

"We will defend this suit vigorously because it is baseless," Google told Mic.

Michael Flynn, Trump adviser and conspiracy theorist, is courting Austrian ex-Nazis

Flynn recently met with the leadership of Austria's Freedom Party, whose first leader was S.S. officer Anton Reinthaller.

Bilal talks Prince's legacy and the future of protest music in the age of Trump

In advance of his Wednesday set at GOOD Fest, supporting Southern Poverty Law Center, Bilal talks protest music, Prince and 2016.

The only latke recipe you need this Hanukkah

Spoiler: There's ice cream involved for when you want to do something wild with those leftovers.

Will 'Scream Queens' be renewed for Season 3?

'Scream Queens' struggled in the ratings during its second season.

11 truly decadent green bean casserole recipes — because it's not Christmas without one

Cook up a green bean casserole that's topped with onion rings and you shall win Christmas.

The best new TV shows from 2016 to binge watch during the holidays

These are the perfect shows to binge on during Christmas break.

'Live By Night' reviews: How are critics responding to Ben Affleck's directorial effort?

Reviews are coming in for Ben Affleck's latest directorial effort, 'Live By Night'. Are critics once again singing his praise?

Christmas TV episodes on Netflix 2016: Watch 'Fuller House,' 'F Is for Family' and more

The best Christmas episodes to watch on Netflix

11 gifts for food lovers who hate to cook

Eating > cooking.

A celebration of Prince and David Bowie's rule-breaking and gender-defying fashion

A look back at their boldest looks, with no gender or care for rules in mind.

'Fargo' season 3: Everything we know so far

The cast of season three of 'Fargo' has been announced.

More young people are living with their parents than at any time since World War II

We're all living like the Waltons, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

President Obama turns to new tactics to prevent Trump from drilling in Arctic

However, it is unclear whether a future GOP-led government could simply decide to undo Obama's order.

African-American man arrested for arson of black church spray-painted with "Vote Trump"

Andrew McClinton was charged with first-degree arson of a place of worship in the burning of a black church in Mississippi.

The best jelly donut and sufganiyot recipes for a sweet, sweet Hanukkah

'Tis the season for jelly donuts!

Zach Braff says he would be open to a 'Gilmore Girls'-style 'Scrubs' reunion

Zach Braff discusses whether there have been any talks regarding a 'Scrubs' reunion. Here's what he has to say.

Last-minute, DIY foodie gifts perfect for the forgotten giftee on your list

The humble mason jar could be your best friend this holiday season.

'Super Mario Run' Update: Friendly Run lets you compete online — with some limitations

'Super Mario Run' just got a brand-new feature: Friendly Run. Here's how to use it.

Anis Amri Update: Search for Berlin Christmas market attack suspect underway

Anis Amri, 23, is wanted in the attack that left at least 12 dead and 49 injured.

Bana al-Abed, young Syrian girl, meets Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan at his palace

The 7-year-old Syrian girl has been live-tweeting the Syrian civil war for months.

Berlin Christmas Market Attack Update: Police reportedly searching for Tunisian suspect

An identification card was reportedly found in the truck involved in the attack.