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When will 'Sense8' season 2 premiere on Netflix?

The 'Sense8' Christmas special just hit Netflix.

Donald Trump's NY campaign co-chair unleashes on the Obamas in racist 2017 wish list

Paladino said he wished Barack Obama would catch "mad cow disease" and that Michelle Obama would "return to being a male."

5 breakout moments from Vladimir Putin's press conference

Putin spent much of his four-hour press conference talking about Donald Trump and US politics.

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'GTA 6': Rumors are flying about the possible next game in the 'Grand Theft Auto' series.

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'Pokémon Go' Christmas Event: Holiday update brings free incubators, more starter spawns

The 'Pokémon Go' Christmas event is here!

She didn't consent. Now he says he didn’t, either.

They both claim they never gave the other consent for sex. Now the turbulent NYC comedy community must yet again pick sides.

Here are the protests planned for Inauguration Day — permitted or not

Some groups are still waiting for Inauguration Day protest permits. Others just don't care.

Carrie Fisher Heart Attack: Passengers tweet about 'Star Wars' actress' medical emergency

Carrie Fisher is reportedly hospitalized following a medical emergency on a plane.

'Pokémon Go' Android Wear App Release Date: Everything we know so far

Will 'Pokémon Go' ever get an Android Wear release date?

'GTA 5 Online' Juggernaut suit: Festive Surprise 2016 update brings Christmas mayhem

'GTA 5 Online' adds a Juggernaut suit and more in this year's Festive Surprise.

How long does weed stay in your system?

It's not a simple question to answer.

Restaurants open on Christmas Eve 2016

It's Christmas Eve — get out of the house and treat yourself to pancakes!

When will your phone get Android Nougat? What to expect for Samsung, Nexus and Pixel

It depends on the handset, carrier and country.

Donald Trump hypocritically laments son's need to step away from ethically dubious charity

Eric Trump's charity faced the kind of pay-for-play concerns Donald Trump hammered Hillary Clinton for.

The best Netflix Christmas movies to watch this weekend

Just looking to stay home and relax over the Christmas weekend? Netflix has quite a few holiday-themed films for you to watch.

Walmart pulls "Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter" T-shirts after police protest

Amazon has also been asked to take them down.

Stores closed on Christmas Day 2016 and retailers open with limited hours on Dec. 25

Where to go — and where not to go — for last, last minute shopping.

Nintendo Switch Release Date, Specs and News: Full HD 1080p games rumored for the device

The Nintendo Switch may be released with a 1080p screen.

People are obsessed with this black New Orleans Santa who apparently never ages

Fred Parker has been dressing up as Santa for the past 40-plus years.

iPhone 8 Rumors: New hints that Apple has big plans for the screen

A significant redesign looks likely.

These NYC music venues are all about intimacy

"Almost like being inside the music"

'Suicide Squad' photographer posts never-before-seen photo of Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn

Check out a new image of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in 'Suicide Squad.'

Model Philomena Kwao on being black in a makeup chair: "They're almost afraid to touch me"

In an interview with the model Iman, Philomena Kwao gets real.

Lawyers for officer who shot Philando Castile have black judge removed from the case

A chief judge for the Minneapolis area will have to select a replacement.

How Donald Trump's twitter can change the world — with more nuclear weapons

This is Mic's daily read on Donald Trump's America. Today, how Trump's tweets have reset decades of foreign policy.

6 things to know about Kellyanne Conway, Trump's right-hand woman

She's played by Kate McKinnon on 'Saturday Night Live'.

Trump’s tariffs will make almost everything more expensive — and maybe cost you your job

The costs imposed on importers by Donald Trump's trade wars will be passed on to American consumers.

'Pokémon Go' Holiday Update: How to take advantage of the Christmas event and stay inside

How to stay warm during the 'Pokémon Go' holiday update.

Trump Inauguration: Thousands urge the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to boycott Trump's event

Apparently, Trump's "sexist, racist, misogynistic and xenophobic behavior" does not fit with the Mormon Church's message.

Big Sean 'I Decided': New album release date, track list collaborators and more

Big Sean is ready to take on hip-hop again in 2017.

Trump Inauguration: Rockettes express "embarrassment" after learning they're performing in January

The irony of forcing a group of women to perform against their will for Trump's inauguration has not gone unnoticed.

China is already firing back against Peter Navarro, Trump's controversial trade adviser

China is threatening a "showdown" over Trump's latest trade appointment.

North Carolina "can no longer be classified as a full democracy," political scientist says

Democratic norms are being seriously compromised in North Carolina, this expert says.

Cleveland's minimum wage hike just failed — thanks to lobbyists and Gov. John Kasich

In Ohio, you can't screw animals — only workers.

'The Shack' depicts God as a black woman — and some Christian leaders aren't happy

In this spring 2017 movie, God is a black woman named Papa.

Christmas Eve TV Schedule 2016: 37 holiday movies to watch for free on Dec. 24

A full list of films to whisk you right into the holiday spirit.

How to pick up snow and throw snowballs in 'GTA 5 Online'

Get ready for some snowball action in 'GTA 5 Online'.

Maine's Marijuana Law: Important dates and what to know before smoking weed

The clock is ticking for marijuana aficionados in Maine.

Restaurants open on Christmas Day

If Christmas cooking isn't for you, there are plenty of tasty alternatives.

How a rumor of a Jewish family fleeing their Pennsylvania town spiraled out of control

There's way more to the story than a canceled 'Christmas Carol' play.

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Here's what you need to know about the 'Seinfeld' alternative to Christmas.

Tasty recipes to bring to a holiday potluck

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Massachusetts' Marijuana Law: Rules, regulations and what to know before smoking weed

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The best weed grinders and where to buy them

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'Grey's Anatomy' fans are still hoping for an Alex and Meredith relationship in season 13

Fans are dying for Meredith and Alex to get together.

Acen King shooting update: Suspect Gary Holmes arrested in death of Arkansas 3-year-old

King was shot dead in a "road rage" incident.

Ranking the delightfully sassy droids in ‘Star Wars’

Again, this'll be controversial.

The 5 worst-dressed people of 2016

Sorry about that, Ken Bone.

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What role will Lex Luthor and Queen Hippolyta have in the upcoming 'Justice League' team-up?

12 essential ‘Breaking Bad’ episodes worth revisiting

'Breaking Bad' is a show that's always worth revisiting.

New 'Batman v Superman' special-effects video reveals incredible behind-the-scenes work

This new video from Scaline Effects shows the extensive visual-effects work in 'Batman v Superman.'

A&E’s controversial 'Generation KKK' series is being renamed, adding civil rights partner

The upcoming series is now titled, 'Escaping the KKK: A Documentary Series Exposing Hate in America.'

Here's the latest news on President Barack Obama's post-presidential life

Obama's presidency is almost over, but his work isn't.

'Clash of Clans' Santa's Surprise: Holiday update brings new events and more

'Clash of Clans': Santa's Surprise returns as the app's Christmas event celebration kicks off.

Tiger Woods' "Mac Daddy" Santa Claus photo is the best and worst thing you'll see all day

Tiger Woods tweets a photo of his Christmas alter ego, Mac Daddy Santa.

Nine Inch Nails' 'Not the Actual Events' is here: Where to download and stream the new EP

Nine Inch Nails recruits some impressive talent for their new EP.

The BAFTAs have new diversity rules. Would any Oscar movies pass?

We applied the new BAFTA guidelines to Oscar movies past and present.

Twitter has the best 'Airing of Grievances' in honor of 'Seinfeld's' Festivus

Twitter has a lot of grievances to air this Festivus because, 2016.

4 reasons you should be watching 'A Rugrats Chanukah' episode on Hulu right now

You won't find a better Hanukkah tribute.

Wonder what happens behind the scenes during the 'SNL' opening credits? Watch this video.

A lot goes into producing a live television show. Watch this behind-the-scenes video of the SNL crew changing the scenery.

'Star Wars' cast, celebrities tweet support for Carrie Fisher after heart attack

"As if 2016 couldn't get any worse..." Mark Hamill tweeted.

A Very Hairy Christmas Carol: Watch 'Star Wars' Chewbacca sing "Silent Night"

Watch Chewbacca get in the holiday spirit by doing his best to sing 'Silent Night'.

Putin says Trump's calls to increase nuclear arms are "nothing new"

The comments have prompted concerns over the threat of an arms race.

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The ultimate guide to Christmas morning breakfast

You only get one Christmas breakfast a year. Make it count with goat cheese grits with ham and red eye gravy, or something.

Gifts that give back from Kiehl's, Toms, Warby Parker and more charitable brands

Spread love this holiday season by gifting to those in need with this list.

An Ebola vaccine could hit the market in 2018 after successful WHO study

The vaccine could be a major milestone in preventing the deadly disease.

Nickelback jokes are old, according to Avril Lavigne

The singer-songwriter tells Zuckerberg he should use his voice for good, not bullying.