Cranberry juice won't actually relieve your UTI... and 8 other huge food scams of 2016

Did you enjoy a steaming bowl of hermit crab bisque this year?

Debbie Reynolds, mother of Carrie Fisher, dies at age of 84 after stroke

Debbie Reynolds is the 84-year-old mother of Carrie Fisher, who died Tuesday.

Best 'Overwatch' Characters: Every single hero, ranked from worst to best

Sorry, Genji mains. This ranking of the best 'Overwatch' characters probably isn't for you.

Obama's best feminist moments, from endorsing pay equity to condemning sexual assault

Here's how Obama has made strides toward women's equality.

New Year's Good Luck Traditions: 7 food rituals to ward off misfortune in 2017

2016 was awful, so why tempt fate? Here's what you need to eat and drink on New Year's Eve to ward off bad luck.

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Is trading the next update coming to 'Pokémon Go'?

How to Kill Boos in 'Super Mario Run': Guide, tips and tricks for beating ghost enemies

Boos are the absolute worst. Here's how to kill those pesky ghosts in 'Super Mario Run.'

Arkansas high school teacher fired for calling the Obamas monkeys on Facebook posts

The Malvern superintendent confirmed that he is no longer employed by the district.

Carrie Fisher's 'The Princess Diarist": 6 things to know about the late actress' memoir

If you're thinking about reading "Diarist" or just want to know a little more about Carrie Fisher's last book, we have the facts.

Trump's inauguration rabbi gives President Obama top spot on #TopTenAntiSemitic2016 list

The Simon Wiesenthal Center singled out Obama over a controversial UN vote.

How to Become a CEO in 'GTA 5 Online': Guide, tips, perks and everything you need to know

Learn how to open a business and dominate Los Santos as a CEO in 'GTA 5 Online.'

7 apps that could help you save more money in 2017

Saving money has never been easier.

'Final Fantasy 15' Coeurl Whiskers: Location guide and tips for upgrading your Drain Lance

Need to upgrade your Drain Lance in 'Final Fantasy 15'? Here's where to find a Coeurl Whisker.

Why is "white genocide" suddenly everywhere on social media?

Blame it on an associate professor from Drexel University.

Harrison Ford's tribute to Carrie Fisher nails exactly why she's a legend

Harrison Ford calls Carrie Fisher "one-of-a-kind" and "emotionally fearless."

'Pokémon Go' Christmas Boxes Event: New Year's holiday update brings bonus item bundles

Wondering what's inside those 'Pokémon Go' Christmas boxes? We're here to help.

Obama to retaliate against Russia before Trump takes office

The Obama administration will announce a series of sanctions against Russia for allegedly attempting to get Trump elected.

'Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite' character roster, release date, Infinity Stones and more

Everything we know about 'Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite' so far.

The best appetizer recipes to serve at your New Year's Eve party

Say goodbye to 2016 with the best appetizers of the year.

These 11 TV shows were the best of Netflix's 2016 original programming

While 2016 may have been a rough year, there was certainly plenty to watch. Here are the best Netflix original series of 2016.

New Year's Eve 2017 celebration ideas that don't involve alcohol

You can absolutely ring in the new year without drinking — and have fun doing it.

Nintendo Switch Release Date, Specs Confirmed: FCC leaks Wi-Fi, battery and details

Nintendo Switch specs have leaked ahead of the official release date, here's what we know.

Massachusetts legal weed law undercut by just 7 state legislators

Two state senators and five state representatives voted to delay opening recreational marijuana stores by six months on Wednesday.

'Super Mario Run' World 6 walkthrough and coin locations: How to beat 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4

'Super Mario Run' walkthrough part 6: Pink coins and everything you need to know to master the final world and defeat Bowser.

Oscars 2017 Predictions: Could 'Hidden Figures' win best picture?

Don't count the crowd-pleasing space dramedy starring Taraji P. Henson out of the major races.

Donald Trump thanks himself on Twitter, gets savagely mocked

Twitter users mock President-elect Donald Trump with #ThanksDonald hashtag.

New Samsung Phone 2017: Here's what you can look forward to from the Galaxy S8

2016 had the explosive debut of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7—here's what is in store for 2017's most anticipated device.

Serena Williams' ESPN interview perfectly calls out sexist double standards in sports

The Grand Slam-winning champion said if she were a man, she would have been called the world's greatest athlete long ago.

PC Games 2017: Release dates, pricing and details on the biggest upcoming PC video games

Plenty of great looking shooters, RPGs and more are coming to PC gaming in 2017. Here's five to look forward to.

Ariana Grande's Twitter letter addresses "objectifying" comments: "We are not prizes."

Fan of Grande's boyfriend, Mac Miller, made "hurtful" comments that made her feel like "a piece of meat."

You can eat truffles off of an iPad at this San Francisco restaurant

Truffle croquettes are placed on a tablet streaming a video of dogs. Yes, really.

Israel's Attorney General launches full criminal investigation into PM Benjamin Netanyahu

The reports ramped up as Netanyahu slammed the United States on its Mideast policy.

Black transgender New York subway rider stabbed after offering a woman his seat

Stephanie Pazmino was charged with assault as a hate crime.

Pence's neighbors show no mercy with "This neighborhood trusts women" signs

The signs make a nice addition to the rainbow flags neighbors hung on his block earlier this month.

Barack Obama beats out Donald Trump for most admired man of 2016

Is Donald Trump salty because Barack Obama was the most admired man in America (again)?

This Donald Trump rooster statue is going viral in China

Will Donald Trump feel "cocky" about this?

How did New Year's eve start? The history and tradition explained

Ever wonder about the most common New Year's Eve traditions or the reasons why we celebrate the holiday when we do?

NES Classic: Nintendo NYC store offers limited stock for the special edition console

The NES Classic is in stock at Nintendo's NYC store.

John Kerry on UN's Israel resolution: US "could not in good conscience stand in the way"

John Kerry fired back at Benjamin Netanyahu's criticisms of the Obama administration.

Watch Carrie Fisher roast George Lucas and you'll realize what a legend she is

The 'Star Wars' actress gave a spot-on roast of the man who helped make her a star.

Tax Season 2017: When are taxes due? Here are the most important deadlines.

All the most important tax deadlines in 2017.

Google is launching two smartwatches that will compete with the Apple Watch

Will they challenge Apple's hold on the smartwatch market?

Chrissy Teigen makes dreams come true by sending Twitter fan one of her dresses

A fan tweeted that she wanted the dress. Then Teigen answered her call.

Here's what Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia taught us about female action heroes

Fisher left her indelible feminist touch on Princess Leia.

3 secrets of self-made millionaires: How to be the next Warren Buffett

How to become a millionaire, in 3 simple steps.

'Super Mario Run' Android Release Date: Knockoff games hit Google Play in full force

'Super Mario Run' still isn't on Android, but the knockoffs are out in full force.

New Years celebrations and traditions around the world

Here are some traditions from around the world to help you ring in 2017.

Watch George Michael's candid response to Oprah's question about his sexuality in 2004

"I'm not really interested in selling records to people who are homophobic."

'I Am Michael' release date, cast, plot and more

'I Am Michael', starring James Franco and Zachary Quinto, finally has a release date.

The 11 best albums of 2016: From Beyoncé to Radiohead and more

The albums that stood out to us this year from any genre.

This man has been befriending KKK members and getting them to quit the hate group

One African-American has been taking on racism, one KKK member at a time.

Beyond 'Star Wars': Here's every Netflix TV show and movie starring Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher was much more than just Princess Leia of Alderaan in 'Star Wars.'

College Football Bowl Games 2016: Dates, channels and times for remaining matchups

Looking to catch all the College Football bowl games? Here is all the information you need.

Add Rihanna to the list of people who don't know Jennifer Lopez

Instagram drama is a celebrity problem, too.

'Mario Kart 64' for Wii U Release Date: N64 game confirmed for Nintendo's Virtual Console

'Mario Kart 64' is coming to Nintendo's Wii U. Here's how to get it.

3 ways repealing Obamacare affects millennial health care

Some patient protections could be left behind.

The internet is trying to protect Betty White from the last days of 2016

The GoFundMe page asks, "Help 2016 catch these hands if it goes anywhere near Betty White!"

New York mayor re-opens streets near Trump Tower to relief of suffering businesses

Midtown is getting back on the move after weeks of Trump-related gridlock.

College bowl games 2016-2017: Start times and point spreads for every remaining game

What you need to know for the rest of the college football bowl games.

'Scream Queens' cast supports Billie Lourd and remembers Carrie Fisher with sweet messages

The 'Scream Queens' cast took to Instagram to honor Carrie Fisher.

Obama's Pearl Harbor speech: "We must resist the urge to demonize those who are different"

Prime Minister Shinz? Abe became the first Japanese prime minister to visit Pearl Harbor in 65 years.

Betty White GoFundMe page is allegedly raising money for a small South Carolina theater

Betty White is trending on Twitter — but don't worry, it's not what you think.

Which villains will return to 'Supergirl' in 2017? Livewire, Metallo and more to appear.

When 'Supergirl' returns in 2017, the Girl of Steel will have to face a few familiar faces.

Dylann Roof will represent himself during sentencing phase of death-penalty trial

Dylann Roof's sentencing trial, during which he faces the death penalty, is set to start Jan. 3.

The Best Deals After Christmas: Where to find discounts on today's best tech

Cash in on these year-end sales, which include discounts on everything from HDTVs to laptops and games.

What to do if your email has been hacked

First, attempt to regain control.

What time do the College Football Playoffs start? When to watch Alabama, Ohio State & more

Not sure when the College Football Playoffs start? You've come to the right place.