Here's what's causing your holiday food coma, according to science

Your post-feast nap, explained.

This new app wants you to celebrate your body and make your nudes Instagram-friendly

All with the help of some super cute nipple and pubic stickers.

Is 'Time' sending a secret message with its Donald Trump Person of the Year cover?

Is Trump's 'Time' cover a reference to Adolf Hitler?

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When will Mario 'Run' his way over to Android?

Inside the wild conspiracy theory that Obama is protecting 22 secret ISIS compounds

Terrorist camps in America? A botched FBI coverup? You guessed it: It's a hoax.

When does 'The Flash' season 3 return? Midseason premiere date announced

'The Flash' is taking a brief winter hiatus after episode nine.

'Time' Person of the Year 2016 is Donald Trump, because of course he won that, too

Our next president is the 'Time' Person of the Year

Kim Kardashian-Kanye West divorce rumors circulate in wake of rapper's hospitalization

Following his release from the hospital, Kim Kardashian is considering divorcing Kanye West.

'The Bachelor' 2017 cast photos and bios released; meet Nick Viall's season 21 contestants

Of course we have an aspiring dolphin trainer on this season of 'The Bachelor.'

The next Standing Rock-style protest could be this Navajo oil battle in New Mexico

Even as the Dakota Access pipeline winds down, oil protests led by Native Americans continue unfolding nationwide.

'Pokémon Go' Egg List: Updated chart shows the best and worst CP for every hatch

'Pokémon Go' egg list: Peeling back the veil on what to find in Pokémon eggs.

'Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy' PS4 Price: Here's why it costs $40

Why does the 'N. Sane Trilogy' cost $40? Let's discuss.

Joe Biden gives America a pep talk and discusses potential 2020 bid with Stephen Colbert

"What I've learned a long, long time ago, Stephen, is to never say never."

'Ink Master' winner Ryan Ashley Malarkey almost appeared on another season of the show

Ryan Ashley became the first female 'Ink Master' winner.

These are the 15 top companies with happy employees for 2017

Glassdoor just put out its 2017 "best places to work" list.

Here is a breakdown of all the Cabinet positions and what they do

Trump is picking his Cabinet. Here are the roles he's filling.

Why did Trump win ‘Time’ Person of the Year over Clinton? The title’s complicated legacy

The Donald joins the ranks of Stalin, Hitler and Putin.

Richard Spencer sparks protest at Texas A&M, says America "belongs to white men"

Richard Spencer also claims the word "racist" is fake. Police officers on campus, meanwhile, allegedly beat protesters.

Today: How Donald Trump would have handled Pearl Harbor, fake news haunts Trump

This is Mic's daily read on Donald Trump's America — and how it affects you. Trump and Pearl Harbor, James Kelly and more.

Amazon Go's "just walk out" technology sounds like a headache for shoppers of color

Minority shoppers know this feeling all too well.

New study finds black beauty products are more likely to have harmful chemicals

"If you’re a black woman shopping for these products and you don’t have any low hazard options, where do you go to?

Will [SPOILER] die in the 'Walking Dead' midseason finale? Here’s what the comics tell us.

It's 'The Walking Dead': Someone is totally going to die.

Pope Francis just condemned the sinful practice of spreading fake news

The pope actually compared the media industry to shit-eating.

7 year-end money moves to save cash and get ahead of tax season in 2017

The deadline for these big tax moves is Dec. 31.

'Pokémon Go' Update 0.49.1/1.19.1 Patch Notes: Improved buddy system and Pokémon transfers

'Pokémon Go' update 0.49.1/1.19.1 patch notes: Welcome updates and improvements from Niantic.

Netflix paired these TV and movie titles together for the best binge watching

Bingeing two series in a row is exhausting — so many Netflix users just opt for a movie instead.

'Spider-Man Homecoming' first teaser revealed: 5 key things we know so far

Tony Stark just can't stop giving Peter Parker new toys.

Free iPhone Apps: Get these apps for free now

These essentials are waiting for you in the App Store.

How to tell if your friend is having a breakdown on social media

Here's how to tell your friends it's OK they're not OK.

Nintendo Switch Games List: GameCube backward compatibility could help fill out the lineup

The Nintendo Switch games lineup could get a boost thanks to backward compatibility.

Harvard University President Drew Faust says school won't be a sanctuary campus

Students had petitioned the university to provide support to its undocumented students in danger of deportation.

Income inequality helped elect Donald Trump — and would grow wider under his policies

Half the country hasn't gotten a raise in more than 30 years.

'Hairspray Live!': When and where to watch the NBC special

Excited for NBC's latest live special? Make sure you know when to watch 'Hairspray Live!'

The 13 best gift ideas ideas for couples

Ditch the monogrammed bath towels.

Startling new report shows just how terrible things still are for LGBTQ kids

We've been saying "it gets better," but does it?

Are Jared Kushner's West Bank donations the Trump team's latest conflict of interest?

Newly uncovered donations may present a new conflict of interest from Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Texas is just one of many states using "informed consent" to spread lies about abortion

Texas tells women abortion increases their risk of breast cancer. It doesn't.

'The Flash' season 3 episode 9 reveals a major death in the future

One member of Team Flash may not make it.

Carrier union leader says Trump "lied his ass off" about number of jobs he actually saved

Trump misrepresented the number of jobs he stopped from being sent to Mexico.

Holiday gift guide 2016: The best tech under $1,000

Cameras, notebooks and consoles are perfect gifts.

7 moving photos of veterans and Standing Rock elders who united at forgiveness ceremony

"We've hurt you in so many ways but we've come to say that we are sorry."

What is NBC's next live musical? Get ready for Jennifer Lopez in 2017

Jennifer Lopez will perform in 'Bye Bye Birdie Live' next year.

'Pokémon Go' Gen 2 Pokémon may be added as part of a promotion with Sprint

New Pokémon are definitely on the way.

Holiday gift guide: This season's must-have tech under $100

Here are our picks of the best tech gadgets you can find online and in stores.

The Best Amazon Holiday 2016 Daily Deals: Fitbits, PS4 video games, shoes and more

Amazon discounts on video games, Fitbits and more.

Get Out There: The importance of traveling the world after this election

Why traveling abroad is even more important for Americans now.

Grammys 2017: Chance the Rapper's best new artist win will say volumes about rap's future

"I don't release my music for free, I release it for freedom."

Who is Sturgill Simpson? 6 things to know about the 2017 Grammy nominee

Don't try to define him by just one genre.

Donald Trump selects Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma attorney general, to head the EPA

Pruitt has a history of fighting against environmental regulations meant to combat climate change.

"Heartbeat bill" headed to Ohio Gov. John Kasich's desk could ban abortion after 6 weeks

He can ban abortion after 6 weeks with the Heartbeat bill, or go for a 20-week ban.

What will happen in the 'Arrow' midseason finale? Synopsis, promo for season 5, episode 9

Oliver Queen is confronted by a betrayal on the midseason finale of the CW's 'Arrow.'

This Muslim-owned restaurant was vandalized with bacon twice in one week

"I feel bad for whomever did this because they're carrying so much hate in them. I will get over this. I hope they get peace."

Two juveniles arrested in connection to Gatlinburg, Tennessee wildfires

The wildfires took 14 lives and injured 134.

Gift guide for book lovers: 12 gifts for every book reader on your Christmas list

Holiday gift guide for bookworms that goes beyond books.

The number of people without insurance could double if Congress repeals parts of Obamacare

Many Donald Trump supporters could be hurt by "repeal and replace" if replacing Obamacare is not successful.

'Fifty Shades Darker' trailer gives closer look at villains Jack, Leila and Mrs. Robinson

The second 'Fifty Shades Darker' trailer introduces some new villainous faces.

Pearl Harbor Attack: 5 facts you might not have known about Dec. 7, 1941

The attack on Pearl Harbor killed 2,403 Americans.

‘Game of Thrones’ gift guide 2016: Essential gifts for the ultimate Westerosi fan

Winter is coming, so you need to buy 'Game of Thrones' stuff.

World SMS Birthday: 6 ways texting has evolved since it was introduced

Text messaging has come a long way.

10 men's grooming products that we're obsessed with this holiday season

Help preserve the sexy in the world with these must-have men's grooming gifts.

Dylann Roof Trial Jury: 3 blacks, 9 whites to decide fate of accused church shooter

Roof represented himself while the jury pool was whittled down to include those chosen on Wednesday.

Brooklyn pizza shop gets threats after alt-right links it to fake pizzagate story

The alt-right sets its sights on hipster pizza.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey's feelings about Donald Trump's tweets are "complicated"

Here's what Twitter's CEO has to say about Trump.

Could Adele and Beyoncé tie for album of the year at the Grammys?

Adele and Beyoncé might make history with the first-ever tie for album of the year at the Grammys.

Indonesia earthquake: Here's what we know so far

A deadly 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck Indonesia's Aceh province early Wednesday morning, killing at least 97.

Trump taps another general, nominating John Kelly for secretary of homeland security

Gen. John Kelly is Donald Trump's pick to lead Homeland Security.

'Miss Sloane' review: Jessica Chastain shines in her riskiest role yet

Elizabeth Sloane is Chastain's best role in years, and she knows it.

'Overwatch' Christmas Skins: Blizzard jokingly teases fans with a new image on Twitter

A fan asked the 'Overwatch' Twitter for a tease of "a screenshot of a skin" and that's exactly what they got.