Jennifer Lawrence laughed her way through a story about desecrating native land in Hawaii

Lawrence is in hot water over some sacred rocks.

What your smartphone addiction is doing to your brain

Excessive smartphone use could have a neurological impact.

The best podcasts of 2016 you can binge in the new year

Start off the new year with some essential listening.

‘Rogue One' release: 5 questions 'Star Wars' fans want answered most

Aside from how much of the taxpayers' money was spent to build the Death Star (but probably a lot).

This African model recreated campaigns with white models to show the beauty of diversity

Model Deddeh Howard is sick of seeing only white models in ad campaigns.

Air Force One costs: Here's how much the president's plane costs to build and maintain

Donald Trump overlooked some key facts when he said he was halting construction on a new Air Force One.

Seth Meyers has a poignant message for the media on the alt-right: Call them Nazis

Let's not compare the "alt-right" to hipsters, let's just call them what they are: Nazis.

Arizona Weed Laws 2017: What to know about legalization after Prop 205 defeat

Arizona narrowly rejected Proposition 205. What's next for weed legalization in the Grand Canyon State?

'Pokémon Go' Gen 2 list: 100 new Pokémon revealed in update code

New 'Pokémon Go' sound files suggest big Gen 2 changes could be coming soon.

'Fuller House' season 2 release date: What time can you watch new episodes on Netflix?

It becomes the rare series to air two full seasons in one calendar year.

Andrew Puzder Net Worth: Here's what we know about the millionaire CEO of CKE Restaurants

Here is what we know about the net worth of Andy Puzder, the next labor secretary.

'Bye Bye Birdie Live!' Cast: Who is starring in the NBC 2017 musical?

"Broadway musicals and films fueled my childhood and Bye Bye Birdie was one of my favorites."

When will 'Arrow' season 5 return? Midseason premiere date announced

'Arrow' will return after the New Year. Find out when the second half of season five airs on The CW.

Is the cast of 'Hairspray Live!' lip-syncing? Audio issues plague NBC special.

'Hairspray Live' is definitely having a few issues.

Dylann Roof Trial: Day 2 opens old wounds with photo evidence, more emotional testimony

People in the gallery dabbed at their eyes as they saw the images of their loved ones.

‘The Great Wall’ starring Matt Damon is being accused of whitewashing and propaganda

Matt Damon's latest film 'The Great Wall' is in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Segment of tiny feathered dinosaur's tail found preserved in amber, blows scientific minds

A paleontologist scored "a once-in-a-lifetime find" at a Myanmar amber market.

How much RAM do I need? How RAM works and why it's changing PC gaming requirements

Everything you need to know about RAM to get the best possible PC gaming experience.

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These books need to be on your 2017 reading lists.

The 14 best, funniest memes of 2016, from Biden to the Mannequin Challenge

The year was trash, but the internet was good to us in 2016.

Fake News Sites: These are the websites spreading fake news and conspiracy theories

Can you trust the news? Here's how to spot the fake stories (before you share them).

Gift ideas for the 2016 holidays: Everything the zen spirit in your life could need

Gift a bit of self care this season with these ten zen spirit gifts.

'Super Mario Run' Demo: How to play the Nintendo game right now

How to play 'Super Mario Run' on iOS right now.

'Arrow' Season 5, Episode 9: A major character returns in midseason finale, maybe

A member of Team Arrow suffers a huge loss in the midseason finale of 'Arrow.'

Eating disorders are far more common in LGBTQ communities — here's why

Gay and bisexual men are seven times more likely to binge, and 12 times more likely to purge than heterosexual men.

Today: Trump picks Andrew Puzder, opponent of raising minimum wage, to be labor secretary

This is Mic's daily read on Donald Trump's America — and how it affects you. Labor Secretary, EPA, Obamacare and more today.

'Survivor' Season 33, Episode 13 Recap: 2 big blindsides and a heart-tugging confession

A huge reveal between bros could change the game on 'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.'

Trump hints at a change of heart regarding DREAMers, young undocumented immigrants

Is Donald Trump changing his mind on DACA?

What Donald Trump can and can't do on his first day in office

What may (and may not) be in store on Donald Trump's first day in the Oval Office.

Best Games of 2016: Top 10 most underrated releases

2016 is winding to a close, so let's celebrate the best games that flew under the radar this year.

Here's what we know about Russia's alleged interference in the presidential election

"The U.S. Intelligence Community is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of emails..."

John Glenn Death: Former US senator and astronaut dies at 95

Glenn died Thursday afternoon at age 95.

How one fashion brand is finally catering to the underserved plus-size man

Plus-size men, or big and tall men, have widely been ignored.

'Super Mario Run' Demo Review: First impressions of Nintendo's mobile platformer

'Super Mario Run' pre-review: playing the first Mario smartphone game.

10 gifts for every badass feminist on your holiday shopping list

Other than your unwavering support for equal rights.

Nintendo Switch Exclusive Games: 'Seasons of Heaven' screenshots revealed ahead of release

Nintendo Switch exclusives won't be limited to just Mario and Zelda games.

Stephen Colbert slams pizzagate conspiracy theorists after being dragged into it

"WikiLeaks, Alex Jones, and the sub-Reddit sub-geniuses — and I mean this in the nicest way possible — grow the fuck up."

'Pokémon Go' Update: Starbucks promotion could mean a Gen 2 release later today

'Pokémon Go' Starbucks update: Get a Frappuccino while you fight over new gyms.

John Kelly is the third general named to Trump's cabinet, and he might not be the last

What you need to know about Trump's military picks.

The silence of post-election Silicon Valley is deafening

Dear Silicon Valley: Decline Trump's invitation. Show what you really stand for.

Is 'Overwatch' down? How to check for an 'Overwatch' DDoS and monitor server status

'Overwatch' down again? Curse you, Sombra!

Science has experience fighting fake news — and Facebook should take note

The science community has a hoax epidemic of its own — and these are the solutions.

'Hairspray Live!' Review: The 7 standout moments from NBC's live musical

The live event was filled with memorable moments.

Linda McMahon's WWE career, senate campaign and what you need to know

Trump's pick to lead the Small Business Administration leaves many stunned

Texans may start mailing used tampons to the governor to protest anti-abortion law

Protesters want to make sure they're complying with a new law requiring all miscarried and aborted fetal tissue to be buried.

'BuzzFeed' report: Stanford offered students money to withdraw sexual assault complaints

Stanford University reportedly offered two women settlements to close out their Title IX complaints.

Amy Schumer had the best response to critics of her casting in the 'Barbie' movie

Amy Schumer responds to critics of her casting as Barbie with Instagram post about self-empowerment.

Ranking NBC's and Fox's live musicals — how does 'Hairspray Live!' hold up?

Compared to the others, 'Hairspray Live!' was purely middle of the road.

Andrew Puzder, Trump's pick for secretary of labor, reportedly abused his wife

Puzder's first wife, Lisa Henning, testified to multiple instances of domestic abuse during their 1989 divorce case.

Democrats and unions slam Trump's pick for labor secretary, fast food CEO Andrew Puzder

"It really is like giving the fox the keys to the henhouse."

Philly's "pay what you can" restaurant offers new solution to food insecurity

In West Philadelphia, this new café concept is born (and raised).

A cab driver called Somali-American rep. Ilhan Omar "ISIS," threatened to remove her hijab

Omar said the driver spewed "the most hateful, derogatory, Islamophobic, sexist taunts and threats" she's ever experienced.

Best Buy Pokémon Go Plus preorders get restocked: How to reserve one right now

Best Buy Pokémon Go Plus preorders are back, but they still won't ship for at least a month.

Lebanon women are protesting a law which allows rapists to marry their victims

The outdated law still has some supporters in Lebanon parliament.

The best gaming mice under $100: SteelSeries, G. Skill, Corsair and more

Prepare yourself for 2017's new titles with a new gaming mouse from SteelSeries, G. Skill, Corsair and others for under $100.

Standing Rock pipeline halt: Here's what happens next

A few answers to lingering questions now that the pipeline construction has been halted.

How did 'Fuller House' end? Season 1 finale recap before the season 2 premiere

What if DJ Tanner chooses herself?

The Movement for Black Lives is still figuring out how to move forward in Trump's America

"The work that we’ve all been doing, we didn’t start it because Donald Trump was [running for president],” an organizer said.

Donald Trump may pick his secretary of state next week. Here are the top known candidates.

As the field widens, prominent secretary of state candidates mesh with Trump's aggressive, pro-Russia politics.

Kellyanne Conway muses that the White House is no place for working moms

Kellyanne Conway reminds us that husbands don't like for their wives to have busy jobs.

Jimmy Fallon Nintendo Switch demo reveals new 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' gameplay

Nintendo Switch: Watch Jimmy Fallon go full nerd over Nintendo's newest console.

Giraffes are on their way to becoming extinct — thanks to humans, of course

The giraffe population is declining fast.

Jeff Sessions' desegregation claims may not be true, according to report

The Atlantic unpacks the attorney general pick's claims about civil rights cases in Alabama.

Donald Trump just showed us what word to watch out for in his December 15 conference

Less than a week after a public announcement, Trump dials back speculation that he will divest from his business.

At trial, Dylann Roof presented as cold-hearted racist and a friendless outcast

Dylann Roof’s defense team makes early argument against death penalty, ahead of gutting testimony from shooting victim.

'Super Mario Run' Release Date: 10 Android games to play while you wait

Can't wait for the 'Super Mario Run' Android release date? Here are 10 games to keep you busy.

Why Is Candace Cameron-Bure leaving 'The View'? 'Fuller House' star explains departure

The 'Fuller House' star made the announcement Thursday.

Happy Birthday, Ian Somerhalder! His best 'Vampire Diaries' moments in GIFs

Ian Somerhalder may play immortal, but he looks it in real life too.

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All you need to know about Netflix's newest binge watch.

A streaming guide to the top 10 TV episodes of 2016

Here's where to watch the very best that TV had to offer this year.

'Office Christmas Party' review: Not a true party movie and full of irksome stereotypes

This isn't the party movie we were promised.

'Sopranos' star's son arrested for spray-painting swastikas on SUNY Purchase campus

This is just one of countless hate speech incidents to transpire across the country since the presidential election.

Chuck Jones, the Carrier union leader Trump called out on Twitter, is now getting threats

Why are Trump supporters going after Chuck Jones?

Women are donating the pantsuits they wore on Election Day in honor of Hillary Clinton

As a way to honor Clinton's service, people are now donating their pantsuits to a worthy cause.

Uber cracks down on sexual harassment with a ban on flirting

Uber reaffirmed its stance on "flirting" — but will it solve its sexual harassment and assault problems?