Why Jeb Bush Failed: South Carolina Marks the End of the Road for Bush's Candidacy

A good man? Yes, one South Carolina voters said. A fighter? No.

Twitter Calls Out Media and Police Double Standards After Deadly Kalamazoo Shooting

Twitter is making some valuable points following Saturday's mass shooting in Kalamazoo.

Facebook Post Allegedly Describes Terrifying Uber Ride With Kalamazoo Shooter

Alleged shooter Jason Dalton may have been an Uber driver, police say.

Sanders Supporters in Nevada Accused of Yelling "English Only!" at Dolores Huerta

There was a bilingual rumble in Nevada.

Suspect in Kalamazoo Shooting Identified As Jason Brian Dalton

Jason Brian Dalton, 45, is suspected to have killed six people at random in Kalamazoo, Michigan Saturday night.

Donald Trump Rolls to Victory in South Carolina Republican Primary

In carrying South Carolina, Trump scored more than just delegates.

US Secretly Agreed to Peace Talks With North Korea Before They Tested a Nuclear Bomb

News of the failed negotiations will be a blow to the Obama administration.

Jeb Bush Ends His Campaign for the Republican Nomination

The scion of a political dynasty steps down.

Video Shows What Really Happened During "English Only" Dispute at Nevada Caucus

"We're moving forward in English only."

At Least 6 Dead After Shooting Spree in Kalamazoo County, Michigan

Deaths were reported at a Cracker Barrel and area car dealership.

Why Your Gluten-Free Diet Is (Probably) Bullshit

That gluten-free diet you're on might just be pointless.

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We've all heard tannins, but how does it affect a wine?

Statement From Don Cheadle on the Casting of Miles Ahead

There's more to the story.

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Some Spotify user information has been leaked.

12 of Your Favorite Foods That Contain GMOs

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What Dreams About Death and Drowning Really Mean — According to Experts

In your dreams, no one can hear you scream. :)

Here's What's Really in the Popular Vitamins and Supplements Everyone's Taking

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Movies That Won Best Picture at the Oscars — But Clearly Shouldn’t Have

I think we can all agree 'Crash' winning best picture was a mistake.

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week Begins Sunday; Aerie Launches Campaign in Support

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week begins Sunday.

French Montana, Kanye West And Nas Drop "Figure It Out," Reference Bill Cosby, Chinx Drugz

Kanye West and Nas are featured on a new French Montana song, "Figure It Out."

Rihanna's Shoes And Status Helped Puma Earn Almost a Billion Dollars In Its Fourth Quarter

Rihanna helped Puma earn $30 million more than their experts predictions. Boom.

Looking for Hangover Cures? Science Has Good News for Heavy Coffee and Alcohol Drinkers

A new study found that drinking more coffee can cut down on liver disease.

8 Miley Cyrus Songs That Highlight Her Versatility and Vocal Range

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Here's what you need to know about genetically modified organisms, better known as GMOs.

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'Friends' "Reunion" — Time, Cast and How to Watch the Gang Get Back Together

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When Is Facebook Getting a New Like Button? Mark Zuckerberg Says "Reactions" Coming Soon

Within a matter of weeks, Facebook plans to give its "like" button a makeover. Here's why that matters.

Donald Trump Admits He Has No Idea What He Was Talking About Before the Iraq War

NBC's Chuck Todd threw Trump off guard with audio evidence he supported the invasion of Iraq.

Rubio Beats Cruz in South Carolina GOP Primary, Setting up Showdown With Trump

"Neither one can make a serious run at Trump unless they get rid of the other person first."