Jhené Aiko, Little Simz and Wendy Davis Advocate for Gender Pay Parity at SXSW

"Music is the most influential thing we have. Not politics, not any of the other shit."

Nobody Can Tell How Many Girls Are in This Photo and It's Crazy

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Cory Booker Wants to Make America Great — But Will His Vision Work?

Is Senator Cory Booker the future of the Democratic party — or will his celebrity status be his undoing?

This 12,400-Year-Old Puppy May Be Brought Back From the Dead Through Cloning

Scientists have found 12,400-year-old puppy remains in Russia — and want to clone it, obviously.

What Happens If a Condom Breaks? Here Is What You Should Do Following a Condom Snafu

Here's what to do if a condom breaks on you.

This "Sheet of Paper" Challenge Is the Internet's Latest Body-Shaming Trend

Here's why you shouldn't pay attention to it.

Family of Donald Trump Supporters Casually Sports White Supremacist Tattoos

Good luck denying this one, Trumpers.

Here Are 10 Unexpected High Protein Foods That Aren't Meat or Tofu

Meat isn't your only option when it comes to protein.

Amber Rose Posts Topless Picture on Instagram to #FreeTheNipple

Amber Rose just went all in on freeing the nipple.

This St. Patrick's Day, Good Luck Not Having a Sloppy Drunken Hookup

So many sloppy St. Patrick's Day hookups, so little time.

These "Dudeoir" Photos Featuring a Half-Naked Hairy Man Are Truly Inspirational

He loves his body. And he's not ashamed to show it.

Trevor Noah Makes Tasteless Flint Water Crisis Joke on ‘Daily Show,’ Pisses Everyone Off

Jon Stewart never did anything quite like this on 'The Daily Show.'

Justin Trudeau Doesn't Want a Cookie for Being a Male Feminist, OK?

When you give a (male feminist) mouse a cookie.

SeaWorld Announced Its Current Family of Orcas Will Be Its Last

But the theme park's CEO is still promising "natural orca encounters."

Chicago Abolishes the Tampon Tax, Takes a Stand for All Who Menstruate

Hey, politicians: Tampons aren't a luxury product.

Holly Madison Is Discussing the Pregnancy Symptom Rarely Talked About — Forgetfulness

Former Playboy Bunny Holly Madison takes the time to write about a postpartum pregnancy symptom rarely mentioned.

After Anonymous Hack of Donald Trump's Personal Info, Candidate's Voicemail Box Fills Up

Do you have Donald Trump's cell phone number?

8 Thrifty Outdoor Date Ideas to Take Your Bae on Now That It Isn't Miserable Outside

These date ideas will have you outside and enjoying the warm weather.

Professor Wins $700,000 For Solving 300-Year-Old "Fermat's Last Theorem" Math Problem

Sir Andrew Wiles just won the sexiest prize in mathematics.

This "Booby Trap Bra" Will Help Protect Women — But Not as Much as Stopping Assault Can

"It was done just to be prepared just in case."

Is Ted Cruz Actually a Member of This Christian Metal Band?

To Hell with the Devil, indeed.

A 10-Year-Old Just Drew the Only Cartoon About Flint That Anybody Needs to See

These drawings by a 10-year-old are all you need to see about the Flint water crisis.

Zayn Malik's "Befour:" Lyrics and Meaning Behind New Single Off 'Mind of Mine'

Zayn Malik is making it very clear he's breaking free in "Befour."

These Blinking Lights on Dwarf Planet Ceres Just Get More and More Mysterious

Ceres hasn't run out of mysteries yet.

The US Just Declared ISIS "Responsible for Genocide"

"[It's] genocidal by self-proclamation, by ideology and by actions."

‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 4 Set Photos Reveal Litchfield Prison's Newest Inmate

The women of Litchfield prison are coming back soon for 'Orange Is the New Black' season four.

How Far Away Is a 9th Planet? One Video Perfectly Explains It

It's hard to grasp how infinitely huge the universe is.

Sharing Your Netflix Password Is the True Symbol of Being In an Adult Relationship

Once you'd share a key to your home. Now you share your Hulu account.

Black Officer Ken Johnson Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Latino Teen Jose Cruz

Same rules of institutional racism still apply.

Learn How to Survive a Plane Crash With the Prepare for Impact App

'Prepare for Impact' is a terrifying app. It might also save your life in a plane crash.

Spotify Is Set to Make a Huge Impact On An Austin, Texas, School Following SXSW

"We're not paying a dime, so this is huge."

What Happens When You Eat Raw Marijuana? If You've Thought About It, Read This First

While it may certainly look tempting, chew on this before you chew on that little green nug.

2016 Presidential Polls: Latest Results for Candidates Following Mega Tuesday Primaries

Here's who's leading the polls in the 2016 election.

This Video Starring Olivia Wilde as a Person With Down Syndrome Is Being Called Ableist

What's the real message behind #HowDoYouSeeMe?

Does Missy Elliott Have a New Album Out? Here’s What the Rap Artist Has Released So Far

Missy Elliott has continued working despite her perceived hiatus as a solo artist.

Hubble Just Discovered 9 Absolutely Monster-Sized Stars 100 Times Bigger Than the Sun

The coolest part? Until a few years ago, astronomers didn't know stars could get this big.

Tuna Recall 2016: Full List of Products Recalled From Bumble Bee Foods, LLC

The recalled cans of Bumble Bee tuna could pose a threat if eaten.

Unusable Tomatoes Are Being Turned Into Electricity, Thanks to Science

Rotten tomatoes aren't just for rating movies anymore.

Model Clémentine Desseaux: Why Do Plus-Size Models Always Have to Get Naked?

Some models are over the whole "body thing."

2016 Election Predictions: Who Would Win in a Trump/Clinton/Cruz Face-Off?

Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in a general election, but not necessarily Ted Cruz.

Online Dating Profile Red Flags to Look out for, From Torso Tricks to Personality Tests

Online dating profiles are swiped over so quickly, some users don't take the time to address these alarming red flags.

Donald Trump Is As Big a Fiscal Threat to the World As ISIS, According to Economists

A Donald Trump presidency could pose a severe economic risk globally.

What You Need to Know About Holman, the Brutal Alabama Prison Where 2 Riots Just Broke Out

Inmates have called Holman Correction Facility "the Slaughter Pen of the South."

In One Quote, This "Plus-Size" Male Model Sums Up Everything Wrong With Body Shaming

"It's an insane cycle that can have disgusting consequences."

Is Banks Working With Miguel? What We Know About Her New Album

Is the followup to Banks' 2014 LP, 'Goddess' in the works?

Slow Internet Really Does Stress You Out, Says Study

It's like watching horror movies all day long.

Here Are the 5 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Runners

If you're a runner, you need to know about these apps.

Ariana Grande Just Announced “Be Alright” Is the Next Single Off 'Dangerous Woman'

The song isn't released just yet, but Ariana Grande's biggest fans are so ready for "Be Alright."

Urine May Be the Final Frontier of Renewable Energy

Break the seal, save the world.

A New Fast Food Chain Allows You to Order and Eat Without Any Human Interaction

This new fast food chain allows you to order and eat without even seeing another human

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2016 Live Stream: How to Watch NYC Event Without the Crowds

Want to catch the New York St. Patrick's Day Parade from a safe distance? Live stream it here.

A Twitter Algorithm Knows When You're Drunk Tweeting

Twitter knows when you're drunk.

Iggy Azalea Teases Release of New Song "Team," and Twitter Responds With One, Big "Meh"

No. The answer is no, nobody cares about new Iggy Azalea music.

Marijuana Legalization Pennsylvania 2016: Will State Legalize Medical Cannabis?

Pennsylvania just got one step closer to legalizing medical marijuana.

Lindsey Graham Announces Support for Ted Cruz Three Weeks After Joking About Murdering Him

This "tells you a lot about where we are as a party."

Nina Simone Biopic Distributor Compares Zoe Saldana Casting Backlash to Slavery

"What people are expressing today is something that happened to us during slavery."

Women Who Read 'Harry Potter' Are Changing the Literary World in the UK

Congrats, Harry Potter-reading women: the publishing industry is yours.

Top Rated TV Shows on Amazon Prime You Need to Be Watching Right Now

Netflix has quantity, but does Amazon Prime have the quality?

STI Testing Without Insurance — Here's What You Can Expect to Pay

No insurance? Here's what STD testing could cost you.

Wiley New Album 2016: Release Date, Info and More for 'Godfather'

Wiley just confirmed details about his ninth studio album, 'Godfather,' and fans are stoked.

Rihanna Covers the April Issue of Vogue, Explains Why 'Anti' Took so Long to Create

Yas Rihanna, you better work, work, work, work, work that Vogue cover!

The Top-Rated TV Shows All Have Something in Common: A Compelling Antihero

They're neither wholly good nor evil, and they have unconventional attributes — what are they? Antiheroes!

NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade 2016 Start Time, Route, Map and More

The St. Patrick's Day Parade is about to kick off in NYC. Here's everything you need to know.

Amy Schumer Makes Fun of Herself in Her 'Inside Amy Schumer' Season 4 Promo

Amy Schumer makes fun of her own superstardom in the season four promo for 'Inside Amy Schumer.'

10 Top-Rated TV Shows That Take Over Your Twitter Timelines When They Air

The list is filled with reality shows and sci-fi dramas — surprised?