This Fanny Pack-Wearing College Student Is Our New Anti-Period-Shaming Hero

This man is a goddamn genius.

The Oldest Tortoise in the World Just Had His Very First Bath

He's 184 years old and he's never had a bath before. How gross and adorable.

Who Should Be the Next President of the US? Check This Chart.

Ask yourself three simple questions.

Alleged Ted Cruz Sex Scandal Had the Internet's Cruz Detractors Buzzing

Rumors of Cruz's alleged sex scandal has set Twitter ablaze.

In Defense of 'Pro-Clit Feminism,' Or Why Men Should Definitely Be Eating More Pussy

Not all women love getting head. But that doesn't mean guys are exempt from giving it.

This Baby Was Born With the Most Absurd Head of Hair

Maybe it's Maybelline?

Non-Creepy Man Tries to Win Over Woman Who Blocked Him on Tinder With Non-Creepy Note

We've officially reached peak Nice Guy syndrome.

Old Spice Causing Chemical Burns? Procter & Gamble Is Being Sued for $15 Million

Personal hygiene gone wrong. Old Spice products are causing severe rashes and burns.

Ariel Winter Defends Kim Kardashian West Again for Promoting Body Positivity

Ariel Winter thinks Kim Kardashian West is a role model for body positivity.

#PrayForNigeria Highlights Massive Double Standard in Media Response to Nigeria Attacks

More than 160 people have been killed by terrorists in Nigeria since late January.

Scientists Just Created Synthetic Life With the World's Smallest Genome

Here's what this tiny thing can do.

The Short, Sexist History of the Wet T-Shirt Contest, a Symbol of Spring Break Debauchery

In honor of the 30th anniversary of MTV's Spring Break, we investigate one of its most time-honored traditions.

This 'Matrix' Fan Theory About the One Is Blowing the Internet's Collective Mind

Take the red pill and learn about this confusing 'Matrix' fan theory.

Body-Positivity Activists Are Fighting Back Against These Terrible Subway Ads

These stickers are fighting back against body-shaming ads.

Bernie Sanders Says Victory Means More Than Beating Hillary Clinton

Even if he loses the nomination, here's how he hopes to win the argument.

Here's Why Everything but a Healthy Lifestyle Is BS for Weight Loss

A healthy lifestyle usually trumps a quick-fix diet for this one specific reason.

JK Rowling Posts Rejection Letters to Inspire New Authors to Never Give Up

Author J.K. Rowling posts her rejection letters to Twitter so that fans don't give up their writing dreams.

Men Think They're Too Tough and Manly for Doctors, So It's No Wonder They Die First

Dudes, go to the doctor before your toxic masculinity kills you — literally.

This Debut Novelist Might Have Won a Literary Prize if It Weren't Actually a Robot

We're not sure what jobs are going to be left when they're through with us, honestly.

These Customizable Dolls Are Putting the Power to Define Beauty in Kids' Hands

Now these are the kind of dolls we wish we'd had.

"Outrageously Luminous" Galaxies Are So Bright, Experts Had to Invent a Name for Them

"Ultra-luminous" and "hyper-luminous" aren't good enough.

Ben Affleck Reacts to 'Batman v Superman' Reviews In This Hilarious Meme

Ben Affleck had to deal with the backlash for 'Daredevil,' and now he's doing the same for 'Dawn of Justice'.

A Woman Was Threatened With Handcuffs After She Refused to Remove Her Hijab in a Library

"It's a moment of a lot of fear for Muslims."

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Was 105 Years Ago — So Why Are Tragedies Still Happening?

Echoes of a major American disaster is being seen overseas, and they affect all of us.

iPhone SE Is the iPhone We've Been Waiting For

Sometimes smaller is better.

Did Donald Trump Start the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal Story? Here's What He Had to Say

What part did Donald Trump have to play in the 'National Enquirer' story?

A Student Made a Biodegradable Water Bottle Out of Algae

You can eat it if you're into that.

Here's How Much Money You Can Save From Deleting Uber and Lyft From Your Phone

The number is kinda mind-boggling.

SBTRKT's 'Save Yourself' Is What You Need If You're Sick of "Racism" and "Xenophobia"

SBTRKT releases a new project because he's sick of "racism, xenophobia, the environment or irresponsibly greedy politicians."

Georgia Parents Got "Mystical Religion" of Yoga Banned From School

These parents have no chill.

Patricia Arquette on Lack of Film Diversity: "People Are Smacking Into This Glass Ceiling"

"People are smacking into this glass ceiling."

Justin Bieber Becomes the First Artist to Hit 10 Billion Views on Vevo

The revolution will be televised on Vevo.

In Theory, Humans Could Run Up to 40 Mph — Fast Enough to Escape a Grizzly Bear

Usain Bolt is really, really fast but could humans be even faster?

This Poet Nailed What It's Like to Be a Latina Woman on Campus

" Oppression Olympics is a game I can never have a say in."

Jimmy Kimmel Does Some Tongue-in-Cheek Mansplaining for Hillary Clinton

"You want to be stylish without looking like you're trying to be stylish, and also presidential."

Kendall and Kylie Are Latest Celebrities to Claim Perfect Skin From Just a Splash of Water

There must be something in celebrity water that us commoners don't have access to.

Brussels Bombing Survivor Wrote This Heart-Wrenching Letter to Her Unborn Baby

This letter is a symbol of hope amidst terror.

Workplace Diversity Is Only OK When White Men Bring It Up, Study Says

Diversity is a four letter word.

Donald Trump Has a Two-Pronged Plan to Win at a Contested GOP Convention

Lots of behind the scenes maneuvering.

The NBA Just Took a Stand Against North Carolina's Transphobic Legislation

The NBA is calling foul on the state's new law.

We Need to Talk About the Profound Psychological Effects of Terrorism

Attacks like Paris and Brussels reverberate far beyond the initial event.

Are Easter and Passover Related? Here's the Story Behind the Spring Holidays

Here's the story behind Easter and Passover's relationship.

Why Do People Paint Eggs for Easter? The Tradition Is More Multicultural than You'd Think

Beyond fun and "keeping the kids distracted," there is a historical reason why people paint eggs on Easter.

8 Chilling Photos of People in the Philippines Crucifying Themselves on Good Friday

In other news, I just dyed a bunch of eggs.

'American Idol' Season 15 Finale: Performers, Date and More for the Farewell Episode

Who will perform at the 'American Idol' series finale?

Indiana Just Moved to Ban the Abortion of Fetuses With Down syndrome

Chipping away at "Roe v. Wade," law by law.

ISIS' No. 2 Reportedly in Killed a Raid by U.S. Forces

This is a developing story

All Hail Gloria Steinem, Who Proved Feminists Can Kill It in Miniskirts and Leather Pants

"The miniskirted pinup girl of the intelligentsia."

Why Are Bunnies Associated with Easter? Here's the Story Behind Those Chocolate Bunnies

Why are bunnies associated with Easter, i.e. why do chocolate bunnies of all things exist?

Even Wealthy Families Earning $250K Need Housing Help in Silicon Valley

Teachers can't afford it, and neither can doctors.

Idan Raichel Speaks on Music's Power to Unite: "What We're Doing Is Political"

Finding ways to make in-roads towards peace in the Arab-Israeli conflict through music.

Baidu Created a Robot That Can Predict 'Dangerous' Crowds

This could be bad in the wrong hands.

These Photos Tell the Story of What's Happening in Cuba in a Way Words Can't

There's a lot we don't understand about the Caribbean country.

Terrorism and Euro 2016: What the ISIS Attacks Mean for the Upcoming Soccer Tournament

Holding the tournament behind closed doors would be antithetical to the spirit of Euro 2016.

Did Jesus' Crucifixion Actually Involve Nails? Here's the Truth About the Easter Story

Here's what historians say about the image of Jesus being nailed to a cross.

Zayn Malik's Solo Album 'Mind of Mine': Track List, Streaming Options and Early Reviews

Critics are praising Zayn Malik's 'Mind of Mine" – his first solo album after leaving One Direction.

Police Raids in Belgium Lead to Arrest of Multiple Suspects in Brussels Attacks

Tensions peak in the Belgian capital.

2 New Yorkers Killed in Brussels Attacks Identified as Sascha and Alexander Pinczowski

Sister and brother Sascha and Alexander Pinczowski were killed in Brussels.