Donald Trump Explains When Exactly America Was Great

Hint: It's before the civil rights movement.

How Did Brittany Murphy Die? Investigation Into Actress' Death Will Not Be Reopened

How Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack passed away has been brought back into the spotlight.

Adele to People (Jamie Oliver) Who Pressure Mothers to Breastfeed: "Go Fuck Yourselves"

Adele defends mothers who can't breastfeed, asks haters to f-off, please.

Microsoft Plans to Bring Science Fiction to Life With Real-Time "Holoportation"

Holograms in real-time may be in our near future.

The Kardashians Just Threw Chrissy Teigen The Most Relatable Baby Shower of All Time

Taco bout a cure for pregnancy cravings.

The Ili Pika, a Pikachu-Like Creature, Is Going Extinct

A tiny mammal said to have inspired the Pikachu Pokémon character is going extinct.

Suicide Bomber Kills Dozens in Pakistan During Easter Celebration

Authorities say many of the people killed in the Pakistan park are women and children.

Anorexia Could Soon Be Treated By Brain Stimulation Therapy, Research Suggests

Big news for those suffering with anorexia.

25 Photos Show the Moment Right-Wing Demonstrators Stormed a Brussels Memorial

Some 400 protesters waved anti-ISIS signs and flashed Nazi-style salutes before being dispersed by riot police.

Mexico City Burns Donald Trump in Effigy in Celebration of Easter

Donald Trump was Mexico City's choice for annual Easter effigial burning.

California Legislators Reach Historic Agreement on $15 Minimum Wage

If the deal holds, all workers in California will make $15/hr by 2022.

Bernie Sanders Wins 'Swipe the Vote' Tinder Campaign, Ted Cruz Leader Among Republicans

The Vermont Senator is a hit among young voters.

Beyoncé New Video: Rumors Suggest Mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown Will Appear

Thought Beyoncé was done promoting racial equality and social justice? Think again.

'Lil Kim Season': Rapper Lil Kim to Release New Mixtape on Monday

Lil Kim announces it's officially Lil Kim season with a brand new mixtape properly titled 'Lil Kim Season.'

Will Beyoncé's New Album Drop on April 4? Conspiracy Theory Has Fans in a Frenzy

When will Beyoncé release more new music? All signs point to four.

The NRA Just Added Guns to Your Favorite Childhood Fairytales to Teach Us About "Safety"

Here's what happens when fairytale children get firearms.

Facebook Glitch Sends Safety Checks for Lahore Bombing to People Worldwide

Facebook's Safety Check sounded the alarm far and wide on the bombings in Lahore Pakistan.

#BlackWomensHistoryMonth Hashtag Is Shedding Light on the Black Women History Forgot

The accomplishments of black women are on full display with this hashtag.

Mariah Carey Brussels Concert: Singer Cancels Performance After Brussels Terror Attacks

Mariah Carey has not stated whether she will reschedule her Brussels performance.