Donald Trump Asking Twitter What's in Reporter Michelle Fields' Hand Totally Backfires

Donald Trump's encounter with Michelle Fields proves the pen is mightier than the sword.

Adele Grew a Beard During Her Pregnancy and That Beard Was Named Larry

Hello from the other side (of Adele's beard).

People Are Not Happy With Ashley Graham’s Allegedly Photoshopped 'Maxim' Cover

This is not what we would expect from a body positive activist.

Demonstrators Converge on Janesville, Wisconsin, Ahead of Donald Trump Event

"There's a lot of white people who are pissed off at Donald Trump."

Is the #GayMediaSoWhite? Gay Men of Color Exposed Racism in Gay Media on Twitter

The tea is piping, hot and black.

Drone Captures Aerial Footage of Broken Cargo Ship Near Taiwan Spilling Oil Into the Sea

This drone got rare footage of an oil spill as it was happening.

Can You Spot Why Gamers Are Obsessed With This NSFW Riddle?

Hint: You're looking at the wrong spot.

These 3 Tweets Call Out Susan Sarandon’s Privilege After Her Comments About Donald Trump

"Some people feel Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately."

Here Are 4 Simple Ways to Trick Your Stomach Into Feeling Full

Your stomach is easily manipulated.

Kehlani Hospitalized in Apparent Suicide Attempt After Cheating Rumors With PartyNextDoor

Some social media users were using #StayStrongKehlani to attack the singer after a public scandal with two men.

Bernie Sanders Just Used Clinton's Own Words Against Her in a Bid for More Debates

"You should be willing to debate anytime, anywhere."

Justin Bieber Has "Sorry"-Ass Cardboard Cutout Stand in For Him at $2000 Meet & Greets

Justin Bieber offers fans the chance to pose with obscenely expensive cutout of himself.

Donald Trump Is Gaslighting the Entire Country Over His Campaign Manager's Arrest

Trump tears into Corey Lewandowski's alleged victim.

Resting Bitch Face Is Crucial to Humanity's Survival, Says Science

Our species couldn't live without it!

Melissa McCarthy Calls Out Sexist Hollywood Double Standard: Stop Comparing Women's Bodies

"There are so many more intriguing things about women than their butt."

Want to Look More Confident on Tinder? Straighten Your Posture

It's like your mom always said — don't slouch.

Is Men In Beauty Ads the Next Step for the Makeup Industry?

"There is something so beautiful about a man who doesn’t follow the common standards that society has constructed."

Shutting Down the Dark Web Is a Plainly Absurd Idea From Start to Finish

You guys know what the Dark Web is, right?

Is There a Cure for HIV or AIDS? Here's the Latest on a Treatment Breakthrough

One man has been cured of HIV, so why not others?

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Have This One Surprising Thing in Common

They're causing seismic shifts in the system.

Earth Could Be Hit With a Devastating Superflare From the Sun

It could rip apart the ozone layer, exposing us to deadly UV radiation and frying power grids.

This Underwater Airbnb Let's You Sleep Among 35 Sharks, Courtesy of the Aquarium De Paris

If you can stomach being surrounded by 35 sharks underwater, you can literally sleep with the fishes.

How to Make a 'Harry Potter'-Inspired Cauldron Cake That'll Bring the Magic

Here's how to create the cauldron cake from the 'Harry Potter' universe.

Kehlani and Kyrie Irving's Sad Story Exposes the Dark Side of Social Media Breakups

Social media and relationship drama are horrible bedfellows.

Your Maple Syrup Will Be Darker This Year and It's Likely Due to Climate Change

Get ready for some "stronger" maple syrup. Thanks greenhouse gases.

Meet the Female Gun Enthusiasts Turning Bullet Jewelry Into Big Business

"They want to match their earrings to their guns."

"The Secret Illness" Project Reveals the Truth About Living With OCD

"I'm going to kill someone just by thinking it."

If You Like to Sleep In, You Might Finally Have an Excuse — It's Genetic

According to science, being a night owl may not be a lifestyle choice; it's genetic.

What Is ‘The Ranch’ About? Netflix’s New Series Features Familiar Sitcom Faces

'The Ranch' features two 'That '70s Show' alums, and hopefully will provide the same laughs.

Taylor Swift Songs (and Albums) That Have Hidden Meanings in the Lyrics

'1989' and 'Red' paint clear pictures of her mindset at the time.

The Case for Going on Spring Break All By Your Damn Self

Enjoy spraaaaang breaaaaaak solo.

Creeps Are Using Drones to Spy on Women More Now Than Ever

Climbing your tree with a handycam is so 1985.

Overseas SAT-Prep Schools Have Hacked the Exam to Help Students Cheat

Asian test-prep schools have gotten their hands on entire sections from the most recently administered U.S. exams.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Divorce Rumors Swirl Amid Supposed Cara Delevingne Casting

If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were getting a divorce, it's certainly been years in the making.

Emma Watson Was the Face of a Lancôme Skin-Whitening Product

Alas, you can't whitewash history.

'William and Kate: The Journey': Premiere Date for Documentary Series About Royal Couple

You, too, can be a part of the royal love affair with very long documentary 'William and Kate: The Journey.'

These Smart Bracelets Are the Fashion-Forward Tech Wearables You'll Actually Want to Wear

This line of jewelry does more than just look good.

Frank Ocean's Producer Malay on New Album: "When He's Ready, the World Is Gonna Get It"

Malay confirms that Frank Ocean is at least working on a new album.

Gentrification in San Francisco Is So Out of Control This Man Is Living in a Box

Is it a sign of the times to think that living in a box for $508 per month is actually a good deal?

Child Prophet Sums Up Adult Life With Answer to Homework Assignment: "We Have Shit"

Nothing says "wise beyond my years" like this kid's homework answer.

These Muslim Men Are Suing the NYPD for Allegedly Spying on Them After 9/11

"We always felt like it might be happening, but to get a confirmation was very upsetting to all of us."

In One Chart, Here's the Ultimate Hierarchy of Likes We Get on Social Media

How it feels to get a like from a Tinder hookup versus getting a like from your hairdresser.

People Are Mad Adele Is Headlining the 2016 Glastonbury Festival — Here's Why

Adele is getting hate for headlining Glastonbury, and she's not having it.

New Snapchat Update Now Allows You to Send Stickers and Have Voice or Video Calls

Snapchat's new update makes a strong argument for becoming your default messaging app.

This Weird Blue Ribbon in Space Is Actually a Nursery of Future Stars

Did you know what future stars look like? Now you do.

Researchers Are Trying to Develop New Drugs in Space

The frontier of drug development may be 250 miles above our heads.

This Robot Climbs Like Spider-Man to Perform One Seriously Dangerous Job

Lean, mean climbing machines.

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory Calls Criticism of Anti-Trans Bill a "Smear Campaign"

The North Carolina governor his state is the target of a "vicious, nationwide smear campaign."

Jennifer Lopez Isn't a Fan of Sexting, Says It's "Dangerous" and a "J No"

When it comes to sensitive sexting, channel J. Lo and just say J. No.

Here's How to Combat Seasonal Allergies, So You Can Stop Sneezing and Start Living

Here's how to outsmart those dreaded allergies so you can enjoy springtime.

Two New Drake Songs Leaked Online and Fans Went Crazy

Two new Drake songs have leaked.

This Video Nails How the Media Has Given Trump an Unfair Advantage

The Trump news cycle is 24-7.

New York City College Cooper Union Will Begin to Remove Gender Signs From Its Restrooms

Cooper Union has removed gender designation from its bathrooms.

Movies Coming Out in April 2016, From ‘The Jungle Book’ to ‘Keanu’

There's a couple of animal-centric films this month to look forward to.

How to Make 'Harry Potter' Corned Beef Sandwiches as Made by Mrs. Weasley

Mrs. Weasley's corned beef sandwiches — unsung heroes of the Hogwarts Express.

'Dead 7' Theme Song Features Boy Bands N Sync, 98 Degrees and More and Is Total Nostalgia

It's 'N Sync, Backstreet Boys, O-Town and 98 Degrees like you've never heard them before.

Who's Going to Die in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale? Negan Has Plenty of Options

There are several characters being held captive — so who's most likely to die at the hands of Negan?

The BEAM Inflatable Space Habitat for NASA Is the Ultimate "Booty Had Me Like"

Astronauts need a place to chill in space. Why not this?

Chicago News Reporter Marcella Raymond Has a Wise Response to a Body-Shaming Fan Letter

"Our main job is not to wear a swimsuit or to look like a beauty queen."

SoundCloud Launches a New Subscription-Based Service to Compete with Spotify and Tidal

Is this the revolution in streaming we've been waiting for?

Don't Be Fooled by Your Instagram Feed. Here's the Truth About Those Notifications.

Unless flooding your phone with alerts makes you feel good inside.

Judge Extends 'Straight Outta Compton' Lawsuit by Defamed Ex-N.W.A Manager Jerry Heller

Ex-N.W.A manager Jerry Heller wants $110 million from those involved with 2015 film 'Straight Outta Compton.'

'Dancing With the Stars': Geraldo Rivera Mimics Donald Trump – Judges Not Impressed

Geraldo Rivera pulls out his Trump impression to make dance great again. It goes poorly.

Avicii's 2016 Tour and Performances Will Be His Last, Wants to "Go Out With a Bang"

Avicii went short of calling it quits, but has no set plan to return to music, either.