Donald Trump Says Men Aren't Responsible for Abortions — Here's Why These Men Disagree

"This was just as much my issue as it was my wife’s. It just wasn’t my body."

A Facebook User Who Shared a Men's Rights Post Just Got Publicly Shamed By His Mom

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Texas Abortion Laws Prevented This Woman From Inducing Labor for Her Dying Fetus

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New Video Uses 'Life'-Styled Board Game to Make a Point About the Glass Ceiling Women Face

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Take Your Pubic Hair Grooming to the Next Level With This "Bush Oil"

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Elizabeth Warren Goes on a Tear Against "Loser" Donald Trump on Colbert's 'Late Show'

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Here's What Smoking Does to Your Mouth — It's Even Nastier Than You Thought

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Why 7 Experts Are Convinced Alien Life Might Really Exist

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Man "Revenge Farts" to Get Back at Woman Who Sexually Rejected Him

TFW a lady won't have sex with you, so you decide to fart in her face.

French Official Says Muslim Women Who Wear Hijabs Are Like "Negroes Who Accepted Slavery"

A French official made a pretty awful comparison about Muslim women who wear hijabs.

Justin Trudeau Is a Yoga God in Resurfaced Photo, Continues to Be PM We Want in Our DMs

Justin Trudeau does thing, everyone falls even more in love.

For Transgender Men, Clothing Can Be Self-Determination

"My closest relationship to a bra is being able to take it off with a snap of my fingers."

The "iPhone 6 Knees Challenge" Has Women Hiding Their Legs Behind Their Phones

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15 Ridiculous Donald Trump Quotes From His Campaign You've Probably Forgotten About

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'Archer' Became the Most Sexually Progressive Show on Television While No One Was Looking

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Amber Rose Disses Donald Trump, Praises Kim Kardashian West

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Bow Down, Lululemon Bitches — Beyoncé Is Releasing a Workout Clothing Line

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Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian West Are Forming a Powerful Anti-Slut-Shaming Coven

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Nick Offerman's Shower Thoughts Are Everything

Beef jerky is really just a meat raisin.

School Sends 82% of Its Students to College, Even Though Half of Students Are Homeless

This tuition-free charter school sent 82% of its students to college, despite economic challenges.

How Discriminatory Bathroom Bills Hurt Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Students Most

Bathrooms are a civil rights issue.

Amazon's Trojan Dash Button Eradicates All Bullshit Excuses, Makes Safe-Sex a Press Away

Eruptions happen. Now, safe-sex is only a click away, thanks to Amazon's ingenious digital wingman, Dash.

The Internet Is Now a Part of Welfare After FCC Vote

At least it's a start.

Full Schedule for Remaining Presidential Primaries and Caucuses and 2016 Voting

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German Soccer Club Deinster SV Posts Blackface Team Photo to Show "Solidarity"

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Scientists Finally Have a Clear Image of the Zika Virus — And Now We Can Fight It

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7 People in California Die After Taking Counterfeit Prescription Painkillers

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Beyonce' Clothing Line: Stores and Online Stores Where You Can Buy and Rumored Price

Here's where you'll be able to buy Beyoncé's new clothing line.