Kendall Jenner's "Boots" Required Not One, But 2 Assistants Before the MTV Movie Awards

Let's just say, being a celebrity isn't easy.

President Obama Calls Libyan Intervention Plan Biggest Mistake of His Administration

According to Obama, the U.S. failed to plan for the disastrous power vacuum that developed after Qaddafi.

Zara Managers Allegedly Reprimanded an Employee for Wearing Her Hair in Braids

Zara allegedly thought an employee's braids were unprofessional for work.

NASA Recorded What Space Sounds Like and It's Really Spooky

Space sounds pretty much exactly as you'd expect it to.

Introducing Chloe and Halle, Beyoncé's Young, Black Female Protoges

Chloe and Halle are Beyonce's young proteges.

You've Been Chopping Onions the Wrong Way Your Whole Life

Chopping onions was never so easy.

Bernie Sanders Rebukes Anti-Semitic Heckler at Campaign Event in Harlem

"They run the Federal Reserve, they run Wall Street, they run every campaign," the heckler yelled at Bernie Sanders.

Orlando Brown Says Raven Simone Aborted His Baby in Bizarre Music Video, "Fuck My Fame"

Eddie from 'That's So Raven' is having a moment.

Bernie Sanders Fans Are Sharing Their Literal Dreams About the Vermont Senator on Twitter

Bernie Sanders supporters are tweeting their Berning-est dreams.

Bernie Sanders Walks Back Hillary Clinton Unqualified Comment, Questions Judgment Instead

Bernie Sanders shifts his Hillary Clinton criticism to her judgment, or lack thereof.

Donald Trump Presidency Would Be Terrifying, According to Boston Globe Cover

A Donald Trump presidency looks pretty scary.

Attackers Responsible For Brussels Bombings Had Originally Planned to Hit France Again

France was the original target for the terrorists responsible for the Brussels attacks.

These 15 Photos Show What's Happening to Asylum Seekers in Greece Today

A Greek government spokesman says the clash was "a dangerous and deplorable act."

Naomi Campbell Doesn't Have Time for Your #SquadGoals, Taylor Swift

Naomi Campbell is throwing shade at Taylor Swift and her squad.

11 Tweets That Prove Shaving Is the Absolute Worst

All in favor of not shaving, raise of your hands.

8 Ways to Chop Onions Without Crying Like a Baby

Dice dry-eyed and to your hearts content with these onion-cutting hacks.

MTV Movie Awards 2016 Livestream: How to Watch the Show Online for Free

Will there be a livestream for the MTV Movie Awards?

Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz Score Wins in Wyoming and Colorado

While Ted Cruz won in a shutout, Bernie Sanders tied with Hillary Clinton in the number of pledged delegates.

Joel McHale Says He'll Protest North Carolina Religious Freedom Law With Major Donation

McHale said the "religious freedom" law is "fucking crazy."

Kendrick Lamar Honors NWA at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

"Being gangster changed the way people listened to music."

12 Photos That Prove Grilled Cheese Is Actually a Great Adult Food

Grilled cheese; perhaps one of the world's most underrated meals.

Former NFL Player Will Smith Shot and Killed in New Orleans Following Car Accident

The driver of another vehicle allegedly shot the 34-year-old Will Smith after a car accident.

Dog Found on Highway With Mouth Duct-Taped Shut Prompts Police Investigation

The dog was found on the side of a highway with it's mouth taped shut.

'Views From the 6' Is Set for Release April 29 — What We Know About Drake's Next Album

'Views From the 6' officially has a release date.