Ariana Grande Claps Back at Troll Who Called Her a "Whore" for "Dangerous Woman" Video

Ariana Grande is fed up with slut shamers.

Joe Biden: "I Would Like to See a Woman Elected"

"We're going to be able to elect a woman in this country."

It's 2016 and Latino Representation on TV Is Finally Starting to Reflect Reality

"Hopefully, we create a perfect storm that will make TV a reflection of our country."

Kylie Jenner Claims to Have "Started Wigs," Twitter Roundly Disagrees

Today's rendition of "really Kylie?"

I Used Facetune for a Week and Discovered the Unexpected Benefit of Trying to Look Perfect

"I felt oddly secure about the new power my leveled-up selfies gave me, but I felt insecure about wielding it."

The Rock Just Excused His Memorably Awful Turtleneck Outfit as a "Buff Lesbian" Phase

A lesbian/fanny pack joke... Groundbreaking.

Donald Trump’s Kids Will Not Be Voting for Him in the New York Primary

What's this "civic duty" of which you speak?

These Gorgeous Drawings Show What Women Do When No One's Watching on Instagram

They're just some real ladies, chillin'.

Scarlett Johansson Has Dated Unavailable Men, Proving There's No Hope For the Rest Of Us

This is discouraging, to say the least.

Is There an FBI Plane Circling You Right Now? This Map Will Tell You

You might not like what you find.

Touching Photo Series Shows How Happy People Look After 3 Glasses of Wine

This photographer captured his friends as their tipsy, adorable selves.

40% of Retired NFL Players Showed Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury, According to Study

Is it preventable? Maybe — but only if we get rid of tackling.

Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio Made a Really Bad Joke About "Colored People Time"

CP time isn't as bad as this comedic timing.

This Is What Those White Squiggly Things on Egg Yolks Are

We know you've wondered what the white stringy thing in your eggs are.

The George R.R. Martin Open Letter That's Going Viral Is Faker Than Jon Snow's Death*

I mean, hopefully it was obvious from the get-go.

Twitter Is Having None of Melissa McCarthy’s Critics Taking Shots at Her Success

Is 'The Boss' really a "warning sign" for McCarthy?

The New 'Suicide Squad' Trailer Shows the Joker and Harley Quinn Like Never Before

What would happen if Superman decided to snatch the president? You'd send the Suicide Squad, obviously.

This Italian Classroom Just Schooled Everyone in Embracing Hair Diversity

These are the conversations that should start in the classroom.

Internet Porn Giant xHamster Blocks North Carolina Users Over Religious Freedom Law

"Sorry, bigots!" the porn site wrote on Twitter.

Here's What It's Like to Be a Gay Asian Guy Looking for a Partner on Grindr

"What is the issue if like, an Asian guy messages you on Grindr?"

The Worst Way to Drink Champagne Is the Way You’ve Probably Been Doing It

You've probably been drinking Champagne wrong.

'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' Trailer Shows 1920s NYC as Almost Totally White

At least a few fans on Twitter were not happy with the almost all-white trailer for 'Fantastic Beasts.'

Baddie Winkle Had the Best Outfit of the MTV Movie Awards That Didn't Get Enough Credit

Sequins? Check. Fur? Check. Timeless badassery? CHECK.

The New Gay Children's Book 'Promised Land' Will Feature Two Princes Falling in Love

Soothe your inner child with this heartwarming tale.

People Really Hate the New Pocket Pearl Tampons

People are not fans of the Pocket Pearl.

Watch a Hydraulic Press Smash a Gigantic Jawbreaker Into Pieces

It's the most satisfying thing you'll watch all day.

Edward Snowden Infiltrated a Teen Group Chat to School Them About Government Spying

If you're an internet teen, Edward Snowden has one question for you...

Here's the Right Way To Cut Cake, According to Math

You've been cutting cake wrong your whole life.

10 Mysterious Phenomena That Science Can't Explain — Aliens, Yawning and Spooky Rocks

Science doesn't have answers for everything.

This Cheeto Vine Is the Only Kylie Jenner Lip Tutorial We Need

You have to see Jenner's newest Lip Kit shade.

The Number of Wild Tigers Has Increased for First Time in 100 Years

Tiger numbers are finally increasing in the wild.

Saudi Arabia Bans Women Drivers to Protect Them From Men, Says Top Religious Official

Officially allowing women to drive would be "a dangerous matter that exposes women to evil."

Watch Miley Cyrus, Susan Sarandon and 21 More Celebs Reveal Why They #FeelTheBern

But who is Charlotte Ronson voting for?!!?!

Here's What Doctors Have to Say About Having Sex on Your Period

What do the experts say about period sex? All systems go.

This Real Hoverboard Can Go up to 10,000 Feet, Unlike Those Exploding Ones

Hopefully this one doesn't explode.

Black Leaders in North Carolina Are Ready to Stage Sit-Ins to Fight Anti-LGBT Legislation

This should not sit well with North Carolina lawmakers.

The Rich, Surprisingly Wild History of McDonald’s Monopoly

Can you guess how many McDonald's Monopoly playing pieces were printed this year?

Wine and Chocolate Can Help You Lose Weight, Says Science

Have your cake and eat it too — literally.

Isaac Newton Was Obsessed With the Philosopher's Stone From 'Harry Potter'

Voldemort wasn't the only one who wanted to get his hands on the Philosopher's Stone.

UTI Vaccine: Here's Why It Still Doesn't Exist

The truth hurts. Burns, even.

17 Jaw-Dropping Photos of Space That Show Us Just How Small We Really Are

Get ready to feel very, very small.

NASA's Kepler, Our Best Planet-Hunting Telescope, Is No Longer in Danger

Kepler is one of the most important telescopes of all time.

We Hereby Present the Kate Middleton Hair Guide to Humidity

Teach us your ways, we beg of you.

Hillary Clinton Tears Into Bernie Sanders for Not Stepping Up on Gun Control

"When Sen. Sanders was in the House, he voted against the Brady Bill five times," Clinton said.
News Says There's Still Hope for Redheads With Freckles

Don't you feel better now?

Rihanna Has Officially Been No. 1 for As Long As the Beatles

Only one queen stands between Rihanna and eternal glory.

The Reason You Can't Sleep May Be a Lack of This One Mineral

If you're not getting enough magnesium, you might not be getting much sleep.

The Best Grilled Cheese, Perfect and Gooey and Gold, Is All About Which Cheese You Use

Looking for the best cheese for your grilled cheese? We can help.

Here's Why Yoga Mats Are Hella Gross and Why You Should Avoid Borrowing Them

Yoga is zen; the germs on a yoga mat, less so.

Hillary Clinton Hits Donald Trump on Muslim Ban, Abortion Proposals in New Ad

"With so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop Trump," the narrator says.

Smokers Stay Unemployed Longer Than Everyone Else, Study Says

As if you needed another reason to kick the habit.

Soon, You'll Be Able to Pay for Stuff With Your Fingerprints in Japan

But convenience comes with a price.

You Can Buy Swarovski Crystal Crocs for Your Wedding Because Why Not?

There are now Swarovski crystal Crocs. Because weddings aren't expensive enough.

6 Tracks That Have Us Very Excited About AlunaGeorge's New Album

Get hip to the pair before they become a household name.

The New ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer Features More White Walkers and an Ever-Sassy Tyrion

"That's what I do: I drink and I know things." We know, Tyrion.

Here Are 4 Natural Remedies for Anxiety You Probably Already Have in Your Kitchen

If you're suffering from anxiety, just check your kitchen cupboard.

This Artist Is Using Her Craft to Show the Kind of Father She Wanted to Have Growing Up

"I think I drew what I lacked and very much wanted — to feel loved and protected by my big papa."

We Might Be Able to Predict When Black Holes Form Out of Neutron Stars

If you're obsessed with black holes, you'll want to read this.

The Churro Ice Cream Cone Is the Food Mash-Up You've Been Dreaming Of

Four words: Churro. Ice. Cream. Bowl.

Iggy Azalea Says She'd Cut Off Nick Young's Penis If He Cheats Again

Swaggy P probably isn't feeling too swaggy about this at all.

Marriage Improves Chances of Cancer Survival, According to Study

Adjusted for socioeconomic status, being married may actually improve cancer survival rates compared to single people.

Is Weed Oil Better Than Weed Butter for Stoner Cooking? Two Videos Reveal the Difference

Whether you want to try weed oil or weed butter, YouTube's RuffHouse Studios is here to help.

Kylie Jenner's Gorgeous New Metallic Matte Is Everything We Wanted and More

Kylie Jenner's LipKit collection has three new metallic shades — just in time for Coachella.

3 of the Easiest Ways to Peel Garlic That Pro Chefs Actually Use Too

Garlic cloves don't have to be a pain in the ass to peel.

Goldman Sachs Reaches $5 Billion Settlement for Allegedly Helping Crash Economy

Just $1.8 billion of the settlement will go to homeowners.

Khloé Kardashian Opened Up About Letting Go in a Candid and Heartbreaking Instagram Post

"Sometimes the person you want most is the person you're best without."