Here's the Full Transcript of Mic's Interview With Joe Biden on Campus Sexual Assault

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In One Tweet, Ted Cruz's Old Roommate Hilariously Called Out Cruz's Stance on Masturbation

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"F**K U O'Reilly": Larry Wilmore Has a Brilliant Response to the Host’s Racist Tirade

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Anonymous Just Launched a New Deep Web Chat Service, and, Jeez, It's Bleak

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Teen Bullied by Students and Teachers for Wearing "Make America Great Again" Hat to School

This teen has been bullied by fellow students — and teachers — for supporting Donald Trump.

Sexual Assault Survivors Are Outing Their Rapists on the Anonymous Corners of the Internet

College women used to circulate "rape lists" to warn others of attackers. Now, they're turning to their smartphones.

Black TMZ Staffer Schools White Co-Workers Over the Weeknd’s Hair

"Shut up stupid white people" actually applies to a lot of situations.

'Daily Show' Correspondents Demonstrate Why Choosing Dating Partners by Race Is… Racist

Racism in the dating world is, unfortunately, quite abundant.

Bernie Sanders Just Won His First Senate Endorsement

And it comes at a crucial moment.

Apparently, Homophobic States Really Love Gay Porn, According to This Porn Site

There seems to be a...disconnect here.

Will This Strategy Finally Put an End to Sexual Assault on America's College Campuses?

Behind the new way of thinking about one of the country's biggest problems.

Sprint Featured a White Woman Calling T-Mobile "Ghetto" in an Ad — It Didn't Go Over Well

In a candid Sprint ad, a white female customer called T-Mobile "ghetto."

BuzzFeed Had Black People Ask "Black Questions" and the Internet Tore Them Apart

"Why are we more likely to engage in the new dance trend than we are to get involved in politics or opening a business?"

Parker Posey Tweeted a Trans Joke and Twitter Is Calling Her Out for It

Parker Posey's transgender joke didn't go over well with Twitter.

4 Surprising Causes for Anxiety You May Have Overlooked

There are a number of causes for anxiety — some less obvious than others.

Watch 'Blue Girls Burn Fast,' Amandla Stenberg's Short Film That Got Her Admitted to NYU

If 'Blue Girls Burn Fast' is any indicator, Amandla Stenberg shouldn't have trouble with NYU's film program.

Amy Schumer Mocks Glamour Photo Blunder: "I’m a Famous Plus-Size Model”

"We don’t need these labels … It should just say what size you are.”

You've Probably Been Eating Sushi Wrong Your Whole Life — Do It Right With These Tips

But don't despair — there's hope for you yet.

Trevor Noah Takes Hillary Clinton to Task for "Colored People Time" Joke

"That’s like if the governor of Michigan was going around Flint telling water jokes."

5 Mythical Creatures You Should Know About That Aren't Blurry-Ass Bigfoot

Bigfoot is cool, but is he a mythological Greek hybrid creature with an erect penis? No, no he is not.

This Hot Great-Great-Grandpa Looks Eerily Identical to Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey, version 1.0.

Joe Biden Calls on Harvard to "Get Rid" of Final Clubs That Sexually Assault Women

A hard line, but perhaps a necessary one.

President Obama to Forgive Nearly 400,000 Disabled Americans' Federal Student Loans

$7.7 billion in debt from 387,000 people is now slated to be wiped out.

NASA Publicly Smacked Down Climate Change Deniers on Bill Nye's Facebook Page

NASA had some words for climate change deniers.

We Might Be Totally Wrong About the Universe's Expansion

Our understanding of cosmology might need a little tweaking.

The Key to Curbing Campus Sexual Assault Lies in High School Health Class

The consent conversation is slowly making its way there.

This Comic Book Cover Features An Optical Illusion Only 1 in 15 People Can See

That's one, mind-blowing way to get attention ahead of a comic book release.

Megan Fox's Baby's Father Is None of Your Business, Internet

Can you please be quiet, please?

NASA Is Testing a Propulsion System That Could Dramatically Speed Up Space Exploration

Why not use the awesome power of the sun to our advantage?

Watch Tyler Oakley and Nyle DiMarco Teach You How to Flirt in Sign Language

This is actually SO helpful.

Octopus "El Chapos" Escaped New Zealand Aquarium, Is Probably Coming for You Next

Inky the octopus made an intrepid escape from a New Zealand aquarium in the dead of night.

Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi Says We Need to Change the Way We Talk to Women in the Workplace

"We've got to be treated as executives or people rather than 'honey' or 'sweetie' or 'babe.'"

Hailee Steinfeld Encourages "Self-Love," Is Definitely Not Talking About Masturbation

Listen, it's, like, a female empowerment thing. Get your head out of the gutter.

Beauty Blogger NYCDragun Releases Butt Contouring Makeup Tutorial

"Oh, my, god. Look at her butt."

This Bacteria Lives in Your Groceries and Can Stop Cancer in Its Tracks

You don't even need health insurance to get it.

What's Actually Going on With Your Body When You Get Your Period?

Here's what's really going on when you have your period.

Facebook Just Revealed the Future of Selfies, and It Looks Like a Bad Microsoft Paint Job

Is it still a selfie if you have to draw on your clothes?

Could the Starshot Probes Spot Alien Life Near Alpha Centauri?

"We should hope that they don't find us," Stephen Hawking says.

Black Student at Southern Illinois Goes In on Campus Racism Among "Trump Bros"

This video is worth a thousand words and $22,000.

The #FireSprayChallenge Has Teens Accidentally Setting Themselves on Fire on Instagram

The #FireSprayChallenge is just as dangerous and ridiculous as it sounds.

Former ‘Glee’ Star Lea Michele Honors Cory Monteith and Late Grandmother With New Tattoos

They may be small, but the meaning behind them is huge.

6 Facts About the Sexual Assault Movement You Need to Know

This movement is not new and it's not going away.

The "Genius Grant" Foundation Just Took a Big Step on Changing the Criminal Justice System

They're putting the spotlight on a neglected issue.

How These Four Hip-Hop Artists Are Shutting Down Rape Culture Through Their Music

Hip-hop artists are finding new ways to reverse the narrative about women in rap.

A Woman Created a Bikini Airline and Became Vietnam's First Female Billionaire

This airline's flight attendants are known for their bikini uniforms.

Sea Diver Captures Very Chill, Very "Godzilla-Like" Sea Iguana on Video

Godzilla abandoned Japan for the Galapagos Islands.

With Twitter and Foursquare, We Can Predict Where Gentrification Will Happen Next

It's a first step toward predicting what areas could face dramatic housing changes.

Feast Your Eyes on This Sunlit Shockwave NASA Just Captured

One day you might be able to book a supersonic flight.

The Movie Industry Just Admitted Piracy Isn't Curbing Its Massive Profits

Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated.

Shocking Report: Chicago Police Department Is Really, Really Racist

In other news, water is wet.

White Student Wears Blackface to Texas Party to 'Honor' Tupac

What could possibly go wrong?

Study Finds Fast Food to Be Source of Phthalates

Fast food just can't catch a break.

Awkwafina Isn't "Intimidated by the Misogyny in Hip-Hop"

"They think I’m a Lonely Island, Weird Al, you know — like a parody rapper."

These Amazing Tiny Robots Can Suck the Lead Out of Polluted Water

This could be a game-changer for public health.

Ask Siri About 'Game of Thrones' and You'll Get a Sassy Response

Siri can't give you a straight answer if you ask "Is Jon Snow dead?"

The 'Doctor Strange' Trailer Is Here — And Benedict Cumberbatch Looks Awesome

With hints of 'The Matrix' and 'Inception', 'Doctor Strange' could be Marvel's oddest film to date.

Getting Less Than This Amount of Sleep a Night Could Increase Your Chances of Getting Sick

When you skimp on sleep you're taking a risk.

Watch This Guy Make Popcorn Using a Hair Straightener, Because Why Not

Heat up popcorn in a flatiron if you're into tedious work.

Treating Anxiety and Depression Can Help The Economy in a Big Way, Global Study Shows

How big are the economic benefits of providing mental health treatments? Pretty big.