Brigham Young University Is Blaming Survivors for Being Sexually Assaulted

Think rape culture doesn't exist? Think again.

The Scary Reason Many People Get Cancer: Bad Luck

Bad luck may be the reason many people get cancer.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Moves to Legalize Doctor-Assisted Suicide

The Canadian Supreme Court ruled last year it was unconstitutional not to allow "death with dignity."

There's a Big, Surprising Benefit to Eating Weed Rather Than Smoking It

Why are weed edibles better than smoking? Read this.

In Defense of Texting in Movie Theaters

It's tacky, yes. But is it also unavoidable?

Scarlett Johansson and Tilda Swinton Got Cast in Asian Roles and People Are Pissed

There are billions of people in Asia — and Scarlett ain't one.

Taylor Swift Looks Nothing Like Taylor Swift On the Cover of 'Vogue'

And it's not even the first time this has happened.

This YouTuber's Emotional Story About the Impact of Video Games Will Require Tissues

In which a gamer sees his father's ghost — of a different kind.

A Bernie Sanders Supporter Used the Word "Whore" at a Rally — and Women Are Furious

It's time we retire the word "whore" from our political vocabulary.

Documentary About Man's Romantic Relationship With Dolphin Is Now Online

Malcolm Brenner tells you about the "transcendental" sex he had with a dolphin in this documentary.

What Happens to Your Vagina After Childbirth? Anna Faris Knows — And It Ain't Great!

"It looks like there's a small vagina on top of your vagina."

This Woman Rejected Her Tinder Date, So Naturally He Decided to Send Her Racist Texts

She was like, "I don't want to have sex with you!" And he was like, "#!^%@."

You've Been Peeling Bananas Incorrectly Your Whole Life — This Is How Monkeys Do It

Stop peeling bananas incorrectly. For good.

Woman Goes on Epic Rant Through Kmart Asking Why Bigger Bras Are Always "F*cking Ugly"

"Not all grannies have saggy big boobs!"

This Photo of Ted Cruz's Mouth Is the New "Dress"

Are these Cruz's teeth or his lips?

Kylie Jenner Loyalist Gets Kylie Lip Kit Swatches Tattooed on His Forearm

Calling him a superfan is an understatement.

Taylor Swift Still Doesn't Get Why the Media "Absolutely Slaughtered" Her For Her Sex Life

"I went out on a normal amount of dates in my early 20s."

Science Has Good News for Women Waiting to Have Kids

Kids born to older moms are taller and healthier.

Nick Offerman Defends Millennials’ Work Ethic — Because He Knows Things

The 'Parks and Rec' star knows a good work ethic means something, no matter the generation.

This Is Why Deep Sea Creatures Didn't Die With the Dinosaurs After the Asteroid Impact

Deep sea aliens survived on a "slow trickle of food."

Bernie Sanders Blasts Donald Trump, Says He Has No “New York Values” On ‘The Nightly Show’

"New York values are American values — there is no difference."

AMC Could Allow Moviegoers to Use Cellphones Inside Theaters to Appeal to Millennials

Would you want go to a texting-friendly auditorium? Or does this just piss you off?

Grimes Says Male Producers Threatened to Not Finish Her Songs if She Didn't Have Sex

Grimes says male producers often tried to blackmail her into having sex.

This Magic Mirror Will Tell You What Your Workouts Do to Your Body

The future is coming to your living room.

A Running List of Every Artist Who’s Taken a Stand Against North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Bill

Do not underestimate power of a musician's boycott.

Ariel Winter Gets Tattoos to Honor Her Nieces and Nephew, Is a Cool Aunt

Her Instagram post is a testament to the power of family (and body modification).

Trevor Noah Takes Down Donald Trump's Failed Health Products, Which Involved Urine Samples

"Maybe it’s human pee that gives his hair that perfect ammonia shine."

Scientists Discovered the Protein That Lets Cancer Spread — Maybe Now We Can Edit It Out

This could take away cancer's greatest strength.

New Study Shows "No Differences" in Kids Raised by Same-Sex Parents

Spoiler alert: Same sex couples make good parents.

Black Holes Might Have "Firewalls" That Instantly Incinerate Things That Fall In

We may be one step closer to figuring out one of the biggest mysteries about black holes.

Darth Vader’s Suit Would Cost $18.3 Million in Real Life

Do you have a cool $18.3 million dollars lying around? Why not make a Darth Vader suit?

Elizabeth Warren Goes on an Amazing Rant After Terrifying Report on Big Banks

A signature Elizabeth Warren moment.

This Powerful Photo Series Sheds New Light On Working Breastfeeding Mothers

These brave women are showing how they balance work and motherhood.

The Bearcat Is a Real Animal and It Smells Like Buttered Popcorn

Yup, bearcats smell just like popcorn.

Boko Haram's Chibok Girls Shown Alive in First Footage Since Kidnapping in 2014

Boko Haram has released footage of the kidnapped Chibok girls, the first since their kidnapping in 2014.

This Tiny Robot Phone Makes Your iPhone Look Like a Boring Piece of Trash

The robots are coming for our jobs, our phones and our hearts.

Harrison Ford Auctioned Off His Han Solo Jacket to Raise Money for Epilepsy Research

He sold an iconic item for the best possible reason.

Just by Playing This Game, You Can Help Scientists Work Through Quantum Physics Problems

Remember Ender's Game? Yeah, it's like that.

A UK Couple Found Whale Vomit on a Beach — and It's Worth $50,000

Finding whale vomit is kind of like finding gold.

Donald Trump Is the Most Unpopular Presidential Candidate Since David Duke, New Poll Finds

He's right up (down?) there with the former head of the KKK.

This Wisconsin Man Brought 3 Forms of Identification to the Polls and Still Couldn't Vote

Eddie Holloway Junior is one of the many affected by the Wisconsin voter ID law.

Fox Analyst Accidentally Admits That Subway Sexual Assaults Happen All the Time

Casual interjection during conversation about Corey Lewandowski incident.

There May Be a Video of Ted Cruz Wearing a Pink Boa and Underwear Lurking Out There

Is it possible Ted Cruz indulged in a little light drag? According to his daughter, yes.

A Teenager Was Blinded When an E-Cigarette Exploded in His Face

Blame it on the battery.

A Giant Sphere Was Found in Bosnia and Researchers Aren't Sure Where It Came From

This giant ball could be man-made... or not.

These 12 Photos Prove You Can Use Avocado With Basically Anything

Avocados are well on their way to taking over the world.

This Fish Hides for Safety in a Sea Cucumber's Rectum... Yep.

Pearlfish really are a pain in the ass.

Drake Has a Secret Snapchat We All Somehow Missed — What a Time to Be Alive, Indeed

Hold up, hold my phone: How the hell did we all miss Drake's Snapchat?

Clinton and Sanders' New York Debate Will Highlight the Democratic Race's Big Irony

The debate highlights what's changed in this wild race — and what hasn't.

10 Female Pop Stars Who Have Sung About "Self Love" — aka Masturbation

These female artists weren't afraid to sing about solo time.

Pennsylvania Poised to Legalize Medical Marijuana, Will Become 24th State to Do So

Medical marijuana is about to be legal in Pennsylvania.

Adam Lambert Says the Music Industry Still Wary of Men Who Sing Love Songs About Men

So that's why my songs aren't gay enough.

Rachel Maddow Attributes On-Air Mix Up to "White Men" Pretty Much All Looking the Same

In fairness, they were both named King.

This Florida Woman Is Allergic to ... Herself?

"It's torture living like this — torture."

Did Donald Trump Forget an Important Detail About Former Penn State Coach Joe Paterno?

Donald Trump may have forgotten one important fact.

UC Davis Paid at Least $175,000 to Erase Pepper Spray Incident From the Internet

Sorry, UC Davis, but you can't delete this.

What Do You Wear to Work When No One Sees You Working?

All dressed up and no one to see.

This London Surgeon Just Became the First to Livestream an Operation in Virtual Reality

We dare you to think of something you virtually cannot do.

Rihanna Is Launching Diverse Makeup Line With LVMH

It's the "beauty rocket ship" you've been waiting for.

Alice in Wonderland Shoots Herself in the Face in New Anti-Gun PSA

This anti-gun PSA is using a childhood fairytale to teach a lesson about kids and guns.