Despite "No Photoshop Pledge," Meghan Trainor’s 'Seventeen' Cover Has Fans In a Fury

'Seventeen' apparently was "working that Photoshop."

This Woman's Story About Being Shamed by Her Gynecologist Is Going Viral

Young women are still subject to shame and stigma when trying to get birth control.

Hillary Clinton Bests Bernie Sanders in New York Debate

Going after Sanders hard, Clinton takes a risk — but it's one she thinks she can afford.

KFC Australia's Unfortunate NSFW Promo Was Posted to Its Twitter Account for an Hour

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I Let U.S. Marines Scream at Me and Got the Best Workout of My Life

Welcome to Warrior Fitness Boot Camp.

Journalist Challenges Justin Trudeau to Explain Quantum Computing, Trudeau Nails It

"... because, as we know, things can be both particle and wave at the same time ..."

Teenage Boys Are Learning Absolutely Nothing About Sex — And It's a Huge Problem

Boys who don't get good sex ed grow up to be men who are bad at sex.

8 Times Female Celebrities Brilliantly Shut Down Sexist Interview Questions

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5 Ways Rape Culture Sneaks Into Your Everyday Life

Rape culture is real and it's everywhere.

Sarah Palin Says Bill Nye Isn't a Real Scientist. He Is.

Bill Nye is legit.

Bernie Sanders Is the First Presidential Candidate to Show Sympathy for Palestinians

"We are going to have to treat the Palestinian people with respect and dignity."

Here's Why We Absolutely Need to Stop Using the Term "On the Spectrum"

Delete this from your vocabulary.

This Could Be the Last Season We Get 10 Episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’

We might be leaving Westeros soon.

We Are All This White Girl Who Accidentally Got Jeremy Lin's Name Tattooed in Chinese

"I was like, 'What does that even mean? Is that a real person?'"

Donald Trump Is Scaring the Hell Out of America's Children, Study Finds

America's kids have a new boogeyman.

Zooey Deschanel Just Made a Pretty Solid Point About Post-Baby Body-Shaming

"You just grew a human and birthed that human."

Meet the Resellers Making Thousands of Dollars Off of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit

You might want to go into the reselling business.

Producers of Whitewashed Scarlett Johansson Movie Tested Tech to Make Her Look Asian

Hollywood will have a lot of trouble saving face after this one.

Ruby Rose Sounds Off on Disdain with Recent 'Galore' Interview Being Taken Out of Context

She is not here for your clickbait, Internet!

4 Conspiracy Theories About the Apocolypse

The many ways we're all gonna die.

College Students Created a Glove That Translates Sign Language Into Speech and Text

Language is a fundamental human right.

'Birth of a Nation' Trailer Will Meet the Quota for Your Weekly Chills

'Birth of a Nation' is sure to be a major player at next year's Oscars.

FreeTrumpScore Determines Whether Donald Trump Likes You — And Asks About Your Hand Size

Spoiler: having large hands will hurt your Trump score.

Snowden Is About to Drop a Sick Techno Track With Jean Michel Jarre

He dropped bombs about government surveillance. Now he's dropping beats.

Want Better Sleep? Put These Things In Your Bedroom ASAP

Like most of life's problems: Buying stuff can can make your sleep problems disappear.

Reddit's Sweden v. Donald Trump Subreddit Drama Features Penis Jokes and Gloryholes

Does this mark the beginning of a great nerd conflagration?

'Game of Thrones' Star Sophie Turner Used Exercise to Get Over Body Image Issues

"I think for me, and for every young girl out there, body image is such a big thing."

This Pasta Sauce Company Is Warning People Not to Eat Too Much of Their Product

Would you eat food with a warning label?

This 15-Year-Old Syrian Girl Is Campaigning Against Child Marriage in a Refugee Camp

"I wish all the girls in the world could be like Malala."

Colorado's Eighth Graders Who Are Caught Sexting Could Be Charged As Sex Offenders

Sexting teens could become registered sex offenders in Colorado.

Pollution Is Turning Your Sushi Into a Biological Weapon

There's something in seafood you should know about.

Get Your Technology Out of My Pants, or Why Smart Tech Can Get So, So Dumb

Leave my dumb clothes alone.

The "Posting Tail" Turns Dogs Into Social Media-Savvy Canines With a Tail Wag

If dogs had Facebook, what kinds of photos would they share? Now you can find out.

Greenland Ice Sheet's "Extreme Melt Event" Shatters Temperature Records, Stuns Scientists

"We had to check that our models were still working properly."

Bernie Sanders Bear-Hugs Pope Francis at the Vatican

Sanders embraces the Catholic Church's progressive teachings.

In a Medical Emergency, Strangers Are Less Likely to Help You if You're Black

Will bystanders come to your assistance?

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant Signed a Bill to Allow Guns in Church Without a Permit

Gov. Phil Bryant has signed a controversial gun bill into law.

HealthTap Lets You Ask Real Doctors About Your Weird Health Issues Via Facebook Messenger

Because anything's better than trying to find the answer yourself.

4 Edible Insects That Are Delicacies Around the World

You might be afraid of spiders, but would you eat them if you knew they tasted like soft-shell crabs?

Islamophobia at Idaho State University: 50 Students Have Been the Targets of Crimes

Students from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are reporting burglaries, vandalism and physical abuse.

Hillary Clinton Won't Apologize for the '94 Crime Bill, But This Black Politician Just Did

She's instead calling for white people to acknowledge systemic racism.

Bernie Sanders Supporters to Organize "Berniechella" During Coachella

It is official: We have reached peak Bernie Bro.

16 Tweets That Show Exactly How To Observe Today's Day of Silence

Here's how young people around the country are observing #DayOfSilence.

Aetna Employees Get Bonuses for Being Well-Rested

Sleep your way to the top!

Bosco and Speakerfoxxx Are "Calling All Badass Women to the Yard" With Their New Mixtape

A sound it seems the world has been thirsting for, pushing messages the world needs to hear.