Here's the Malcolm X Speech About Black Women Beyoncé Sampled in 'Lemonade'

"The most neglected person in America is the black woman."

Scientists Discover 600-Mile Coral Reef Off the Mouth of the Amazon River

Scientists have discovered 60 species of corals and 75 species of fish — and it's only 10% explored.

Bernie Sanders Says the Path to Beating Hillary Clinton Is "Narrow"

Bernie Sanders says his campaign isn't writing its obituary just yet.

With 'Lemonade,' Beyoncé Has Already Secured 2016's Album of the Year

Beyoncé's sixth album has the potential to genuinely change the world.

Rachel Roy's Instagram and Wiki Page Are Being Hijacked by Beyoncé's BeyHive

The BeyHive swarmed Rachel Roy's Instagram and Wikipedia page.

George Clooney Wants the US to Finally Recognize the Armenian Genocide

The actor paid tribute to the victims.

Lady Gaga Posts Touching Tribute to Prince on Instagram: "You Just Found God Early"

Lady Gaga thanked Prince for "sharing [his] life with us."

Fat Shaming Your Kids May Make Them Gain More Weight, According to Study

Please stop fat shaming your kids.

Are Beyoncé and Jay Z Getting a Divorce? There's More to 'Lemonade' Than Cheating Rumors

There's more to 'Lemonade' than Beyoncé and Jay Z divorce rumors.

The White House Might Soon Release a Secret Report Linking Saudi Arabia to 9/11

15 of the hijackers implicated in the 9/11 attacks were Saudi citizens.

This Solar Plane Just Flew Around the World Without a Drop of Fuel

"It's a new era. It's not science-fiction. It's today."

Donald Trump Failed a Basic Requirement for Becoming President: He Can't Change a Diaper

Trump turns up his nose at one of the most basic duties of parenting.

Charles Koch Thinks "It's Possible" Hillary Clinton Is Stronger Than Republican Candidates

Charles Koch may think Hillary Clinton is better suited to be president than any of her Republican rivals.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Mocks Immigrants' Accents, Calls Indians "the Worst Ones"

According to LePage, they're "lovely people but you've got to have an interpreter."

With 'Lemonade,' Beyonce Has a Clear Message for Pop Music: Do Better

Beyoncé is calling on the pop music industry to get in formation.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Uses Drone to Take Out Poachers

Aquatic conservationist group uses night-vision drone to take on poachers.

The Average Website Is Now Larger Than the Original 'Doom' Demo

Of course, websites don't come on floppy drives.