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Beyoncé's "Sorry": Lyrics and Meaning Behind 'Lemonade' Breakup Anthem

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Ted Cruz Uses Donald Trump Dressing as Hillary Clinton to Support North Carolina's HB2

Ted Cruz likens transgender people using their desired restroom to Donald Trump "in a bright blue pantsuit."

Bedbugs Apparently Have Color Preferences, So You Might Want to Buy New Sheets

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Beyoncé "Hold Up" Lyrics and Meaning: Singer Calls Out Side Chicks in New 'Lemonade' Song

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Woman Shuts Down Tinder Match Who Told Her She'd Look Prettier if She Bleached Her Skin

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President Obama Just Got Black Lives Matter Completely Wrong

What was the president thinking?

Police Union Says Tamir Rice's Family Should Help Teach Other Kids How Not to Get Killed

The Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association thinks Tamir Rice's family should share their settlement money with the police.

Rachael Ray's 'Lemonade' Experience Was Slut-Shamier Than Yours

BeyHive, wat r u doin'? BeyHive, stahp.

The Bizarre True Story of the Man Who Stole Einstein's Brain

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Gender Stereotyping Begins at Just 3 Months Old, According to Science

It starts as early as 3 months.

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Beyonce "Pray You Catch Me" Lyrics and Meaning: Is It About Jay Z Cheating on Beyonce?

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New Images of Dwarf Planet Ceres Reveal a World Full of Craters and Landslides

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16-Year-Old Trans Boy Ejected From Ted Cruz Rally in Maryland

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Beyoncé "Freedom" Lyrics and Meaning: A Powerful Anthem for Black Women

Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar are throwing their support behind Black Lives Matter with "Freedom."

This Makeup Artist Hilariously Transforms Her Chin Into Crying Kim Kardashian West

Yet you still haven't even mastered a cat eye.

Tsunami Caused by Meteor Impact Off East Coast Was Actually Routine Buoy Maintenance

Scientists initially thought the wave was caused by a meteor before the true cause was revealed Monday.

Watch 'Hamilton' Star Lin-Manuel Miranda Rap About Puerto Rican Debt

"A hurricane is coming and we’re running up a loss."

Bernie Bros Demand to Know #WhatsInHillarysPurse — And Twitter Has Answers

Possibilities include: Democrats, the transcripts, hot sauce and the keys to the White House.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Share Shell Corporation Address in Delaware

Clinton's campaign says she didn't avoid taxes using the company. But Trump actually brags about it.

The Math Behind Drake's 'Views From the 6' Album Cover Doesn't Seem to Add Up

Twitter's Photoshop cops are out on patrol.

New Study Says Restaurant Smoking Bans Had a Major Impact on Infant Health

Secondhand smoke is affecting our children, and bans on public smoking can help.

Here's How Many Times the Bible Talks About Transgender People

"An abomination to the Lord your God."

5 "Healthy" Foods That Aren't Really Healthy at All

As if trying to eat healthy wasn't difficult enough...

Being Single Quotes: 11 Tweets That Describe the Beauty and Despair of Singlehood

In being single, some people find strength. Others, crippling loneliness.

Extinct "Killer Sperm Whales" Terrorized Ancient Oceans With Their Enormous Teeth

These killer sperm whales were not the docile squid-eaters we know today.

Smoking Cigarettes While Pregnant Can Actually Change Your Baby's DNA

It's probably a good idea to put the cigarette down.

4 Ancient Civilizations That Mysteriously Crumbled — and Have Scientists Puzzled

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What the Melisandre Reveal on ‘Game of Thrones' Means For the Fate of Jon Snow

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Making Beyoncé’s Lemonade Family Recipe Is Probably a Horrible Idea for Your Health

Beyonce's 'Lemonade' is a dangerously good album. Her family recipe for lemonade, however, is just downright dangerous.

Geniuses at MIT Just Revealed the Fast Food Restaurant of the Future

The robots are coming for our cafeterias.

From Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders, Male Politicians Are Wearing Lots and Lots of Makeup

From Sanders to Cruz, here's a peek into their makeup routines.

George Clooney Just Presented a $1 Million Prize to This Woman Who Saved 30,000 Kids

Refugees are "people, just like you and me."

In Defense of the Messy, Melodramatic, All-Around Shitty Breakup

It’s not great to go all-out “Blank Space.” But it can help to get pissed.

Kylie Jenner Taking a Mirror Selfie Is All of Us Taking a Mirror Selfie

Don't act like you've never done this before.

Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Reviews: Album Explores "Betrayal, Jealousy, Revenge and Rage"

Here's what the music critics think of 'Lemonade.'

'Doctor Strange' Writer Says Controversial Tilda Swinton Casting Was a "Cultural Landmine"

"There is no other character in Marvel history that is such a cultural landmine, that is absolutely unwinnable."

'Game of Thrones' Is Being Condemned for Its Depictions of Sexual Violence

The organization denounced the HBO series as part of their "Shame of Thrones" campaign.

Kate Hudson Threw a Trashy Wedding Party For Her Birthday, and It Was Truly Magical

She's rocking her white wedding fishnets.

Elon Musk Says Tesla Autopilot Makes You 50% Less Likely to Crash

Computers are already way better drivers than people.

Stomach Bacteria Could Actually Be Used to Treat Anxiety, According to Mouse Poop

Does mouse poop hold the secret to treating anxiety?

Prince's Final "Purple Rain" Performance Is a Legendary Swan Song

"Just incredible, of course."

Cleveland Agrees to Pay $6 Million Settlement to Family of Tamir Rice

Officer Timothy Loehmann was not charged with a crime for killing Tamir Rice.

Drinking Coffee May Cut Your Risk of Developing Endometrial Cancer, Study Suggests

Four-plus cups of coffee could help you avoid endometrial cancer.

This Theater Major's Graduation Photos Perfectly Capture the Harsh Reality of Student Debt

At least this college student has a sense of humor about her student loan debt.

Alabama Workers Get Monday Off to Celebrate Confederate Memorial Day

Not a very happy holiday.

Love Pasta and Making Out? "Kissing Garlic" Cuts Bad Breath and Romantic Woes

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