As Fans Celebrate Drake's 'Views From the 6,' Here's How the Rapper Became Famous

With each album, Drake continues to reassert himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Emma Watson Just Tore Apart Everyone Who Thinks There Is No Gender Gap

Damn Emma, back at it again with the feminist wisdom.

Trans Girl's Anti-North Carolina Photo Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

A New Jersey photographer's message about transgender bathroom bills is well intentioned, but carries a problematic message.

A High Schooler Was Slut Shamed and Told to Wear Her Vice Principal's Tux Jacket to Prom

A teacher allegedly told this high school student she had to "cover up."

Caitlyn Jenner Used the Women's Bathroom at Trump Tower — And Took a Shot at Ted Cruz

Caitlyn Jenner hit back at Ted Cruz's transphobia.

Beyoncé Dedicates the Finale of Her First Stop on the Formation Tour to Jay Z

Beyoncé may not be ready to "bounce to the next dick."

Black Voters Are More Worried About Gun Violence Than Police Brutality, According to Poll

While racism and brutality are worries for these respondents, the most pressing issue is gun violence in the community.

What the Hell Is Going On in Tennessee?

Take me to another place, take me to another land...

Here's Why You Have So Many Annoying Facebook Friends

Why don't we just hit the unfriend button and call it a day?

Amy Schumer Perfectly Nails the Hypocrisy With Guns in This ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Sketch

Amy Schumer just got real America's obsession with guns.

University Removes Sexist Cheerleader Tryout Guide After Social Media Outcry

Is this a late April Fool's prank?

Something Disturbing Happens When You Search Google for "Penis"

It's hard out there for a teen with questions about his junk.

‘Southside With You’ Trailer Shows the Obamas on the Cutest First Date Ever

Something tells me these two are going places.

BioViva USA Claims It Can Reverse Your Aging. Here's Why That's Bullsh*t.

For one thing, we'd need an identical twin.

A Scientific Breakthrough Could Lead to a Cure for Gray Hair and Vitiligo

A drug to prevent gray hair? It could be a reality.

7 Space Mysteries No Scientist Can Explain

Space really is the final frontier.

Franchesca Ramsey of 'The Nightly Show' Takes Piers Morgan to Task for Beyoncé Thoughts

Franchesca Ramsey isn't buying Piers Morgan's thoughts on 'Lemonade.'

Bomb Threat at Baltimore Television Station, Suspect Down

This story is developing.

Internet Calls "Appropriation" on "New" Workout That Looks a Lot Like Indian Dandiya Dance

"World's first" may have been a bridge too far.

Is Beyoncé Dancing to "Fuck Donald Trump" On First Night of Formation World Tour?

"I feel blessed and safe now that I've seen Beyoncé dance to 'Fuck Donald Trump.'"

George Takei to Bernie Sanders Supporters: It's Over, Come Back to Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders supporters just got burned.

TV Writers Address Senseless LGBTQ Character Deaths With a Pledge to Do Better

The "Lexa Pledge" is a necessary step for the industry.

Is Sexting Cheating? Lots of People Don't Think So, Apparently

Well, this is interesting.

42 Harvard Students Are Infected With Mumps — And That's Not the Scary Part

"If you haven't gotten mumps yet, you're a prude."

We Need to Talk About the Nightmare That Is Team USA's Olympic Closing Ceremony Uniforms

Lookin' like the fraternity bro who threatens to sue you because his father is a lawyer.

Brother-Sister Duo Plans to 'Deal In' Donald Trump With a Literal Deck of Woman Cards

HIllary Clinton, Beyoncé and Harriet Tubman are among the American women chosen for a deck of playing cards inspired by Trump.

Hillary Clinton Is the Only Presidential Candidate Showing Up to an Asian-American Forum

Hillary Clinton is the only presidential candidate who will be showing up.

5 Ways Men Can Call Out Rape Culture, According To NFL Linebacker DeAndre Levy

The Detroit Lyons player urged men to speak out against abuse, in an essay published for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

NASA's Gold-Covered James Webb Space Telescope Could Reveal Incredible New Worlds

The JWST is going to be awesome AF.

5 Foods That Cause You to Be Gassy and Bloated

What you eat now determines your fate in a few hours.

Having Friends May Be a Stronger Painkiller Than Morphine, Study Finds

Which is to say, Taylor Swift is impervious to pain.

Scientists Just Made Sperm Out of Human Skin Cells and It Could Change the Way We Conceive

This could be a major breakthrough for couples who can't conceive children.

John Boehner Says He Thinks Ted Cruz is "Lucifer in the Flesh"

"A miserable son of a bitch."

Baltimore Police Say 13-Year-Old Boy Should Have Dropped Toy Gun Before They Shot Him

Police shot a 13-year-boy who was holding a toy gun.

Weatherwoman Getting Accosted by Windows 10 Update Pop-Ups Is All of Us

Stop trying to make Windows 10 happen.

Tennessee Bill Bans Programs Promoting Gender-Neutral Pronouns, Tramples on Free Speech

Tennessee lawmakers stripped funds from the office for diversity and inclusion to do it.

This Beauty Blogger Wants You to Spray Mouthwash in Your Hair to Get Rid of Dandruff

It's time for some minty fresh, flake-free locks!

Buddhist Monk Is Elaborately Mummified and Covered in Gold

His body will be placed at the same temple he spent most of his life, in gold-wrapped form.

This Is the Wildest (and Fastest) ATM Robbery You'll Ever See

It all takes less than a minute.

Daniel Radcliffe Is Pretty Disgusted With the Gender Wage Gap in Hollywood

"I had just fucking naively thought this was not an issue any more because how can this still be happening?"

This "Woolly Wolf" Isn't Actually a Gray Wolf, Is in Fact Likely Its Own Species

The Himalayan wolf has been genetically distinct for 800,000 years.

Laverne Cox, Other Celebs Promoting #JusticeReformNow Over This Unsettling US Prison Stat

#JusticeReformNow sheds light on the disparity between the U.S. Population and the U.S. prison population.

Mom’s Powerful Message About Her Post-Baby Body Reveals What's Truly Important In Life

After a cancer scare, Constance Hall realized what was most important in life.

Carly Fiorina Comes Out of the Gate Swinging At Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Same difference, says Fiorina.

Drake's New Album 'Views': Download, Streaming Info, Track List and More

This could be one of the most defining Drake albums to date.

The Real Reason Why Your Fridge Is Covered in 'Save the Date' Cards

At this point, they're a wedding tradition — but do we really need them?

This North Carolina Megachurch Preschool Is Being Sued for Ejecting Kids With Disabilities

Answering the question: What wouldn't Jesus do?

New Tennessee Bill Allows Mental Health Counselors to Refuse Patients, Because Religion

Tennessee has a new, questionable "religious freedom" bill.

Yale Just Decided to Keep a Controversial Name for Its Residential House

Some student activists will not be happy.

Condoms in Porn Could Convince People to Have Safer Sex IRL

Well, this is interesting!

Drake Previews 'Views' With a Visual on the Eve of His New Album Release

View this visual before listening to 'Views'

NYC Will Return $1.1 Million Stolen Buddhist Relic to Pakistan

The carving, Buddhapada, depicts Buddha's footprints.

Susan Sarandon: More Afraid of Hillary Clinton's War Record Than Donald Trump's Wall

Susan Sarandon is the emerging face of the #NeverHillary splinter group of Bernie Sanders' supporters.

Obama Administration Calls on States for Prison Reforms to Reduce Solitary Confinement

There's a wall between federal and state laws when it comes to reforming prisons.

Pesticides Are Harming Nearly Every Endangered Species in the US

97% of all endangered species are threatened by just 3 chemicals.

The 2 Numbers That Put the Escalating Syrian Civil War Into Perspective

The Syrian civil war is a humanitarian disaster and these numbers prove it.

Doctors Say Vaping Is Actually Safer Than Smoking, Could Help You Quit

Vaping nicotine-filled e-liquid may actually be a safe way to quit smoking, permanently.

Red Meat Could Be Speeding Up Your Biological Clock, According to Study

One more thing to add to red meat's rap sheet.

Denmark Might Pass a Tax on Red Meat to Fight Climate Change

Denmark wants to regulate red meat to save the Earth.