Swipebuster Lets You See If Your Partner Is on Tinder — But There's a Big Problem With It

Do you *really* want to know if your partner is on Tinder? I mean, *really*?

Victoria's Secret Angel Erin Heatherton on Why She Quit: "I Was Told I Had to Lose Weight"

"I remember staring at my food and thinking maybe I should just not eat."

People Who Search for Donald Trump on Google Are Interested in These Five TV Shows

Well, except 'The Apprentice.' That's not surprising.

Image of JCPenney Skirt Goes Viral Over Ill-Placed "Period Flower"

This is the definition of a fashion fail.

Sarah Palin Responds to Azealia Banks' Gang-Rape Comments, Makes Unfortunate Typo

Sarah Palin has responded to Azealia Banks saying she should be gang raped.

Anonymous' #OpIsrael Cyberattack Comes Every Year on April 7 — And Israel Is Ready

Every year, Anonymous threatens to attack Israel in the name of Palestine.

Beyoncé Lays to Rest "Formation" Video Controversy: "I Am Against Police Brutality"

"I am against police brutality and injustice. Those are two separate things."

17 Unfortunate Tattoos That Will Make Grammar Nerds Cringe

The bad tattoos aren't permanent, right?

There Are Health Benefits to Having Sex on Your Period — Here's Why You May Want to Try It

Period sex has a slew of health benefits, so why not?

Amy Schumer Is Not OK With 'Glamour' Magazine Calling Her "Plus-Size"

"It doesn't feel right to me."

These 18 Trillion-Degree Black Hole Jets Are Puzzling Scientists

Black holes are one of the most mysterious objects in the cosmos, and they just got even more bizarre.

Trevor Noah Asked DNC Chair If Bernie Sanders Was Being "Cockblocked" by Party

"I’m not doing a very good job of rigging the outcome or — blocking — anyone"

Fentanyl Is 50 Times More Potent Than Heroin — And Just Killed 10 People in 12 Days

Why aren't more people talking about it?

This Condom Made of Spinifex Grass Could Be the Weirdest Thing You've Ever Worn During Sex

Researchers think they've found the material for the perfect prophylactic in the Australian outback.

Inside the World of "13th-Steppers," People Who Prey on Recovering Substance Abusers

This is the side of 12-step programs no one talks about.

Cisgender v. Transgender v. Gender Fluid — Here’s What These Gender Identity Terms Mean

Curious about what genderqueer or gender fluid means? We're here to help.

People Googling Trump Have Very Different Music Tastes Than People Googling Bernie Sanders

The revolution will sound very different depending on who's leading it.

Joy Bryant Sums Up Why Everyone Should STFU About Women Not Having Kids

"I don't need to be a mother in order to be fulfilled in my life."

3 Home Remedies for Yeast Infections You Should Never Try — Your Vagina Is Begging You

No matter how bad your yeast infection, don't put random objects from your pantry in your vagina.

24-Year-Old Erin Schrode Is Trying to Become the Youngest Woman Ever Elected to Congress

"You should have a breadth of backgrounds in Congress — and right now we just don't."

Samantha Bee Tears Apart Some of Ted Cruz’s Most Horrifying Faith-Based Supporters

Samantha Bee destroys the faith-based supporters of Ted Cruz — or, as she calls him, "Princeton's unwanted fetus."

Beyoncé Talks Feminism in 'Elle' Interview — And It's Better Than We Could've Hoped

?Beyoncé's feminism means unqualified equality, for everyone. Period.

Source in 'Rolling Stone' UVA Rape Article, "Jackie," Must Testify, Court Rules

Lawyers for Jackie said testifying might cause her "irreparable harm."

Hillary Clinton's Letter to Demi Lovato Thanks Singer for Standing up for LGBTQ Youth

You don't get a letter from Hillary Clinton every day.

There's a Consent Problem With the Scarlett Johansson Robot, and We Need to Talk About It

When your robot clone provides someone else emotional companionship, you deserve a say.

Your Birth Month May Predict the Kind of Allergies That Will Ruin Your Life Each Spring

It's like a horoscope but for your respiratory system and way less fun.

Why Do Brides Wear Veils? The Reason Is Not at All What You May Think

The bridal veil has less to do with purity and more to do with fire.

This Desk Hammock Is the Perfect Accessory for People Who Want to Nap at Work

Finally, the under-the-desk hammock you've been waiting for.

Greg Louganis, Gay Olympic Legend, Is Finally Covering a Wheaties Box

Wheaties finally corrects a homophobic mistake from the 1980s.

The Fight Over Planned Parenthood Isn't About Women or Children — But They Lose Every Time

Planned Parenthood has become a political poker chip for the right, and women's welfare is what's at stake.

Newly Discovered "Teenage" Antibody Could Mean Knocking Out HIV for Good

An HIV vaccine could finally be on its way.

Melissa McCarthy's Lip Sync Battle With Jimmy Fallon Is Why You Got Out of Bed Today

Pocahontas' "Colors of the Wind" like you've never seen it.

What the First Model with Down Syndrome in a Beauty Campaign Wants You to Know

"I love to show the world that people with disabilities have abilities."

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Are Reportedly Engaged

Some real shit's about to go down.

Report: College Campus Attitudes Toward Free Speech Aren't What You Think

College students are pretty complicated.

9 Shocking Facts About the Student Loan Debt Crisis That Can Make Going to College Awful

You'll be paying for the best years of your life... for the rest of your life.

Scientists Discover a New State of Matter Called "Quantum Spin Liquid"

"Quantum spin liquid" were probably the first three words the scientists blurted out in excitement when they made their discovery.

Obama Just Called Out Trump's Proposal to Make Mexico Pay for a Border Wall

Obama takes aim at "insidious" loopholes — and at Trump

New York Science Buff Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna Gets Into All 8 Ivy League Schools

Science buff Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna has her choice of Ivy Leagues for the incoming class of 2020.

InkHunter App Uses Augmented Reality To Let You Tattoo Yourself

Scared of getting inked? The InkHunter app shows you what it'll look like.

Taylor Swift Will Soon Have a BMI Award Named After Her

It seems the king of pop now has a queen.

PayPal Protests North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law, Cancels Plans to Hire 400 People In State

"PayPal will not move forward with our planned expansion into Charlotte," says CEO Dan Schulman.

The Amount of Salt in Your Chinese Takeout Is Shocking — and It's Killing You

An excess amount of this ingredient could cause devastating health effects in the long run.

Larry Wilmore Can't Believe Mississippi Has Confederate Heritage Month in 2016

"The South lost. Why are we still dealing with this bullshit?"

"Invisible" Japanese Trains Will Blend Into Landscapes As New Yorkers Fight Subway Rats

Japan gets living rooms in their near-invisible trains while New Yorkers get rat selfies.

It Costs NYC More to House Inmates Than Students Pay to Attend Ivy League Schools

The annual cost to keep a prisoner behind bars can be higher than Harvard's tuition. Go figure.

Preacher Shreds Quran, Wants to Burn Down Phoenix Mosque and Build a 7-11 Instead

It's not because he just really wants a taquito.

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Season 2 on Netflix: Cast, Release Date and What to Expect

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' is back, and with no reservations on its characters.

ISIS-Linked Video Threatens Brussels-Style Attacks in London, Berlin and Rome

"If it was Paris yesterday, and today in Brussels, Allah knows where it will be tomorrow."

Why Those Delicious Frozen Meals Are the Worst Thing You Could Possibly Be Eating

Frozen meals aren't always bad, however.

Jodie Sweetin's 'Dancing With the Stars' Performance Was a Touching Tribute to Sobriety

'Fuller House' star Jodie Sweetin says sobriety changed her life for the better.

This Universe-Shaking Collision Caused the Galaxy's Youngest Supernova

We've finally unraveled the cause of a mysterious cosmic death.

Netflix's 'The Ranch' Feels Like a Network Sitcom: Just Add F-Bombs and Conservative Jokes

Place a laugh track on a ranch, mix in some Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliott, and you've got a pretty good sitcom.

Ruby Rose of 'Orange Is the New Black' Opened up About Her Depression on Instagram

Ruby Rose shared a hopeful message about depression on Instagram.

Study Finds That People Can Be Aroused By Touching Robots With "Human-Like Bodies"

A study finds that people can become more aroused by touching robots in their nether regions.

How Did Kurt Cobain Die? Why Speculations of Murder Still Persist 22 Years Later

Kurt Cobain died 22 years ago on this day, but many continue to debate whether it was suicide or homicide.

Rolling Stones' New Album: 2016 Release Date Possible for Blues-Themed Music

Expect a hefty dose of blues covers for the band's latest album.

If We Don’t Solve Climate Change, NASA Space Exploration Will Be at Risk

Rising sea levels threaten NASA's coastal facilities.

'Kong: King of the Apes': Premiere Date and Details on Netflix's New Animated Series

Netflix's 'Kong: King of the Apes' is a modern take on the 'King Kong' story.

Here’s How Twitter Is Remembering Kurt Cobain on the 22nd Anniversary of His Death

The Nirvana singer is remembered 22 years later by a passionate fan base.