This Man's Facebook Post Perfectly Nails What's Wrong With Women's Clothing

"A woman my size is NOT an extra large woman."

South African Judge Says Rape Is a Part of Black Culture in Exposed Facebook Conversation

South African judge Mabel Jansen's year-old racist conversation may now cost her her job.

You've Been Eating Sandwiches Wrong Your Whole Life

"I broke down and cried when I discovered this."

This Math Problem Is Stumping the Whole Internet. Can You Solve It?

Only 60% of people in their 20s can get this right.

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This ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Theory About Bran Stark Could Be a Series Game Changer

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7 Things Your Friends With Social Anxiety Want You to Know

"It's not about just being 'shy.'"

Zayn Malik's Music Video for "Like I Would" Has Him Looking Handsomely 'Tron'-Like

If we get a 'Tron: Legacy' sequel, Malik at least deserves an audition after this.

Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Goop'-Approved Sex Life Would Cost You More Than $25,000 IRL

How much will Goop sex cost you? We did the math.

This Crowdfunding Campaign Is Supposed to Treat Pedophilia. What It Does Is Much Worse.

For such a serious problem, the solutions are startlingly inadequate.

The New Trailer for ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Shows Litchfield Prison at Its Darkest

Surprise! Piper is pissing off the other inmates, again.

Is Facebook Censoring Conservative News? US Senators Demand Answers

Is Facebook censoring conservative media?

Indie Band Yacht Reportedly Pretended to Leak a Sex Tape for Publicity

This is a horrible, horrible thing to do.

5 Female Celebrities Who Took a Powerful Stand for Their Post-Pregnancy Bodies

Mothers are speaking out about the constant abuse they receive online.

This Vine About Graduating From College Is So Perfect It Actually Hurts

It's been seven years but I still feel like this.

Donald Trump Spokeswoman Insists to Megyn Kelly That Candidate Isn't Sexist

Donald Trump is an equal opportunity offender, Katrina Pierson says.

Geraldine Roman Just Became the Philippines' First Transgender Congresswoman

"Gender only becomes an issue when you try to keep it a secret. Why should I be ashamed?"

Arkansas Judge Joseph Boeckmann Resigns After Defendants' Nude Photos Found on Computer

"There are numerous photos of naked young men bending over after an apparent paddling."

Among Many Heroes in 'Captain America: Civil War,' Marvel Got Black Panther Just Right

Marvel hit a home run with its first lead black superhero, which was hugely important.

5 Pacific Islands Just Disappeared Thanks to Rising Sea Levels Caused by Climate Change

It's the first scientific evidence showing climate change's effects on the shorelines of Pacific islands.

In Defense of 'Lemonade,' Janet Mock Took a Stand for "Black Femme Feminists" Everywhere

Janet Mock agreed to disagree with bell hooks' critique of 'Lemonade.'

Vomiting Drunks May Have Killed the World's Rarest Fish

"The last thing they need are these idiots running amok in the last place on Earth where they still survive."

There's a Serious Sexual Abuse Problem Going on at New England Prep Schools

A new investigation shines light on a part of rape culture we don't talk about.

Kaley Cuoco Just Proved the Value of an Ironclad Prenup

That is a *lot* of money.

This Disappearing Tattoo Ink Is a Godsend for Anyone With Ink Regrets

There's finally a tattoo ink for commitment-phobes.

Is Kim Jong Un a Fashion Icon?

Kim Jong Fun?

Jon Stewart Calls Donald Trump a "Man-Baby" for his "Temperament and Hands"

Jon Stewart is taking Donald Trump to task.

Women's Audio Mission Wants to Close the Gender Gap in Music Production

Teach, empower and break the mold.

Now Students Are Using Spy Gear to Cheat on Tests

Teachers beware.

This Guy Taught Siri How to Make a Cup of Coffee and You Can Too

Remember the movie "Smart House"? You can make your own.

Anthony Bourdain Doesn't Eat on Planes and Neither Should You

When it comes to food, it's not about the journey, but the destination.

West Virginia Democratic Primary 2016: Latest Polls and What to Expect

Will the Mountain State feel the Bern?

Rihanna Is Funding Scholarships for International Students

Rihanna wants to send you to college.

Sweden Has the 6-Hour Workday Down to a Literal Science

A six-hour workday sure does sound nice.

SeaWorld Killer Whales Will Stop Dancing, Posing and Kissing in Educational Revamp

SeaWorld orcas will never have to dance or pose in front of a crowd again.

Here's How Millennials Can Redefine What Democracy Looks Like in the 21st Century

Ronald V. Dellums gives three steps to a better future.

These Hong Kong Moms Fought the Patriarchy By Breastfeeding In Public

These breasts were made for nursing.

Boy, Bye: London’s First Muslim Mayor Responds to Trump Saying He'd Let Him in the Country

Sadiq Khan is not here for Muslim fear-mongering.

Military College Denies Muslim Cadet's Request to Wear Hijab at School

Turns out freedom of expression isn't that popular at military colleges.

A Fifth of the World's Plant Life Is Endangered

But there's some good news.

Earth's Mantle Moves the Surface Up and Down Like a Yo-Yo

Violent bubbling is happening below your feet right now.

Samantha Bee Explains Why Crisis Pregnancy Centers Are Bullshit, With Patton Oswalt

"Tricks and illusions are fun. But crisis pregnancy centers are just plain assholes."

Hillary Clinton Slams BDS Movement as "No Path to Peace" for Israelis and Palestinians

"The Jewish state is a modern day miracle... and we must nurture and protect it."

The EU-Turkey Refugee Deal Disappoints Yet Again After Non-Syrians Are Denied Asylum

"[This is] in clear violation of the principles laid down in the Geneva Conventions."

Study Links Consuming Artificial Sweeteners to Having Overweight Children

That diet soda might not be doing your offspring any favors.