Shell Oil Spill Near Louisiana Dumps 90,000 Gallons of Crude Oil Into the Gulf of Mexico

"No release is acceptable, and safety remains our priority."

Kim Kardashian West Tweeted About How Much She Loved Cuba — And It Totally Backfired

Kim's K love of vintage Cuban cars is kind of problematic.

British Tabloid Says Beyoncé's Ivy Park Made in Sweatshops — And the World Is Flipping Out

"When life gives you lemons, squander the opportunity to create a better community, make money instead."

Here's How Late-Night TV and the Internet Fuel an Essential Pop Culture Feedback Loop

Late-night clips are an important part of a daily news diet.

Conspiracy Theorists Think a Time Traveler Went to a 1995 Mike Tyson Boxing Match

Time travel is real if you want it to be.

Powerful Supercut Shows Why LGBTQ TV and Movie Fans Deserve Better

The fact that it touches on so many TV shows and movies indicates how big of a problem killing LGBTQ characters is.

Tess Holliday Posted a Nearly Nude Pregnancy Photo to Make a Point About Fat Shaming

The queen of body positivity has done it again.

In One Quote, Angelina Jolie Just Tore Donald Trump Apart for His Anti-Muslim Bigotry

"To me, America is built on people from around the world coming together for freedoms."

This Emmys season, here's who we don't want to see win — and who we do

Which performers and shows deserve notice?

This 3D Map of the Universe Will Send You Into a Beautiful, Existential Angst

Suddenly, nothing seems to matter anymore.

The Model From Calvin Klein's Controversial Upskirt Ad Has a Message for Those Offended

She wants you to "love yourself and your sexuality."

Latino Scholars Are Celebrating Commencement With the Most Amazing Graduation Caps

"You can't spell 'scholar' without 'chola.'"

'Iron Man 3' Didn't Have a Female Villian Because She Wouldn't Sell Toys

A female villain was cut from the third 'Iron Man' movie because of a toy, says director Shane Black.

Sinead O'Connor Reported Missing in Chicago

The Wilmette police have issued a "check for well-being."

How Is Daenerys Targarygen Immune to Fire? Here's One Scientific Explanation

This freaky worm is the real-life Mother of Dragons.

13 Ridiculous, NSFW Things We've All Said While Having an Orgasm

"Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer."

Liberté Chan and How Women May Never Be Able to Escape Sexist Dress Codes

"Can we talk about my weather performance?"

If Life Exists Beyond Earth, There Are 82 Stars That Could Spot Us

Maybe they've already found us.

One Chart Shows Bernie Sanders' Health Care Plan Is the Most Popular in the Race

He's losing the race, but winning the war of ideas.

Even Some Peanut Butters Could Be Poisonous for Your Dog, FDA Warns

You shouldn't share everything with your four-legged BFF.

Could This One Gun Regulation Save Dozens of People From Being Shot by Police?

It's a solution worth considering.

This Mom Turned Her Son's Scar Into an Awesome 'Harry Potter' Tribute

All that scar needed was a little magic.

April Is the Seventh Consecutive Month to Break Global Temperature Records

"It's clearly all heading in the wrong direction."

'Game of Thrones' Actor Emilia Clarke on Empowering Nude Shot: "This Is All Me"

Emilia Clarke said there was "no body double" in her 'Game of Thrones' nude scene.

Robin Wright Makes a Powerful Political Statement — It's Not Related to 'House of Cards'

"This is the deadliest conflict in the world..."

These Tourists Accidentally Got a Baby Bison Killed at Yellowstone National Park

This is why you should leave wild animals alone.

These Street Artists Have Been Adding Donald Trump's Face to NYC Subway Courtesy Ads

Way better than actually being stuck in a subway car with the real Trump.

This Viral Video Imagines What Hooking Up Would Be Like In a Perfect World

"Would you consider going home with me to copulate?"

There's Now Transparent Wood That's Stronger Than Glass, Thanks to Science

Could wooden phones be the next big thing?

Google Will Pay You to Sit in a Self-Driving Car and Be Brave

Time to update your résumé.

Teen Marijuana Arrests in Colorado Disproportionately Affect Black Students

There's a growing racial disparity between juvenile marijuana arrests in Colorado.

Belgium Officials Warn Against Using Facebook Reaction Buttons for Privacy Concerns

Belgium officials don't want you to click that "haha" button.

Kesha Offers Up Her Most Inspiring “F*ck You” to Body Shamers Yet

Because she's happy as a damn clam.

After Being Beaten for Wearing a Dress, This Queer Man Fought Back in an Inspiring Way

"The rules of gender are so heavily enforced."

50 Years Ago, the Beach Boys Released 'Pet Sounds' and Redefined What a Pop Epic Could Be

'Lemonade' and 'The Suburbs' have debts to pay.

Tesla Responds to Imported Worker Scandal: We Aren't Legally Responsible

This may have happened right under Elon Musk's nose.

This Tiny Breathalyzer Can Detect Early Signs of Lung Cancer

And it can be made for less than a buck.

John Oliver Calls Donald Trump’s Bluff, Invites Publicist "John Miller" For an Interview

"Please come on by, John Miller, there’s literally nothing stopping you other than the fact you obviously don’t exist."

Kehlani Makes Brave Statement on Mental Health, Suicide Despite Trolls' Ongoing Attacks

"From me to you, you are worth it. You are perfect; you need to be here every single day."

Lightning Strikes in Bangladesh Kill Over 60 People as Tropical Storms Persist

Around 300 Bangladeshis are killed each year by lightning.

Supreme Court Sends Birth Control Fight Back to Lower Courts

A call for compromise, or just a punt?

Italian Politician Makes Islamophobic Terrorist Joke About London Mayor Sadiq Khan

Nothing says "funny" like a suicide bomber joke.

The Republican Party Chairman Said "People Just Don't Care" About Trump's Views on Women

He thinks Trump's immune to the usual rules.

Pastor Who Accused Whole Foods of Writing Gay Slur on Cake Apologizes

What would Jesus do? Well, he wouldn't have done this.

Donald Trump's Facebook Fan Pages Are Mostly Just in It for the Suckers

Pages like "Trump Nation" exist to suck money out of Trump voters' wallets.