Kim Kardashian West Thinks She Knows Who Beyoncé's "Becky" Is

Here's Kim Kardashian West's theory about Becky (and it's about as Kardashian as theories get).

Lady Gaga Defends Kesha After Dr. Luke's Label Canceled Her Billboard Performance

"Isn't it strange that it's legal to own a woman this way?"

Ariana Grande Will Fight Slut Shaming Until She's an "Old-Ass Lady With My Tits Out"

"I'll be in the produce aisle, naked at 95, with a sensible ponytail."

Dominican, Trans Model Laith Ashley Covers Gay UK Mag Targeted by #GayMediaSoWhite

Gay media finally learned its lesson.

Women of Color Point Out the Big Problem With White Beauty Standards

"Becky with the good hair" is just the beginning.

Poet Paints Vivid Picture of What It’s Like to Grow Up Chinese — And It Hits Deep

"Chinese is a ghost lodged in my throat."

We're All Masturbating to the Same Celebrities, Because Our Genitals Are Unimaginative

Seriously. Have none of us heard of online porn?

Female Fish Don't Care About Penis Size

It really is the motion in the ocean.

Aerie Ditched Photoshopping Two Years Ago, And Sales Are Way, Way Up

Shocking: Real may really be better.

This Black Woman Clapped Back at Donald Trump in the Best Way Possible

Was America ever really that great?

Turns Out You've Been Pronouncing Zara Wrong All This Time

Za-ra? Zay-ra? Sa-rah?

Oklahoma Legislators Pass Bill That Would Make Performing an Abortion a Felony

Under the bill, abortion providers in the state could have their licenses revoked.

Why Are Americans Still So Afraid to Embrace the Bidet?

The answer, as it turns out, is complicated.

You’ve Been Using a Fork and Knife Wrong Your Whole Life

Read this before meeting your boyfriend's mom.

Drake Just Passed Another Music Milestone That Even Beyoncé Hasn't Reached

Queen Bey has yet to respond to the mess this emotional joker has made in her kingdom.

In Its Latest Ad, Thinx Reminds Everyone Men Can Menstruate Too

"We thought it was high-time that people see a menstruating trans man 10 feet tall in the subway."

Louisiana Lawmaker Has Perfect Response to Sexist Bill to Limit Strippers' Age and Weight

"I refuse the spirit of everything that I've heard."

These Iranian Models Are Being Targeted by the Government for Posing Like Kim Kardashian

The government is continuing to arrest women using Instagram like the Kardashians.

With #BernieLostMe Hashtag, Black Voters Describe How Bernie Sanders Messed Up

Where were you when Bernie lost you?

These Haunting Portraits Tell the Stories of Teen Mothers Around The World

We don't talk about this issue nearly enough.

Hillary Clinton: "I Will Be the Nominee"

"There's no way that I won't be."

EgyptAir Flight 804 Has Reportedly Crashed Over Mediterranean, 66 People on Board

The plane was en route from Paris to Cairo.

9 in 10 Native Americans Aren't Offended by the Redskins. But About That 1 in 10...

"Let’s start taking care of our people and quit worrying about names like Washington Redskins."

Son Who Describes Hockey Games to His Blind Dad Got to Call Plays for the St. Louis Blues

Although the Blues lost the game, everyone ended up winning.

5 Struggles Trans Women Face Trying To Find and Keep a Job

These statistics make the bathroom issue seem a tad bit smaller.

This News Anchor Clapped Back After a Male Viewer Criticized Her Jewelry

But Barbara Ciara #BeenAroundTooLongToBeBullied.

Your Busy Schedule Is Probably Good for Your Brain, According to Science

Good news for every overworked millennial.

Donald Trump Speculates Terrorism Is Responsible for EgyptAir Flight 804 Crash

Donald Trump points fingers over EgyptAir crash.

Symone Marshall Dies in Texas Jail — and Her Family Wants Answers

Another mysterious jail cell death.

Princeton's Robert George Calls Trans Identity "Absurd" and "Superstitious"

Here's the science behind it all.

These 6 Body Positive Activists Beat Down Food Shaming In The Most Delicious Way Possible

Food shaming fosters a difficult relationship with food, even if it's not done out of ill will.

Khloé Kardashian Has a Fun Lil' Tip for Spicing Up Your Sex Life

Let Khloé be your life coach.

US Military Accused of Punishing Sexual Assault Victims in New Human Rights Watch Report

U.S. military members are coming forward with accounts of what happened after they were raped.

Joe Biden Just Told Bernie Sanders' Critics to Calm Down

He's not worried about recent clashes.

Billboard Music Awards 2016: Here Are the Nominees in Every Category

Here's what to expect at the upcoming Billboard Music Awards.

Justin Trudeau Is in Trouble for "Manhandling" Ruth Brosseau, a New Democratic Party MP

This is what happens when an international thirst trap finds himself in hot water.

Indonesia Drafts Law That Would Punish Pedophiles With Chemical Castration

In Indonesia, pedophiles might soon face chemical castratation.

How a Former Hip-Hop Promoter and a Black Church Are Fighting Back Against AIDS Stigma

A Baptist church that hands out condoms and lube?

Khloé Kardashian Just Revealed Her Best Beauty Secret Yet — And It's Under $20

Because you can "never trust a bitch with bad eyebrows."

Donald Trump Just Accused Bill Clinton of Committing Rape

The Donald ups the ante ahead of a likely November battle with Hillary Clinton.

This Bizarre, Newly Discovered Dinosaur Had a Shield for a Head

You've never seen horns like this.

"Abolish the Box" Campaign Says Its Criminal Record Question on College Apps Needs to Go

Students want to abolish the Common Application's criminal history box to end the perpetuating cycle of inequality.

These LGBTQ Groups Are Being Excluded From the UN's World AIDS Summit in June

Anti-LGBTQ bigotry knows no boundaries.

Superbugs Could Soon Kill Someone Every 3 Seconds, According to New Report

Overuse of antibiotics is reaching its tipping point.

Donald Trump's SCOTUS Nominee List Doesn't Include People of Color

Not even one token in the bunch.